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Dianne Harman has done it again! Another Cedar These types of Cozy that will keep you guessing along with all the character's. Not to mention all those tempting quality recipes that Kelly makes for her little eatery (and appear at the ending of the book).

Kelly knows she has to help her husband even though he doesn't want her to--but what otherwise is new? Mike is running for sheriff and has some stiff competition this time around who will try every scurvy trick in the book to make certain Mike seems to lose and he wins. Any time a superstar falls to her death Kelly understands she just has to determine if it was an accident or murder. So many suspects-all with valid reasons to murder the presenter. Kelly has her palms full between keeping upwards with all the extra customers and trying to get to the bottom with this mystery., Love this series! The way that Dianne writes she gives a little information about several people in the story which provides you an idea what they are like and which one could be the murderer. But to find that out you require to read the book it was a good finishing., In The Kelly Koffee Shoppe Cozy Series. by Dianne Harman, Kelly and the woman husband, Mike, are included in another murder secret. This one involves Jacquie Morton, a very famous actress. She is making a movie named " The Triangle. " Nevertheless, all sorts of problems commence to occur. The particular main one is Jacquie's own death. She is thrown from a high cliff behind her house and lands by the ocean.

I had my accusations immediately about who murdered her. Wrong! Anyway, is actually a simple to read cozy with an interesting character. Dr. murphy is the Indian Master who needs help upwards and out of a financial situation. He would like more retreat centers where he can teach Yoga and meditation.

I had one or two problems with this cozy. Mainly, I actually never did find out the plot of " The particular Triangle. " For some reason, I thought that knowing whether it were a Thriller, a Romance or maybe Drama would add to my knowledge about the screenwriter, the director and the supporting presenter, if needed, Lisette.

Dianne Harman really the actual life of the fictional personality fascinating. The lives of movie stars are not always sugar and cream particularly if your last movie finished up as a flop. There are also health problems endured by a getting older presenter. This one suffers with not your every day Arthritis or cramp in the old back. The lady suffers with... I had never heard of it.

It also bothered me that Mike, her detective/policeman, husband had so little to do with the solving of the offense. He really seemed like a set tire. In this one, Kelly seemed just too proficient at snooping. Following everything is finished with at the crime scene, he shows up. Still, Now i'm going back again to Oregon with more at the books in this series. Love ya, Dianne Harman., I’ve missed several books in the Cedar These types of Cozy Mysteries considering that the last one I read (I have them, just haven’t had the possiblity to read them), but when KILLING & AND THE VIDEO STAR came out, it simply sounded too good to wait to read it. That will being said, I had no problem jumping into the story and enjoying it without feeling lost from having missed the others.

Ms. Harman certainly understands how to write a mystery that draws you in. It amazes me that she can produce as many books as fast as she does, and keep her stories of such wonderful quality, but she does, and each new book is as good as, if not better than the one before. Presently there are only a few author I know of who can accomplish that.

I actually really enjoyed the way author Dianne Harman told MURDER & THE VIDEO STAR. She went back and forth to before the murder, and after. With each trip to before the murder another suspect, or motive would appear making it very hard to guess who the killer was. Harman really kept me on my toes all the way through.

Make sure to read the Epilogue of this publication. I love the way it was written. This really put an excellent finishing touch on this tale.

If a wonderful secret isn’t enough reason that you should get MURDER & THE PARTICULAR MOVIE STAR (but I actually know it is), decide on it up for the amazing recipes that are included!, The two series that I have really liked by Ms. Harman is The Kelly Koffee Shoppe and Liz Lucas, the two are written with a “strong woman” as the key personality.
The series also has some great recipes, that we have used on several occasions.
This story is regarding a famous movie star, Jacquie Morton that has recently built a home in the town of Oregon where Kelly has her shop and Mike is Sheriff of the county. The storyplot features is made up of two stories intertwining into one. The first being the possible murder or accident of Ms. Morton, the 2nd being Mike operating for re-election for his job as Sheriff.
Ms. Harman is a method of bring each possible individual into the story collection, giving a little back ground on why they could be the murderer. I have to say I was not sure till almost the way who I suspected.
I actually do have to agree with another reviewer, the reference to film production company, The Triangle could have been expanded on a little more.
As I explained before I love these two series and they are my go to series once i have read a heavy deep book before, that being the David Grisham, Lee Childs, and so forth. Looking forward to more in both series., This specific famous movie star has more people who detest her that Carter has liver pills. The issue is not trying to find a suspect, there are too many suspects. Kelly and Mike could shorten the list. I feel that I actually guessed who achieved it about the same time Kelly did. I enjoyed this book and recommend it., Another well-written christian homicide mystery, with many clues to help you try to unravel the killer. Dianne goes back in time to offer you information on each of the suspects. I had been able to determine who the killer was, see if you can. Excellent read for individuals who enjoy orlando mysteries., My partner got me hooked on this series. Despite the fact that they are not real macho man murder insider secrets it was interesting bed time reading and endings of course are mostly fast and somewhat surprising. These people are an easy read. Zero gore or shoot-em-up included. No hard core sex either.

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