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I really found this book interesting and cool because it had a lot of facts I didn't know. But I did notice there were a LOT of typos. Personally i think like some of the history stuff was out of place too. But over all great book!, For me, the book is wonderful. I found out some things which i didn't know. I would definitely recommend this., Nice but not heavy enough, I enjoy reading about mythology!!!, Very quick, Mr. Weaver's three booklets on ancient mythology have been designed as small primers for the uninitiated. I have a real problem with the choices this individual makes. For example, there is no real mention of Theseus, Jason, Odysseus's return, Heracles death, etc., etc. About the other hand, the pamphlets mostly includes provides of names (who beget whom, who raped whom, who killed whom, and so on) and places (like the Nine Worlds of the Norse mythology). There's also a tendency to incorporate semi-historical figures into the mythological context, without trying to point out the differences between truth and misconception (see Norse invasion of France and Rome). Inside my opinion the mythology as described by Mr. Weaver misses the main point, i. e. the beauty, the excitement, the tragic battling with fate – all that makes myths, especially the Greek myths, so relevant and up-to-date. The particular book also suffers from numerous typos, syntax, and grammar problems. If most likely really enthusiastic about mythology, read Edith Hamilton's classical work, or even better ~ read a modern translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey., I like this trilogy, because I learned some things from it that were interesting to learn. This is not a story and it does not tell of epic mythological battles or legends like you might expect. Rather, it reads a whole lot like an encyclopedia and is apparently a huge collection of a regurgitation of facts. As a result, it might make a good reference, or it might be something a younger person (teen/pre-teen) might enjoy if they want to know regarding these categories of mythology. This is not a real book to read for a plot, as there is none, or for enjoyment really, as a whole lot of it is a listing of facts.

It's also pretty short with basic and intermediate language used within. This would create a great book for the young adult section, rather than for adults.

It's a good collection of those facts, for that focused audience after something like that.

Sample received for analysis - this review is the result of my experience with the product and practically nothing more., Many of my friends and acquaintances are likely proceeding to be quite surprised when they see that I've not only read a publication on mythology, but which i though enough of it to review it here.

I've been relatively enthusiastic about two subject areas that always surprise me anytime i want them; mythology is one and philosophy is the other.

This one satisfied my interest in mythology, but piqued my curiosity at the same time. I think I recognized " Mythology is mythology. Period of time. " That's not the situation, as you'll have well-illustrated in Weavers' book.

Six chapters on Greek Mythology, six chapters on Norse mythology, and six chapters on Egyptian mythology. The particular sixth chapter in each section is a bonus chapter entitled " Five Little Known Facts about ________ mythology. " The particular 'little known facts are extremely interesting and (in a couple of places) cooler than anything you'd think of associated with mythology.

The Egyptian Mythology segment is entitled " Guide of the Dead: Life, Death, and Afterlife. " I've actually read " The Book of the Dead" and somehow did not realize the mythological connections (unless we're talking about two separate " Textbooks of the dead. " ).

I did not realize that in Greek mythology, there were entities who would just destroy those whom were perceived as their adversaries. These certain organizations would consume the whole rival. (I guess that'd do the trick, as well. ) I figured out a bit more about Zeus than I'd ever imagined.

The particular writing style is such that you don't feel like you must get this particular amount read or you'll lose a few of the meaning. As a very slow ready, I very much appreciate a book that I can sit down and read for five minutes before a scheduled appointment or for two or 3 hours (I read very slowly) before bedtime.

Inside all, I enjoyed it fairly well. Written well, very inclusive (particularly as my knowledge has been somewhat lacking - this brought me considerably closer to 'up-to-speed), and done in a way that is very accessible - which a tough trick to pull off for subject areas like Mythology, or Viewpoint, etc. Tough, but I think Weaver's done it here.

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