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I actually read novels in this genre when I want to learn fairly predictable, no big surprises, with generally nice, but misunderstood figures. The characters spend a portion of the novel misunderstanding each other, a portion happy, misunderstanding, happy, end.

This book takes the formula somewhat too far. The main character, Callie, is supposed to be a complex person. The particular make lead, Sam, is supposed to be brooding. Neither character is completely painted, and they come across as two dimensional characters.

In the end, I really don't understand why Sam would wish a lady who actually according to hormones and assumptions rather than being attentive for five seconds. I actually guess the sex was better than it was written., I wish I actually could move to Anchor Island, I just love this little island on the coast. So unfortunate that people are leaving our friends which i have made through the previous textbooks. A great wrap up with all of the characters and for Mike to finally get his story. Sam and Callie have a tragic earlier that they need to put behind them. Callie has taken on a job from Sam to renovate his motel, as they try to fight off their mutual attraction. They selected a non permanent event, but can it stay that way. Loved Cecil, brought such humor. had me laughing out loud.
I recommend this book, can be read as a stand only but you will get addicted with this quaint little seaside island.
I received this guide from the author to have an honest review., I loved this book, as well that whole series. Just about all of the characters in this series were very likable, and believable. Each story line in each guide was obviously a little different, and very, very special in their own way. I actually love Terri Osburn's design of writing. If you love the writing styles of great author's like Jessica Force, Robyn Carr, Kathleen Brooks, Lori Foster, Shannon Stacey, Catherine Gayle, Melody Anne, or even Katie Graykowski, then you'll love Terri Osburn's style of writing. Like all of these other author's described above, the setting of every story is usually set in a small town, where everyone seems to know everyone. Most of her characters are well liked, and the situations that surround them are also very believable. But the thing that I love the majority of all.... is that like these other author's..... her female figures are strong willed and independent in their own right. Their life is far from being picture perfect, but they find a way to work through the obsticles in their way and eventually they are able to over come their adversities. And what's more.... there's not a lot of mumbo jumbo lines thrown in just as fillers, in order to bring up the word count. Body fat long drawn out descriptions of things who have no bearing what-so-ever to the story, without introducing a bunch of characters that'll never show up in the story, again. The particular men are far from perfect, too. Hey... what man have you seen that's perfect all the time.... I guess never. Well these guys are the kind you run across everyday. They may be smart, and some have very accomplished career's... but when it comes to understanding women, they are exactly like most men of today..... totally and utterly clueless.; ) Yet I have to give all these men an A+ for effort.

This specific story involves Callie Henderson and Sam Edwards discuss a tragic past 6th years ago, along with a single night of passion. Sam left in the middle of the night, and the two haven't had any contact with each other since. Right up until now, that is. Given that that tragic night, Callie has turned her life around, and she's just starting to make a name for herself in the hotel renovation business. Sam is a successful hotel owner, who needs someone with Callie's knowledge to turn his overdue uncle's inn into a premier boutique hotel. Yet once he realizes who this Calliope person really is, he starts to have second thoughts about hiring her. But your dog is in sort of a time crunch, and really has no time to find someone on short notice to exchange her. It's a push and pull between these two. The strain between them is intense, but they need to make this work. The question is will it be done in time? They have other issues they're facing and attraction together intensifies. And as hard as they tried to keep their relationship strickly on a professional basis only, it's just a matter of a week or so, before they also find themselves sharing a very personal relationship, as well.

This was a great series, I'm just sad that it has to end. That won't stop me from examining out Terri Osburn's other books, though. Credit rating something like this series, I'm going to be one happy rv., Another great one in the series. The history line and characters are well developed. I like that the story alternates between the key characters for a fuller story. This specific book is somewhat unique because it's more of an emotional romance book versus a sexy romance guide. The story line is unique to others on the market. You want to root for these figures. It's a simple read and worth adding to your checklist., Such a fun little series! While this wasn't my favorite of the four, I enjoyed the story of Callie and Sam, as well as the cameos from figures in the series. The particular plot seemed to summary a little too easy but overall a good book., Callie and Mike made for grand pair. A fun romance by the sea shore and a unique ending! This is the one that is difficult to put down and easy to return to when you have to stop reading for a while., This series was hard to put down. The love of all the characters and the gorgeous island made myself want to be a part of the storyplot. Really captivating stories of the power of love, family and friendship. I totally recommend this to the romantic lovers everywhere., Really enjoyable, relaxing, light reading. Wish there is an island somewhere with individuals, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, the sunlight, the Sea and lots of fun.

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