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Great story book for kids with ADHD. It was a little long for my son, but he appreciate the story and could connect with it. I have to admit we've only read it once though. I don't think it can be one we will go back to often., Really like this book. It trapped my attention when I actually wanted books on impairment inclusion. I loved how the little boy figured out what he needed and how the grown ups helped him and even identified what they can benefit from. Plan to utilize this to introduce the use of fidgets for children and adults. Great addition to my disability addition library!, I purchased the kindle version, so there may be some variation in how well it reads.
This book is very, very short but its layout is quite filled with text. I actually really feel it may have been spaced out more and the vocabulary made easier (not dumbed down, just LESS). I felt like my first grader and I waded through a ton of text and then were left suspending as the book ended abruptly.
Typically the book's ideas for how to help a " wiggly" kid were offered and then, that's it. We don't see them implemented or practiced., Although the author tried to address the " Shake Fidgets" in a fun creative way, the use of the word " cure" is offensive and directs the message that our children need to be cured - that they are ill. Smacks in the face of acceptance. I had bought this for my 9 12 months old with ADHD to let him see there are others that face the same challenges and find ways to help him address his fidgets in several situations, but I will not check out this to him or let him read something that makes him think he needs to be cured or that this individual is at some way damaged., We picked this publication up because our most well-known son is constantly active, even when he is sitting in class working on schoolwork. His kindergarten teacher told us this individual still absorbed everything and was a great student - some kids just need to move while working. She gave all of us a copy of Wiggle-Fidgets and it explained everything! We bought our own copy and also have loaned it to his other teachers to help them recognize that he is always hearing and learning, even if he could be moving!, This publication works. The art is excellent and the storyplot line succeeds. It's written from a child's viewpoint
so kids can see this and put by themselves on the the boy. Kids can learn from the steps that he
takes to solve the problems he faces, and he communicates them to the parents and instructor, with positive results.
Finding ways to help children solve their own problems is a wonderful way to create a positive difference in this world. I heartily endorse this book!, My dyslexic soon (with wiggle fidgets) loves this book- and so do I... I desired him to know a lot of people-not just kids- have this must be in regular motion. He's 7 and homeschool is working out much better than the waldorf school we had him in. They will just didn't understand why this individual couldn't sit in a circle or give consideration. I actually need to donate a copy of this - in Spanish if it is available- to them., Yes, Excellent wiggly grandson. He was slightly interested as we began to read the book but as he saw more and more parts that related to him, this individual loved it!. I cherished how a author referred to the distractivness of the kids as yet another idea caught their interest. That will is how I see him. He is not being forgetful, he just had a new idea zoom through his brain that got him off course.
Well done!

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