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Whenever we read Bryson, we learn and we chuckle while doing this. What a talented writer he is! From the biological fact of the larynx having dropped many, many thousands of years ago, enabling us both to choke on food and to speak, we are on a rip roaring tour of our language's advancement. The invasions, incursions, funding of other countries' tongues have made us a rich, highly nuanced terminology that is to be appreciated. Naturally , we take for grated the oddities that newcomers find harrowing: cough, dough, bough being just the first to come to mind. But there are, strangely enough, reasons for the weirdness of the lack of conformity in pronunciation and punctuational. The book will bring several hours (and the pleasant thought of rereading) for understanding this treasure which we take so with no consideration., Bill Bryson has written a very helpful and entertaining book about the beginnings and advancement of the English terminology. Native English speakers and even non- native audio speakers will find it well worth time spent to read it.

A. A new., I have always enjoyed books about words and their origins, etymology. Winston Churchill said that America and The uk were two nations separated by a common language. In this book, Bill Bryson (who doesn't even mention Churchill) tries to make clear how that may be, but shows also the commonalities. There is a whole lot here about the first thousand years of English, the origin of words, brands, and even swearing and word games. He sometimes goes a little crazy with examples of his topic but that can be overlooked in view of the breadth of his issue. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to more about Mom Tongue., I've read some of Bill Bryson's books, and i also find his writing easy to read and his matters extremely interesting. I was fascinated by words, and i also did read a guide on the English Vocabulary during the past. This book addresses everything that other one did, and more. The particular book is divided up into chapters covering many aspects of English, including a lot about the dissimilarities between " American" and " English. " Thus interesting to see how the language developed from all the different peoples coming together and trying to know each other. How fortunate our company is to have such a rich language that allows us expressing so many nuances., This guide was worth reading. I discovered some things I failed to know about how exactly language morphs over time. I always have thought English seemed richer and today I know it's because we have incorporated so much nonenglish rather than trying to make a set The english language vocabulary do it all. In the end, though, there was just too much information for myself to soak up and before I reached the final, it started to run together., Bryson demonstrates again that he is not simply an engaging writer but also can deliver content well worth reading. I found the topic of the swap from Old English to Middle English to be particularly fascinating. It happened very quickly of course, if one looks at the historical past of this time the reasons become clear. There were severe economical problems that experienced demographic consequences. Many individuals made the decision that someplace else was a better location to live than where they were at the time. The outcome was that speakers of many local dialects of English found themselves combined together in new circumstances, and a simplified version of English was necessary for general communication. The outcome was your emergence of Midsection English., Bill Bryson. Just what can My answer is. Every web page holds answers to questions we've been asking all our lives about why we say this term and not that. There's a whole chapter on the history of cuss words. Fun Fun., As is so often true of the Bill Bryson guide, this book is shot through with interesting information presented with a mild touch rather than a didactic educational tone. The book keeps my attention while Now i'm sitting in the center of a crowded tour bus station.

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