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Certainly with all of exactly what is said in the good ratings here. I have acquired 3 copies....! The first has been a used copy from the local library used bookstore. It got so doggy earned... I acquired a tough cover here, and an additional soft cover to give into a friend with legal problems. it's a captivating book, I could not set down. I have continually referred to this book, and discussed it about many occassions. It's really eye opening, yet sickens me how a industry of Lawyers is becoming.... a online game of who wins... and who makes the many money. Honestly, it tends to make me ashamed of the particular American legal system from times.

ts really HARD not necessarily to stereotype all legal representatives after reading this. Right now there are good ones... nevertheless I was especially cooled to read how law schools train students.... and morality is fairly lacking. it's truly a wonder of which legal representatives with heart, state of mind, and lack of greed do exist. I do believe this specific book should be required reading for every student.... regardless of future vocation., Actually great book. I had formed in order to read it for school so thought it may be a little stiff nevertheless I actually ended up really enjoying it. There usually are a lot of great cases discussed to illustrate points the authors usually are trying to make also it really gave me a lot to think of. Extremely recommend., This book will be interesting, it is just like psychiatry for medical student. I urge to author to expand his work into other contemporary concern. For example, puncturing the particular legalese bluff utilized by legal professional to deceive lay people. We all engage the particular service of legal professional like in mortgage loan, bank loan and so forth but most of us has no idea exactly what a contract really imply. The Lehman Brother Minibond has caused a lot sufferings to bond holder especially the pensioner. One of the complaints was, nobody really understand those webpages of legalese bluff drew up by lawyer.
Another interesting fact will be the service of procedure etc. I would just like to see this book broadened with more contemporary concerns., Bought the book for a class on the particular ethics of lawyers. Guide is ok, covers a lot of ground. Offers the impression that legal representatives are almost above the particular law, outside the law, a law unto by themselves, special people. Lawyer and moral compass is a good oxymoron as there is absolutely no meaningful direction or position in order to the practice of law. Legal ethics and morals are different. Lawyers usually are not bound by morals, which to legal representatives usually are situational and subject in order to personal interpretation. Ethics usually are written rules. They're written by each state and enforced only by the particular profession itself. So in order to the extent that this specific book shows someone of which legal representatives are not certain by morals, it's helpful., Richard Zitrin and Carol Langford have written right here a book that will certainly not only introduce the particular law student to the particular sleazier side of law practice, but also notify the " law consumer" what to watch out for (or perhaps what to look for by means of " zealous representation" ).

But this specific is not only a catalogue of egregiously dishonest practices by real-world attorneys. Additionally, it contains interesting information of big relevance to individuals who want to realize what's wrong with the particular legal profession.

(For example, here's a point libertarians will certainly enjoy. Lawyers once tried to get around the particular silly practice of sales for everything in " billable hours" by purchasing standard costs for specific common legal tasks. Just what stopped them? Antitrust law. It appears adopting industry-standard costs is a sort of collusion in restraint of trade. Thank heavens; the present system is _ever_ a lot better. )

Not extended on solutions, this quantity is a solid overview of the sort of rubbish engendered by the adversarial system. It's also a set of good reasons in order to look into alternative dispute resolution the next moment _you_ have a legal problem.

For law learners, I'd personally recommend supplementing it with any or all of the following: Mary Ann Glendon's _A Nation Below Lawyers_; Deborah Rhode's _In the Interests of Justice_; and Philip Howard's _The Death of Common Sense_., Had to read this specific for class, but I actually was drawn in by the tumult and strain between social expectations and moral obligations to clients by simply lawyers. Interesting read., Needed to get it for a college or university course - the particular first chapter was pretty interesting but the sleep was a rather doze. On the other hand, it was required for one of the mandatory courses so it served its purpose., i am a retired legal professional and will be teaching a class on legal values based on the suggestions in the book. it's well researched and will certainly interest layman who want to advance their information of lawyers

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