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Look for and ye shall find. This book was a recommendation as a must read, and it would not disappoint. This data has existed for years and rarely discussed in main supply parts of discord. I have already thanked the person said referred this to me, and I say thanks to you for using a great conditioned copy to read., Fantastic, Interesting book, An intensive, illuminating discussion of a issue which is usually impeded and/or obscured by tribal allegiances based on color. An honest unapologetic appraisal of an idea that has outlived its performance for many who would rely on the religion of race supremacy to negotiate this modern world. It also reaffirms the brotherhood of mankind and does problems for one of the ideas that divide us from another. I enjoyed and was instructed by this work and recommend it highly., Every teacher and every student should be exposed to the facts in this book. It is time to give up the myth of race and also to start raising a generation of people who know the truth. This may not about a belief; it's about the truth., For those who say " race is obvious. First, the definition of race is promoting over time, it is not static. If something is obvious, it will have consistency over time. The definition also differs across cultures. Again, it ought to be consistent. I do an exercise with my sociology class: Very short version. I wind up dividing them by " obvious" but characteristics challenging to see at a distance: earlobe condition (dangly vs straight into jaw line), ring compared to forefinger length, ability spin your tongue lengthwise, and some other traits just as equally genetic as skin color, or condition of nose, whatever. Anybody of these traits and a number of other traits could be taken to define us as a race. Typically the dangly earlobe, tongue-roller, extended ring-finger people could be considered superior to those in whose earlobes do not hang. And of course they should be superior, because I was one of that race. We are superior to everyone else, don't you know? All of what we consider to be racial reality is a crock., I am sorry but I have to add this 'review comment' due to incredibly bad 'reviews' being published here on Amazon. apresentando which appear to represent a politically motivated organised campaign by racists against this book. This is a fantastic book which is entirely in line with all current scientific and social scientific knowledge regarding the non-existence of human 'races. ' The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2001 proved over and above any scientific doubt what anthropologists have maintained for over 100 years - there are no individual 'races. '

Over the past 200 years approximately, the actions that the myth or idea of `race' has produced include racism, bigotry, prejudice, elegance, injustice, oppression, conquest, fear, `ethnic cleansing, ' and genocide. It was used to justify slavery, imperialism, colonialism, the conquest and destruction of native people around the world, the infamous Nazi genocide against the Jews and other supposedly `inferior races' during the Second World Battle, and much more recently the `ethnic-cleansing' in Bosnia and genocide in Rwanda. Today, racism remains one of the most important global human problems or issues, and it has in the past and continues today to cause immense human suffering and also to blight the lives of millions of people around the world. This is why anthropologists have argued that `race' signifies humankind's `most dangerous myth' (Montagu 1997), and why we believe we now have both a scientific obligation to resist and discredit the use of the idea of `race' and a social responsibility to combat racism.

If you are thinking about the scientific proof of the non-existence of human 'races' and the social scientific critique of this extraordinarily dangerous idea, here is a selection of a few of the key texts which, like Sussman's book, debunk the myth of 'race. '

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2002 Philosophy of Science and Race. Routledge. New York., So many idiotic, racist, unscientific reviews by people who obviously have never studied biology, genes, a persons genome project, nor studied the history of racism. Eugenics started in the U. S in the early 20th Chemical. and was perfected by Hitler as a social and political doctrine. Typically the book " The Nazi Doctors" details this background. Today's racist haters tend to be more subtle-they quote Ernst Mayr out of context, say things like " see! they are different, they must be different races. " Genetics and DNA overcome all of your totally biased and ignorant arguments- Our company is indeed related to all species on earth, particularly to the truly amazing apes, who have much of our DNA. Mayr said this like a rule. Recently it was discovered that Northern Europeans have a great deal of Neanderthal DNA in their lineage. What is your argument now, that Dark-colored Africans are therefore more pure and human than Swedes because they have less " sub-human" blood in them? These are the type of invincibly ignorant paths that racists go down. I studied Physical Anthropology and Genetics in college, and Sussman should be applauded for debunking many continual, non-scientific myths for the veiled hatred they represent. DNA make-up and distinctions between what used to be called " races" are so statistically minor as to be meaningless-Asian students typically test LOWEST on IQ scores! (a cultural-based test) But they as a group they test the highest SAT results, LCAT, MCAT and performance tests. Social scientists know this is purely because of cultural distinctions and values. However many persevere in their ignorance and misdirection- a famous comic said " you can't cure stupid. "

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