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The Kindle version contains numerous typos that jarred me personally out of the moment. Strange word use also distracted from the story. It was almost as if it was poorly converted from another language into English., Trying to find reading the Emerilia Series since it only had two or three books in the series. The concept is great, and at first, the accomplishments of the previous books were also well done. The Emerilia series and the writing style of Eileen Chatfield are not without it's flaws. He is a young author who is refining his craft. Nevertheless , after 7 or eight books, the lack of refinement on some areas was slowly becoming frustrating to see. I got high hopes for that one, a book that would supposedly become a culmination of a large amount of plot posts from the previous 8 books... I thought the writer would take the time to put in the extra effort and care and refine the areas your dog is weak in for this one. I could not have been more wrong. Actually it feels like your dog is begun to backslide.

The story feels rushed in some areas, and drags in the majority of the other ones. The worst of it is the combat. We have realized that as the arguements got larger in level in the series, the quality of the writing has gone down. Chatfield is not good at writing large-scale combat sequences, the raid of the elemental temple as well as the battle for the demons crater demonstrated that. Once it moved to gigantic battlefields trying to track over a number of characters at the same time, it becomes blatantly obvious. The area battles were horribly written at the best of times, and the fact that some of the characters are supposed to have real world military experience, yet, the writer messes up basic terminology is very challenging.

Once you write a character that is supposed to be educated about specific topics, you should also do your own research into those topics. Should you be writing about it… learn it. Otherwise, it shows.

Most of the scenes felt reused, deja vu instances of copy/paste storytelling. The final battle was dragged out there and boring and the ending had minimal impact whatsoever. Chatfield needs the editor and he needs to stop trying to pump out these books once a month. His rush obviously shows through so that as much as I feel always looking for a new book to read, this comes off a lot more of a difficult draft he decided to publish because he cared more about meeting a self imposed deadline than putting out quality work.

From one point there was a chapter where he confused the size, specs and roles of the very Battleships and Destroyers he conceptualized. Reversing the names to describe them. Even the most basic editing and proofreading should have caught this.

Right now there was a time when I would finish one of the Emerilia books and be excited and anxious as I wait around for the release of the next one… now… I find myself dreading it. I’m a completionist by nature, once I start something; I do my far better to finish it. It takes a whole lot for me to give up a series… this time around, I find personally finishing an Emerilia book and rather than being excited to get ahold of the next book, I’m debating if I even want to decide on up Book 10. No matter, I’m sure that if I did, if Book 12 does not show designated improvement, I would not be picking up Book eleven for a read., The continuation of the Emerilia story but multiple situations of word misuse and stilted language. Seems like someone from the Japanese manga world who isn't actually comfortable with the English language is writing their version of a science fiction story. Did the creator outsource the editing? Plenty of confusing fight moments, no character development, predictable and primitive dialogue and no surprising plot occasions. Sure, there were some instances where a macguffin plot device was drawn out to save your day but it felt unnatural.

Bad ghostwriting. Very bad., Just pure Joy to read, it captivates you and wont let go, i found myself immersed in the people and the entire world.

Kind Regards
Mark, Amazing. Couldn't put it down., A storia at best. This was a huge disappointment, leaving you at the conclusion with not one, but 3 cliffhangers really. A radical departure from the earlier books. This series has been a wonderful find, but this... I'm disappointed. As mentioned there is no conclusion to this novel. It just kind of stops in the middle of 3 different story lines. Struggle scenes take 20+ pages of ridiculous fluff relatively only included to add to the page depend. I was very lured to provide this a just one star review, that's how disappointed We are in this book.

As stated, the battle scenes are incredibly extended and occupy far too much of the book. The key story ranges (The battle for Emerilia and then of course the fight against the Jukal) are barely advanced. Honestly the cliff records on this book might take 5 pages. Which it. Each of the rest of the book is for filler injections. Sadly if you would like to discover where it goes from here then you are pressured to buy this too expensive short story dressed up as a novel. I can only hope that Mr. Chatfield doesn't feel it necessary to fleece jacket his dedicated readers by pushing books out just to create a dollar. Shift the story lines., (no spoilers anywhere)
Honestly, the series is becoming less and less about RPG.
Levels from enemies are no longer displayed, statuses are less important than weapons they can construct, and the lots of time invested on extra unimportant preparations.

After reading all 9 books, I already see a tendency from the author - and it is not a positive one.

Author are likely to emphasize and over descript many details to such an extreme becoming increasingly painful to read.

Right here are some of the best issues:

- Some battles are 30 pages long, and many are unimportant.
- Pages along with pages explaining hypotheses about a code that should take no more than a passage.
- About three chapters about training a group of not even secondary importance (like 60-80 pages), and when they went into action it was not even 6 pages worth of action
- Replication of the same idea - for example the same this char is "shocked" - 5 times on the same web page.
- Modifying is obviously lacking some professionalism.
- 50%-60% of this book pages were used to speak about a preparation for a war (boring to the extreme). And that war used 18% of the book pages - resulting in a rushed end.
- HP has become absolutely unimportant
- Descriptions of dmg are as employs: "Massive damage completed x enemy", "new attack from Deia did ten-times of the previous Massive dmg". Since I have no idea what the first dmg was, was it 1000? Or 10000000000?
- Power measure poorly done too "The leader is Y times stronger than the his generals", yet we don't know the value of such generals

It saddens my heart to see this, but since I made to this point I'll make certain to glaze thru it future books.

PLAYSTATION:. All 9 books are use in "Kindle Unlimited".

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