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This book was so suspenseful which i actually tore off a few fingernails. One of the best stand alone publications so far! I performed not guess the ending. I also didn't get much housework done because I could not put the book down. Superb writing style, good character development and fats spaced just the way I actually like my books to be. The one issue is usually that the price for an e-book of is ridiculously high!!! I see no reason for that except greed on the part of somebody. I actually still gave it 5 stars although I desired to drop it down to 4 stars for the overcharging. But the guide was excellent!, My only problem with one of the Adam Patterson books are the price.
They are incredibly quick fast reads with short chapters. But I actually really have a problem with a digital guide that is and the hardcover that is no more than more. His Electronic digital book prices are the reason I don't buy them as frequently. I question if others feel the same., The book excellent and has a lot of plot twists.. I offered it four stars because I thought there was a hole in the plot... the character of the murderer did not seem to be to me to be developed enough. I figured out who it was quite awhile before the end. however the whole thing kind of centered around what occurred in 1994... there were four people involved here.. I get three of the people and why we were holding there but the fourth... uhmmmm... his connection to Holden the 6th just seemed to be underdeveloped to me.. maybe I missed something.. I actually did still enjoy reading this book.., One of his best books I actually have read so much.... twists, turns..... who is responsible, who is not! I can't say enough about the suspense. Another thing I actually so loved about this book will there be is desire for romance.... something that is obviously not in his publications I have read. Night time Club was another one which includes romance and a lot of suspense. Sure wish this one will be a movie..... oh heck, let's just push for a Adam Patterson tv set station!, While I definitely loved this book, there was something about Jenna Murphy, the protagonist, that I simply performed not care for. I actually found myself rooting for the other team a lot. Her character was just very difficult for me to like! The story range was fast paced and kept me quite engaged~I have read worse but I've also read better. If you're searching for a quick murder/mystery then this guide is for you... On the other hand, it wasn't incredibly hard to determine the key distort in the plot. I actually was disappointed when my theories proved correct. I actually generally enjoy reading publications more when I have no clue what is going to happen next. This disappointed me a bit with Homicide House. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read., Despite the fact that I thought it was overpriced, this was a good story. Lots of suspense, twists and transforms. Interesting characters!

What I failed to like: **SPOILER**
1) Paige's billionaire spouse never gets what's arriving to him!
2) Uncle/Chief Lang... why was he so persuaded of Noah's guilt? Presently there was NO evidence to back up it! The only proof was what he themselves manufactured. He's a bad to law enforcement.
3) The very ending was merely a little too neat and perfect. Absolutely have to suspend reality to believe it could conclusion that way.

Yet otherwise, I enjoyed this book!, Kept us estimating until very near the conclusion. Excellent book, enough so that we opted to get the Black Book written by the same Patterson partner, David Ellis. I actually assume people know Patterson does the outline, partner writes book under his supervision and final edit. Some are good, some are trite and not as well written. The best publications are the ones he or she writes himself., The novel was well written and another great book by James Patterson and Brian Ellis.
Web page by page and chapter by chapter the author keeps the reader estimating who the " hero" and the " perk" might be.
It takes you all through the chapters to discover the result of bad police work, poor police chiefs and through bad managment and failures to find the real truth.
This novel is a great read and you will get into the key person and the trials and tribulations that person goes through.

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