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I select this rating cause it wasn't what I expected!

Either there was pages missing once i got this book downloaded to a apple ipad or only a tiny guide.
I expected a book with a lot of info. from an art that is so much packed with information.

I teach the ability of " Bujinkan", This book "More Secrets of the Ninja: Their Training, Tools, and Techniques" is another example of an advertising rip-off! This book is a reprint of "Secrets of the Ninja: Their Training, Tools, and Techniques. " Right now in practice a whole lot of publishers release a title in hard cover first and then release it in soft cover. This may not be a problem with me nearly all of enough time, but when the publisher renames the book with an alternative title, to make more money on a single title. That is when I get mad. I have wasted many dollars on buying books I already own because of this publishing ploy. Inside the case of this book it was released actually as a soft cover in 2002 which is fine. Now it is released (2008) in smooth cover again with it re-titled with the word "More" in the title making one think it is an additional volume or continuation of the first. This is absolutely not the case they are one guide of the identical in all facets of the original guide except for the title and cover! Complete rip-off! Save your money if you own the first release.

Now for the content with this book, I actually rate it 3 stars. It is a excellent brief look at the subject and pretty much historically correct. I possibly could give more detail but I am to mad., Clear and straight forward, nice history base, leaves me knowing more than I did know. Yet gives myself reason to learn more., In the 1980's, there was an explosion of ninja films and we were handled with Sho Kosugi motion pictures and a good quantity of ninja related books featuring people who were trained by actual ninjas and we would go nuts in trying to obtain and buy the latest ninja gear (including weaponry and hoping our parents would never find out).

Those were interesting times and definitely when "ninja" was what young people wanted to become, that was until "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" occured and since that time, aside from the four turtles, the only ninja that Us citizens have any notion of now is simply Ryu of the "Ninja Gaiden" and "Dead or Alive" fighting video clip games and through anime like "Naruto".

Cocoro Publications known for bringing cool Japanese niche titles to the united states has released "MORE SECRETS IN THE NINJA". A new book unlike any ninja books I owned from the past as by using actual photography to show off techniques, the uniform and more.

The book is broken down to four main chapters:

* THE FUNDAMENTALS - The first 25 pages showcase full page and half page pictures of ninja techniques and then goes into "THE BASICS" which goes into the clothes, equipment, codes, exercise and stealth. How you can put on the clothes, the many weaponry and tools such as Tsui-giri picks, Torinoko fumes bombs, marui-kagi round key, ibushi-ki smoke pot, tekko-kagi iron claws, kagi-nawa catch rope and ikari-kagi grappling hook and more. Likewise, showcasting the codes and signs used by ninjas, the many passwords and the ninja alphabet using ancient Japan kamiyo-moji which was used before kanji. And learning the ninja workout using the strengthening with their fingers and a full body workout and how to walk like a ninja.
* THE PARTICULAR MOVES - This segment deals with meditation and Ninjutsu: Fighting using sing martial arts, using ropes, strike pipes, shuriken, iron club, mirrors and more.
* AT HOUSE AND AWAY - This chapter focuses on hiding. From trick doors to hidden swords, information on the Ninja museum at the Iga Sect, a diet of high protein foods, pressure points in the hand and feet and how ninjas were able to inform the time by the positioning of the sun and the best dipper but also predicting weather and home made compasses by using a candle and water in a bowl. Also, how ninjas would camp out and deliver secret documents and how in ancient The japanese, not all ninjas used the black garb. A few traveled in different villages disguised as entertainers, monks, sales agents, farmer or samurai.
* WORDS OF WISDOM - This section are rules of the ninja, names of ninjas throughout the age range and according to region and a phrasebook.

"MORE SECRETS OF THE NINJA" was probably one of the more enjoyable books because it uses genuine photos. Many of the books in the earlier were black and white and made cheaply. Therefore , for meditation like the "Kuji Goshin-hou In Technique", it was hard to follow the books that were hand drawn or black and white pictures that were just too darker. With this book, there are color pictures demonstrating step-by-step techniques.

And that is a very important factor that I actually enjoy about the releases from Cocoro Books because everything they release, they use photography as a significant way to communicate Japan culture and this guide is not a different. There are sections you can read with information and almost like a cookbook with detail under a picture, the same can be stated with "MORE SECRETS IN THE NINJA".

Granted, back in the 80's, we had a lot of ninja films to help capture our attention and led us to purchasing magazines with ninja merchandise via mail order. These days, ninjas are visual and what people have seen on anime and video games. But the interest still remains.

Individually, I wish we had books like this back then because the books back then were so much into technique and warning but they were verbose and photography was rarely used. If they were, we were holding grayscale and dark. Adobe flash forward over 20 years later and now we have similar books that don't need to be verbose, just use pictures to illustrate a point. No hand drawn illustrations or dark photography to show us a weapon that a ninja uses, this book shows us the actual look like and how they were used. Want to learn how ninjas ate and how to make "ninja tofu", no problem. Detailed step by step instructions and again, all this through photography.

Regarding ninja fans who are looking for a cool book on techniques rather than history (despite their as being a two-page article on a brief history and the popularity of the ninja), this book centers on techniques and the way of the ninja through photography. Otherwise, there are many ninja books out there that are more detailed in information and history., There is nothing new are different in this book from those that was written back in the 80's. Save your mony and buy something worth readding.

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