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We are a male who works in the mental health field and so We consider myself very aware in areas of social justice, feminist theory, and how socialization influences sexes, ethnic and other groups. I was shocked at how many of my own blind spots were illuminated by reading the numbers and analyses in this book.

What I appreciate most is that this book presents facts that are difficult to argue with and speak for themselves. Actually I believe that if there was obviously a " cliffs notes" version of this book that included only the stats then it might be even more influential to some who have a closed mind to the idea that men actually have it quite rough in our country.

I found myself thinking about how many times I have heard men be defined as the " privileged" gender, as if it were that dark and white and always better to be considered a man. Now I finally know why those conversations always looked severely oversimplified.

One recent reviewer simply said " A whiney book". I think this is a good example of Dr. Farrell's thesis. When a lady writes a book about how women are treated improperly, it is usually called feminist progress, strength, courage, activism, advocacy, and a step towards equality. When a man writes a book about how many men treated improperly, someone calls it " whining" so that they can mock/shame men into silence and not speaking up for change, by applying a label (whiner) that implies some weakness for expressing vulnerability.

To be able to any woman who seems confused about why men might be angrier than she would like, We urge you to read this book. As comes up over and over again in this book, most men want nearly all of all to have women love, and we base our lives how to obtain it and prevent losing it. As Dr. Farrell points out, adolescent boys suffer more psychologically than girls when a breakup of a love relationship occurs, and many men far more likely to commit suicide when left by a woman than the other way around. I think nearly all of us men don't even realize how powerless we feel to get women to appreciate us, especially since society is constantly telling us how powerful we are. If you prefer a loving connection with a man, this book might help you build empathy and appreciation for them, which may be a good step., I think it is fair to create that this book is one of the very socially considerable textbooks ever written. The writer took a huge personal danger writing this, and no doubt has suffered from some personal backlash as a result. He has put into words a topic that many males are speaking about in private, but rarely express their feelings publicly. Satrical, because that is precisely what this book is about.

The writer has pulled with each other chapter after chapter of samples of male expendability. Almost everything from high risk jobs collecting resources for others, high risk jobs protecting others including military service, the money spent on health issues that are unique to males, suicide statistics across cultures, homelessness statistics, reproductive : rights, infant custody rights, etc. Issues that affect males, but are rarely used of, in great part because we have discovered to not speak of them.

This book any of those rare gems that will leave the readers angered, or feeling like they've woken up from a life time of slumber. An affirmation for individuals who have already started the process of pondering their place in the world as a male., Guys to see this... and The particular War on Boys, and The Red Pill... tht will get things began... and " open minded" feminists would benefit from those readings as well... to observe that maybe things aren't really as they have been conditioned to believe., Disturbing. Brings upward some good points. A new subject nobody to deal with.. Not over the top., Classic. Nice all that you've done Doctor Farrell., I really wish We read this years back. Explains a lot., Therefore much has changed over the last 40 years through the women's movement. And at the same time men in our society have never felt so isolated, so hurt, and in some cases, so worthless and depressed. But we as men continually do our best to maintain our mask to the outside world and make it look like everything is actually just OKAY.
While the advancement of women's rights has definitely been something that has been great for our society the ladies movement in recent years has moved far beyond the original goals and intentions of its creators and has taken on a more bitter, hurtful approach in how they treat men. We as men have become so shell-shocked with all the change that is expected of us that oftentimes wish very concerned about how we act in the existence of women. We've been accused of being sexist and chauvinistic so often that we simply try to guide our conversations with women away from any arenas where once again we may get these accusations thrown your way. We are going to always trying to do our best in this area but our best hardly ever is apparently good enough. Because of this this kills deep, important communication with women from occurring with any real consistency.
In this book Warren Farrell discusses the great injustice that we as men feel directed towards us in our society today. While much has been said over the decades in regards to a double-standard in our community that favors men, we as men feel that there are so many double standards today that favor women over us. And that we know that we cannot have the ideal human relationships with women that we would like to have until all of this is resolved for both women and men.
Our normal response to all of this is merely to pull it all up and once again try to look like everything is OK. The idea of expressing to others that we feel like the victim in some situations in our society is one of the most embarrassing, un-manly things that nearly all of us could ever think about doing. And yet we continually see and feel the quiet desperation of so many men in our lives.
If you are a man you may find this book to become a great relief. You may find yourself reading it and telling yourself, "Finally there is someone out there who understands how We feel. " The truth is that there are a great deal of men who feel the identical way you do in our society.
This book probably will have you feel like you've finally found a long lost friend.

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