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Half a year in Montana

I really enjoyed this book. That is a marriage of convenience story, which is something that I always like. I liked the characters, I appreciate that they are not idiotic (so many times heroes or heroines in romantic stories are immature and the conflict derives from that fact). I loved Molly, the girl with very charming and intelligent. Chrsitian is kind of boring, I do not understand him very well, or precisely what is his appeal.
Presently there are no explicit intercourse scenes; it is well crafted and described. I loved the food descriptions (although sometimes the preparation of them are too long)… they DO drink a lot (and then drive, and there are two cases of accidents because of to drunk drivers, nonetheless they still drink and drive). Don’t misunderstand me, I love drinking wine, nonetheless they could have a little bit more water!
I will recommend this guide and buy more textbooks from the author!, I actually love a good relationship of convenience romance story, regrettably this is not a good romance. Typically the romance is VERY supplementary to Molly's story. We all learn all about Molly: the woman family, her career, the woman cooking skills, her friends... but we learn very little about Christian and about their relationship. Alfredia is rarely talked about, he or she is almost an ripe idea. There is no build-up to them getting together, and when they finally do (at 80%), it's rather anticlimactic. They kiss and brain upstairs to bed together and the next section has her waking up in his bed.
Time moves along somewhat quickly, with phrases like " three weeks have passed" or " she's been here for 2 weeks now", however the storyline itself just doesn't really go anywhere. Nothing ever really happens. Molly spends time with her mom and aunt, Molly cooks another meal, Molly checks on the progress of the woman B&B, Molly... well, you get the idea.
The one good thing about this story, is that it really does not finish with a cliffhanger., Since I discovered the cozy mystery genre, I've been thinking how nicely the " cozy" aspects would transfer to the clean romance genre. Little or no assault = little or no sex, " foodcentric" scenes/themes, etc., etc. I've looked a lot, and read a lot (not a hardship! lol) and after this I actually believe I've actually found my absolute favorite new author. This valuable short story is just what I was looking for, and I actually enjoyed it immensely. I actually know some reviewers have taken issue with the lack of time given for the key characters to actually fall in love, but I enjoyed the pace. I don't tend to pick apart details like that - simply because - when I actually read, I *want* there to be an element of suspension of shock. I read to escape and relax, so if I can get lost in a world where two people tumble in love quickly, and sweetly - I'm all for it!!, Oh, brother! Save your money. Not only is series simplified and silly, but it is repetitive book to book. I made the mistake of ordering the series, so I sensed compelled to read them. Dialogue in books 1 & 2 is similar--in fact some passages are just cut & pasted. I've read a great deal of romances, and these just have no meat--you can guess where is actually going all the time... the same plot over and over--one person considers he/she knows what's best and breaks off relationship only to have the other realize this is true love, change his/her colors and give you a ring/accept suggestion. Read something with a better plot and and better written., Molly loved the woman job at the luxury hotel in New York, and she knew she a new good shot at being promoted to general manager. Then the call came asking her to come back to to Bozeman, Montana, to talk with a lawyer. Shockingly, she discovers Christian Ford’s grandfather necessary that he marry her before he can inherit the vast estate. Christian and she had been friends growing up, but Molly has not seen him in years. Still, she hates to see him lose all he’s worked very hard for, and the will only asked that they stay married for six weeks. Perhaps she should take a leave of lack for 6 months to help him out. She’s recently been working so hard recently that a break might do well for her, too.

The language didn’t always flow smoothly and sentences were occasionally rough, stilted, or simplistic. There was clearly a little head-hopping, a few missing commas, and about some crude or mildly profane words. I had a harder time taste Molly than Chrisitan. I actually was told the way they sensed but never experienced their emotions, and this made the story and figures appear more shallow. In a way, Molly looked cold and self-assured, although the narrative sometimes said otherwise. Still, I did take pleasure in the book and sensed it was worth reading., It is a silly, light, fast reading, perfect if you just want something to pass the time, but I have to explain to is a little dull as well and when she warns you about the recipes, she had not been kidding there is a lot of cooking with a lot of planning details, and wines descriptions as well that makes the story even more dull. Good thing it was free., Not I publication I would suggest. Too much time spent detailing the food and how it was repaired. The characters were not beautifully shaped, you really avoid really know what they are thinking. Typically the few times there was a conflict, it's quickly brushed aside, apparently neglected. Example, ex-girl friend makes nasty comments about new wife, then a chapter or so later, she's calling the new wife asking for help and is so grateful and now they're best buds. I actually read it to the finish because Constantly barely make myself not finish a book, but in this situatio, I really should have stopped reading it.

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