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How would you make something unique when the market is already flooded with books that promise you to become better at producing songs? Simple. Focus less on the techniques behind a computer chair and far, significantly more on developing routines that extend far past music production. I think this book is promoting itself short by their title; it's self-help for the digital age.

Before I stumbled upon Timothy's books, I constantly kicked myself for not focusing on how I'd sit down to create something and instantly hit a creative brick wall. I thought that something must be wrong with me; that maybe I shouldn't be attempting to produce songs and just find another hobby. But reading the words in this book AND applying the techniques have yielded simply positive results. I spend less time attempting to get my ideas down and the time I do spend is productive.

But you HAVE to apply the principles. Without one, the words in this book are just words and that's something I immensely respect in the way Jason Timothy chose to write this. It's not wordy whatsoever; it's simple terminology. It's so easy to start out breezing through chapters because he's speaking with you, the reader, LIKE A PERSON. You won't find much technical jargon here, but you will find a ton of useful tools regardless.

Suffice it to say, this book deserves every bit of the five stars I'm giving as a rating., This is an inspiring read and the majority of it is relevant and relevant to practically any other goal or dream you have. He makes excellent points with tips, tricks, challenges, advice and a little humor. Honest and refreshing as it introduces obstacles that probably many of us face when working towards something. I recommend this if you produce songs or you want to. “Your musical heroes are not really heroes, they are arrows pointing to your own potential. ” “You are putting something totally new into the world. ” “Create your own dent in the Universe. ”, If Seth Godin and Phil Jackson teamed up to write an e book about songs, it just might be something like " Typically the Mental Game. " Since here, Jason Timothy is not talking only about songs; he's also incorporated truths about human motivation, routines, and... yes, hard work. Oh, and music.
There has never already been a time when the single musician — maker, artist, or amateur — has had more tools at his or the girl disposal. Or more ways to waste time in search of the " perfect" set up, or set of plug-ins, or the Latest Thing. Timothy cuts all the way through this clutter to the very center of what makes great music, or any great art. That is: Put Your Butt Within The Chair. Know Exactly where you're going. Or, as he says, " get off the sidelines. "
If you have the itch to watch another tutorial, do yourself a favor: step away from computer and read this book., OK, I have not finished the whole book yet but I already see that this guide is chalk packed with inspiration to get me up and making songs again. Mr. Timothy has a lot of big ideas that I know are going to help me in my production growth. The book is written in a very fluid way and easy to read. He discussions to you but never down to us. Is actually like he's just having a one on one conversation with me but he is not afraid to call me on my B. S. I am aware this will be a book I will reference from time to time, so it can great which i can always have it with me on my phone. It's not just a one time read and done. Now if I could only stop reading it I could work on some songs! Haha. When I do I'll have a lot of new guidelines to try out courtesy of Mr. Timothy., Jason has been helping people with Ableton Live now for some time, and I am some of those people. His videos are super easy to follow and quite helpful. His new book, Music Habits-The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production is fantastic at assisting musicians to become more productive and focused by knowing and acknowledging their own personal habits, strengths and weaknesses. Armed with these realizations you can free yourself, so to speak, to make more music that is inspired and centered in whichever genre you create in. Highly recommended., I am at 1/3 of this book now and already found a treasure of direct applicable ideas.

Stay off of the sidelines is great topic: about the relationship between fears and not being able to end a song. Jason shows how to get loud about what you love as well as how to end songs.
I just decided to enter in the spotlights; I still have fears, but I do it anyway, now....

You may listen to the result of following Jason for a few months, (before this I only recorded bassguitar focused tunes, but I did not share):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVHqRHVG1HQ or

Feel free to give me advice, I know I have a lot to learn.
Several thanks!, I liked this guide a lot. The main thing which it informed me was that songs production (and probably some other art) is mainly about putting the time in actually creating, not reading or watching tutorials. This particular theme is repeated many times, because it's a common trap. Besides this there are lots of different techniques to overcome writer's block, to expand the 16 bar loop and actually finish a track as that is the only thing that matters after all.

I believe this book is a great resource not only for a beginning producer but it is also a great reminder of the crucial facets of music creation for an even more seasoned one. It also served as a nice motivational boost for myself., I've already been following Jason's good work for years and I can tell his masterpiece has finally arrived! Very easy to follow along with and understand the flow, a whole lot ideas about every facets of any type of music making. He used his own personal journey to create this material, his mistakes will help you to avoid yours or to come upwards with faster solutions for them. Having this book is essential, it's almost like having an invisible coach behind us guiding all of us throughout difficulties while we have been perfecting our craft and successfully manifesting our imagination/inspiration into an individual, beautiful part of new music of our own! Big upwards Jason, you will be the man! Thank you!

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