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As a Nashville resident during that time I was only 9 yrs old. What was so fascinating was the history. of so many places and people I recall. Knew Crieve Area area well. Remember Beverly Briley as mayor and many who were not happy with him. I actually remember the Governor who was charged for selling pardons and favors. Strangely though I don't remember reading about Paula. My parents were very protective of me and probably kept all of it hidden. Certainly remember John Overton although today it is far from quite as exceptional. So much changed in Nashville and i also never heard about all it's corruption. Can make me sad for all those living under illusion of justice in our govt. I most certainly remember Lamar Alexander well and his rise to senator. Hopefully this book will help shed some light for individuals who might still be living and had any connection. Sadly the right people were never delivered to justice. Another interesting simple truth is that I graduated From Lipscomb University. So many places I'm familiar with yet had no clue of evil below surface., I like this style and usually select it for my light reading. Therefore i have read many of these kinds of books, and this one stands up well by comparison. The prose moves smoothly, the important information is withheld and then given at the right factors, the author's personal engagement isn't overdone as it is in some. So if you like reading true crime, I avoid think you'll be let down.
That said, my judgment may be clouded, when i knew the murder victim, and was one of the many Nashvillians stunned and frightened by this crime. I just read this book the other day, and will have to think long and hard about the author's conclusions. They will are shocking. But Bishop did, in my viewpoint, accurately capture Paula Herring's personality as I remember her, and also taken what the times were like. I never felt the complete story of Paula's murder ever came out, and Bishop could have ultimately told it here. I actually don't know., An interesting book, it is the author's purpose to solve the mystery of a criminal offense that he feels was not originally solved properly 50 years ago. While the story excellent, it however sounds like a conspiracy plot. This kept me from enjoying it., Very interesting!!, This is a really, excellent book. I did not really know what should be expected when I purchased the book and began reading it. What I actually ended up reading is a brilliantly conceived, totally unique story. The book is presented in a way that mcdougal gives the reader bits of key information throughout the first half of the book. Since the reader enters the second half of the book, someone is able to piece together quite much what actually happened. I don't know that this author could be outdone from a research standpoint. The fact the homicide happened about fifty years ago would deter the vast majority of other authors from ever dealing with the subject to commence with. Yet the author perserveers, diligently following one one hundred to one long photo lead after another. Half way through the book you could see that the author was going to discover what actually happened even if he previously to move Mount Everest to do so. So I have to give him a ton of credit and kudos. I actually am looking forward to his next book., This particular book wonderfully captures the 1960s, the times, the turmoil, the corruption and a truly remarkable story of your ordinary citizen fighting through seemingly all kinds of obstacles to bring about delayed justice just for this 18-year-old girl that was murdered. I was a kid when this story happened but much more those times come in existence vividly. Brings back tons of memories. The author genuinely uses current technology and time-honored investigation techniques to get to the heart of a most baffling case. Twists and Turns! I actually was completely surprised when the truth was uncovered!!! As good a true-crime book as I've read... ever! I'm recommending it for my Book Club., We are about 3/4 the way through the book and it is definitely a page turner. The author keeps you in suspense and does a great job of holding back important points until the best to be reveled which definitely holds your interest. Most of my reading holds true stories--true crime, journal, and so forth Don't know how it ends, but at this point with the information presented it seems a lot of lives were ruined that terrible night and a lot of those involved have passed on with knowing a lot of the facts (and many have passed on who did know the facts, unfortunately) The book has it all sex, avarice, corruption and not much as changed from 50 years to today--those in high places many times get away with crime while the innocent pay., If you like a good mystery, I recommend this page-turner--all the more gripping because it's a true story--and because Bishop teased out that story more than 30 years after the fact, following the most tenuous connections with the help of witnesses in some cases right at the ending of their lives. It's not a flawless book: I was 50 pages in before it riveted my attention; Bishop's prose doesn't quite sparkle; and from time to time the introduction of irrelevant details gets tedious and distracting. But the story is well constructed, mesmerizing--and terrifying.

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