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If you are wanting to learn about the medical perspective of sleep, such as sleeping studies, medical interventions for sleep issues, etc . & you're not a medical professional than this is a pretty good book for you.

There are a few general interest comments about sleep but for the most part it is very clinically focused. There definitely is a lot of really good information in this book that might reduce some folks concerns regarding sleeping and health, such as the reality that 8 hours of sleep is surely an average - some folks need less and others more, an average searching for a general book on sleep may not be seeking such a strong medical focus. (Although since is actually written by an MD it should generate folks expect the medical focus).

I actually was disappointed there was not really a sociological/historical/cultural segment or aspect to the book, as that can be very relevant for folks today. He does mention that folks maintained to go to sleeping when it was dark and rise when the sunlight came up pre-electricity. Nevertheless, there is far more to the social/cultural aspects of sleeping than just that.

I do like that he addresses sleep disorders and how that can make mood, depressive disorder and mental health issues worse, as well as stress and worry can impact the quality of your sleep so that a person can get caught in a period where the lack of sleep impacts the feeling and the mood decreases the amount and sleep quality. I think this is important for folks to know.

One historical fact that I wish he'd incorporated is the fact we've not always slept solid through the night and night waking can be normal for a lot of folks. Historically we've had first and second sleeping, meaning you sleep for many hours then awake for some hours in the evening (say from 1am - 3am for example) then get back to sleep for several more hours. This is comprehended as normal in many cultures in the earlier and many people would even get together and visit during that night-waking time. I've found that telling people (who are concerned about their night waking) about a history of first and second sleep can help normalize their night waking for them and really reduce their stress and worry. Often they can then change their routines to expect it and be okay with it. This doesn't always last long-term and can be for just a few weeks or months ( some people may go back and forth between this and regular " through the night" sleeping). Often folks are more likely to have night waking, aka first and second sleep, if they've got many things on their mind. I actually know that sometimes my best ideas or finding out solutions to a problem comes to me in the night or early morning right after waking, so perhaps this is a way many of us sort things out.

SUMMARY: Good book if you're a lay down person looking for medical information on sleep, sleep problems and treatments., “The Secret of Sleep” is useful, entertaining, and, for some, maybe even life-saving!
The author, Doctor. Kryger, has a speaking, easy-to-follow style and a gentle, refreshing spontaneity. “Mystery” is a pleasurable read: It's not a page-turner, but it's not boring either. It covers many aspects of sleep and sleep issues, including: why we sleep/how much we need, sleep problems and their treatments, the effects of mental/physical illness and medications on sleep, and what happens at a sleeping clinic. Each chapter begins with a mystery that Dr. Kryger has came across and ends with is actually solution, adding some incertidumbre and human interest to the information.
I highly recommend “The Mysteries of Sleep. ” I, personally, learned a few things that amazed me, and I became more conscious of my sleeping health. Sleep is, after all, a hugely important part of our lives as well as, believe it or not, a very interesting issue!, There exists a lot of useful information here, helpful for those who would like to learn about the fascinating subject of sleeping as well as for those who are experiencing more than one problems with their sleep designs or habits.

Unfortunately, for a book with this amount of detail and data, there are neither footnotes nor an index. I actually noticed another reader had expressed regret that Kryger didn't mention histornical " split sleep" patterns, but that actually is protected here. In books like this, conclusion up building my own index in the empty pages at the conclusion of the book and had marked the author's exploration of this. Without an index, yet , there are many similar matters that will be hard to find after we certainly have read the book and put it aside for future guide. The table of material is quite thorough yet , and the overall business does make the lack of an index at least a little less frustrating that it might have been. Still, the guide value of the text is diminished by this omission.

Nonetheless, it will probably be a good reference, given the breadth of matters protected and Kryger's renown within the field of sleeping science. There were times when I felt like I was reading this Dr. Spock guides for parents because of his sometimes prescriptive ordering tone, but the overall information one can gain from this is worth those few interstice.

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