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This can be a fascinating book had a nice readable style with many colourful allegories, metaphors, and therapeutic truths. We especially liked the section on forgiveness. This book is about healing yourself and our relationships and examines why we relate with one another the way we do. If you start reading this book it will be hard to put down. I think anyone reading this book will come away from it relatively transformed if your center is open. It offered me tremendous insight into my relationship with my mother and I wish it does the same for all those readers., When We picked up this guide We did not expect it to have the impact it did. Upon finishing, it became very clear to me that, while they are not perfect, my parents did the best that they could to raise my sibling and I, they gave their absolute all. It's really easy to look back at your childhood and point out flaws that might have occurred that were the fault of a parent or to even misplace blame. This book allowed me to step back and reexamine my relationship with my parents. It made me realize that I got to also look at the type of parents they got and what impact that had on the way they parent. I was able to come to the conclusion that my parents didn't deserve half the blame I had formed placed on them, and importantly, I could truly reduce them for past issues. I have since focused on healing my connection with both my parents and I find that to be a much better use of energy.
I have also figured out to be less judgmental of parents that I see in public. These days see, if there's no real abuse, that each parent is merely doing the best they can., A landmark work that attempts to answer a seldom requested question, yet an extremely fundamental question, namely: "How many of a person's problems should one 'blame' on one's parents? " The book was written for both mothers, and for anyone who believes they might have any "mother baggage" left over from their childhood. It challenges the Freudian notion that we are all inescapably bound by whatever imperfections our mothers might have "passed on to us", and dares both mothers and their adult children to "grow up" and "become self accountable" as Jung would say.

I found the book to be both insightful and thought provoking, and would recommend it to a person with an interest in psychology, or anyone hoping to gain the understanding of some of the hidden mechanics of their own personal parent-child or child-parent associations. A great but regrettably short read. Looking forward to her next book., We was delighted to read this easy-to-understand book. Nancy has a knack for taking big concepts (such as am I a good mother? ) and framework them so as to highlight a more positive and healthy approach (am I a 'good enough' mother? ). I have thought about this concept--good enough--both in terms of my own mothering and my own mother. While some of the subjects are short introductions, e. g., cyber bullying, and may need deeper exploration, they are real challenges to raising a child today, and mothers and fathers alike need be tuned in., This might, literally, become the worst book I have ever chosen up. It is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors, states opinion instead than offers factual research, makes hilariously ridiculous and impossible claims when it attempts to actually refer to research, and is fresh toward non-biological parents by calling, for example, adoptive mothers " mothers" in quotation marks, as though they do not are worthy of title, or deserve to be called mothers only in questionable quotations. This is probably among the worst examples of the self-publishing revolution -- no vetting of the actual content, no professional editing -- any one can post so long as he or the lady is willing to front side the money. The subject could be a persuasive and potentially elucidating one in the hands of the right writer/researcher. Unfortunately, Nancy E. Perry -- better at self-promotion than educational thought -- is not she., I have just completed this book. As someone with a reasonable amount of, what We consider mother induced suitcases I discovered that the book allowed me to to revisit some of the issues I have had with my own mom. In my marriage I possess reacted in ways that failed to fit the situations I confronted. After discussions with my wife We have tried to track my inappropriate feelings. This guide has helped me to better understand both the strengths and weaknesses in my own mother., Dr. Perry's personal and professional stories of the challenges in becoming a " good enough" mother were deeply touching and illuminating. In reading Mother Bashing, We often reflected on the relationship I had with my own mother. We found the " good enough" filter to be a valuable and compassionate lens for me to use in looking at how my mother maintained me--not always perfectly, but with as much love as the lady was able to provide. Thank you, Doctor Perry!, Nancy Perry is a Clinical Psychologist with a fascinating backlog of case histories. After 30 years in private practice this is a goldmine of information. She separates the fact from the fictional. I have heard Dr. Perry speak on " dissociation" and was eager to check out this book on Mother Bashing. Mothering is a complex business. Via her insight, highly intimate and personal details create the backdrop for this compelling work. Worth a read... I felt like a fly on the wall. (Cecilia)

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