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Simply finished reading this cute story to my 3-year old before nap time. All the talk of yawns had us both yawning right along with Lucy. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is easy to read and follow. My toddler could relate to Lucy in so many ways. She said " look her mom and dad are moving her just like we do! " She immediately asked me to read it again. It is suggested forever 3-7. A child on the older end of that range may be a little bored with it but my 3 yr old loved it. If the child approves, it has passed the best critic. Definitely recommend. The photographs are beautifully drawn in warm inviting colors.

We downloaded this on the kindle app on my iPad Air 2 and it came through well formatted and easy to read. I'm including some screenshots below. It's best if you read it with your iPad in the " landscape" position. The second screenshot shows a comparison of the regular text and how it is magnified if you double tap on it., Starting as an enjoyable day at the beach, this book ends with everyone yawning!

This guide is simply perfect for small pre-readers to read along and help. It has the repetitive noises and playfully drawn words that help children begin to distinguish words, starting with Flap. Flap! But then it goes to YAWN. Eventually everyone yawns.

It is a fun play on many good night books by changing the focus.

It is also a fun counting book. It required me a couple times through the book to find the twentieth yawn., Have you ever been scared at night in your room? Do you bring your selected cloth friends to bed with you?

The author, Jane Smiley, has written a lovely story about Lucy, her family and what happened one night when she was very tired. Lucy and her mom and dad spent the complete day at the beach. Inside fact, they stayed extended than they ever had before. Lucy was yawning as they trekked home. The girl put her James on inside out and hot into bed. Mom started reading a story and saw Lucy was noise asleep. However, Lucy woke up, and when you read this story, a major of what happens next.

Parents/teachers will relish reading this book to their children. The children will be able to relate to adventures of Lucy. They will understand the feelings Lucy got when she woke upwards in the middle if the night. The drawings by Lauren Castillo are bright, vivid and vibrant. They depict the journeys of family members, and then Lucy's time with the girl friends.

This is a lovely story that most children and parents will find relevant and helpful to their lives.

Recommended. prisrob 04-07-16, My five yr old little girl and I seated down to read my new book, _Twenty Yawns. After reading a couple of pages, she begun to yawn. By the end of the 3 rd page, I had been yawning too. About that time, her brother (teen) walked into our family room and asked what we were doing. We said, " Our company is reading a book, Twenty Yawns. Why don't you join us? " He looked at us like we were crazy, but he or she listened too and soon begun to yawn.
It seemed we all were reading and yawning. I know, it's contagious! We read to the end, getting sleepier and sleepier. I closed the book, and my several year old looked upwards at me, still yawning said, " Let's do it again. " We said, " we will have to find a soft space to take a nap if we give it a try again. "
With all of us still yawning, we decided to put the publication away for now is to do it again soon., Lucy has a wonderful day at outdoors with the girl parents. She digs in the sand, plays in the waves, and strolls all the way to the end of the beach with her dad and mom. By the end of a day filled with sand castles, kites, and rolling down the sand hills, everyone is ready for an early bedtime. Any time her mother dozes off in the middle of reading her a bedtime story, Lucy decides that the lady needs her teddy keep. After she gets the girl bear (Molasses), and all the girl other animals tucked in, she finally gives one last yawn and falls asleep.

There is so much to savor about this book. The cultural diversity of the family is welcome, especially in the current push for more inclusion in media of all sorts. It is nice to see a family enjoying the other and their day together. The particular illustrations capture the warm golds and browns of the sand and the cool blue of the water. Castillo shows the long walk down the beach by having the family seem several times along the size of the sand. Inside each appearance they are doing different things - viewing Lucy run after a seagull, helping her fly a kite, swinging her between them as they keep her hands. It is easy to see why all are yawning as they return home. The beautiful the twilight series sky with the air of palm trees will have readers longing for their own vacation to the beach. There are wonderful vocabulary words such as horizon, veil, and mystical. And i also love the little details like Lucy putting her pajamas on inside out because the girl with so tired.

Whether you have beach memories of your family trip(s), Twenty Yawns is a wonderful bedtime story. Younger children will have fun counting all the yawns throughout the book or helping out with the sound effects. Those who are reading independently will enjoy the humor of parents falling asleep while the child is wide awake, and also the idea that a teddy bear seems especially tired. A comfy way to end the day for all.

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