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I remember reading a page on the net several years ago, which was a cartoon describing a fishing trip with Jeffrey Dahmer and a friend when they were teenagers. On this vacation, young Jeff caught a sunfish and, instead of putting it back as his friend asked, he proceeded to chop it to loss of life with a pocket knife.

I possess always remembered this, but have never found the page again.

Just this past Sunday I found out it was part of an actual publication called My Friend Dahmer, authored by Derf Backderf. Thus I checked out the Amazon . com Look Inside bits, and was interested enough to get a copy. This arrived Monday, and Trying to find through it twice since then.

A possibility so much the drawing style, which is basically R Crumb, nevertheless the haunting story it tells of Dahmer before he or she became a serial fantastic, if he was a child and something has been done for him, if the adults around him experienced only looked up from their own self-absorption and seen there is something terribly terribly wrong. Backderf makes no bones about his sympathy (pity, really) for Dahmer ending when Dahmer committed his first homicide; however, he also attracts an unflinching picture of Dahmer's loneliness, his isolation from others and from his family, and his (Backderf's) own participation in making Dahmer feel below human.

I'm a modern-day of the kids represented in this book -- I graduated high institution in 1975, they managed to graduate in 1978. I was an outcast, and was bullied about as terribly as Dahmer. I was pretty much ignored by my parents and the teachers. But why did not I become a serial killer? Why am I reasonably well adjusted, and have been a surrounding person in society for lo, these 40 some strange years since graduation? What makes one individual become an average wife/mom/worker bee, and one person the worst serial killer in recent history?

I think those are all questions that keep me turning back again to this book, and that cause me to feel recommend it to all y'all away there. There are no graphic depictions of homicide, death or gore -- a couple of drawings of roadkill and one incident which shows that Dahmer, even in his descent into madness, still stored a core of humankind and kindness many "normal" people don't have. In least until he ultimately crossed the line and became a murderer.

Well worth the money, well worth the read., This specific book required about the length of a movie to learn. I know some individuals knock this book nevertheless they must not like comic book heroes or don't know how to learn them or prefer gore or something. I had not been crazy
About the art style at first but t quickly increased on me as I got drawn very quickly into the story. I don't feel it drags at any moment and is a really haunting history. I can remember the " dahmers" from your school- boys who acted very much like he performed. I was more in the shoes of what author- I wasn't popular, I was the art kid in the school always drawing and I experienced a few acquaintances much like he did. Tends to make you wonder what those peoples lives are like in today's world. I'm drawling on too much so I will finish this review here. If you enjoy comic book heroes and dark things interest you especially based on true things, this publication is for you!!!!, I couldn't put this book down! First of all, the physical feel of the book is very pleasurable! It's super smooth! Plus the inside panel can be used as a bookmark! The artwork is pure talent! The tiniest lines of ink assistance to catch the story. I visited school with Dahmer as well. I lived 1 mile from his house. I learned things from this book that I experienced not known. WOW!!! This was thought provoking and cut back many memories when I read it. I highly recommend this book!, The book is great!
It’s coming from a very intimate perspective into the mind of a hound Jeffrey Dahmer. He author is raw about his acquaintance with Dahmer and never pretends to be more than that. The feeling that no one around Dahmer cared for him is chilling and blatant. Although Personally i think for his younger self it doesn’t take away from the monster he was. Most importantly the book is fascinating and gives you an eerie reminder that we never truly know the people are between day in and day out. Mdefinitely worth the read!, A very interesting perspective into the early on years of one America's most notorious serial criminals. The tragic early life of Jeffrey offers an intriguing idea as to the formation of the psychology of a psychopath. This is not an apology for Dahmer's crimes but rather a glimpse of the failure of society that allows a being like Dahmer to fall under the surface where they fester to the point beyond redemption., Wow. A part of Dahmers history Some know about. How his tragic home life and school system failed him. Could they have got saved him from becoming a mad murderer? We will never know but it's evident he needed help early on on and didn't get it. I almost sensed sorry for him., Very interesting and informative., It was a very incitful publication on a young Jeffrey Dahmer wonderful youth and how it was spent and what he became.

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