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Reasonable read. A bit better editing would have aided some, great info, may it be?, Great publication ~ a classic!, We acquired this book regarding some light research We was doing, and had been met with a publication that is less explored than I'd have liked. Actually, I'm not completely sure that any study outside of visiting Get away Hero with a clairvoyant was done.

The publication is based on speculation that was based upon speculation, and lacks serious source materials. The author also needlessly tosses points into the book which are unrelated to the Montauk Project.

I'm not the person who is in to conspiracy stuff, but this really is the bottom of the barrel., Help save your money - publication is simply wild speculation. My copy is going to be able to be a Goodwill donation!, This book takes us from the vague in addition to esoteric theories of brain control to the exact practice. In the United States of America, in the land of typically the free and home of the brave, experiments have been conducted that defy comprehension. Only by understanding typically the great what motivates the leaders today can we start to comprehend the chaos that surrounds us. Nothing is more important compared to awareness that comes through turning OFF the television, in addition to turning ON our minds. Never has it already been crucial, a matter of life and death, to be able to think for ourselves, to obtain off the treadmill of the expectations of others. Wells refers to typically the " silent war of slavery" that is getting imposed upon us because we try to find out what on earth typically the war we are getting *sold* is about. This publication was published in 1998. This makes even more feeling today.
Wells refers to MK-Ultra and typically the LSD experiments as nicely as kidnapped and missing children utilized in trials under the guise of " top secret national security. " Do not let this go above your head. He is mindful to say that the government, per se, is not responsible, but fake components within it that will do not seem to be to become accountable to anyone. Just we can hold them accountable. However we possess to see what these people are doing.
This book will let you open your eyes towards the nightmare -- and typically the possibility of lucid thinking -- before it is too late. In articulate dreaming, the dreamer realizes they are dreaming and is therefore able to get control of the desire. Becoming aware of typically the attempted nightmare that is being imposed on us with the intention of " freedom" is a matter of life in addition to death. We ignore it at our peril., Centered on premises and documentation that are far more flimsy than that connected with the so-called Philadelphia Experiment, Peter Moon in addition to the folks at Sky Books turned time in addition to space travel; mind-control; psycho-sexual slavery and fear of the one-world government operate by fascists into the cottage industry of books.

Mr. Wells' book offers something new in typically the way of pseudo-facts upon the subject. Batteries Townsley and Davis, located, respectively, north and south of S . fransisco were earlier versions of what was getting done with the battery packs at Camp Hero. Actually Wells goes into several detail - including structure pictures and material bills of lading - to be able to support his contention that will these facilities - in additional to providing advanced cover and concealment regarding 16 inch diameter rifled cannon - were "tuning-forks" allowing access to typically the mysterious power of Justicia Lines that ran beneath them. He also explains interaction - via typically the previously documented underground passageways from the Moon/Swerdlow and so forth books - with properties in and around close by cities and the also-previously-mentioned though no-longer-to-be-seen dock at which U-boats arrived.

But, before you - ?nternet site was about to do - dismiss this much better written telling of this wholly fictional tale as more of typically the same claptrap, please complete the book. It is there -at the digital penultimate page available, which often author Wells' true reason for writing is introduced. And, it is done so, in an sort of "a picture being well worth a thousand words. Actually, it really is two pictures in addition to their inclusion is well worth far more. The 1st picture is a wartime photograph of any 16 in . emplacement somewhere in typically the US - whether Fortification Story in Virginia or even one of the cap├ęs around New York Harbor, or even anywhere else is unnecessary. The importance is that will it is surely an actual photograph of an emplaced weapon. The second photograph appears to have been taken at Fort Leading man contemporaneously; the `bunker' is sealed and shows a guy standing. But, a weapon barrel has been extra with what occurs possess been a felt-tip pen.

"What a crappy bogus. " I thought right up until I read the text. Wells proceeds to ramble on about his friend Armand - already described earlier in the publication - and he talking about time travel in addition to - get this : gun socks to retain the barrel warm.

Amazing stuff!, Well's personal bank account of exploring the mysteries surrounding the Montauk Air flow Force Base which he or she claims has connections to be able to the Philidelphia Experiment. Exciting at points, monotonous at others and pointless in some areas. Laughably he takes along a psychic friend who looks to possess all of these premonitions which dont answer anything, or guide the writer anywhere of value. His exploration of typically the run down base had been the highlight of typically the book, but yet typically the author showed nothing of substance other than several appearingly unexplained " stuff. " He gives typically the great the Montauk Indians, some history of Pheonix and the occurences right now there. Discusses some of Wilhelm Reich's theories and existence, as well as Ashton Von Neuman's life in addition to works. Then disbands regarding a few pages speaking about everyday symbols like typically the dollar bill, big busniess logos and pyramids. Which often all looks mute to be able to the point. Poorly created book with some lousy writing. Although this is the first book upon Montauk I read in addition to the first information We ever recieved on any kind of mysteries occuring there, We walked away not being aware of anything at all more than that the " mystery" has occured.

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