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I want to start this by saying I have never written an evaluation on this site I actually cared to publish, only out of respect for the vendors on their own. I'm writing this for the sheer beauty of this novel. My mom had lived in Japan and raised me with a lot of asian principles and background, but in America. I love both western and eastern graphic novels. Ive never found something that so totally meshed what I love about both. The plot is lavish and fantastical, but is lacking many of the eastern slant towards fetishized sexuality and brash comedy (think manga's common x'd eyes and oversized minds, etc. ). What is there is there purposefully. This particular story is beautiful, developed, intelligent, new, and just honestly unexpected. The book itself is higher quality than anything ive purchased in years. As a possible avid reader and writer, the book itself is important to me. The joy of feeling the pulp of the page faded as publishers stopped paying the money for the good paper. This guide is three times the size of the average single quantity western graphic novel and the pages are thicker and strong, you aren't help but give attention to it. It was the very first thing I noticed. Where i had lost wish for the fantasy/scifi/steampunk styles recently as artists/authors received lazy and drew/wrote what we already knew, this is beautifully original and intricate. And it is 8 money. What. I dont even have words for that., Written by Marvel's award-winning women team of writer, Margaret Liu, and Japanese Illustrator, Sana Takeda, for Graphic Comics, this is a sensational book containing the first 6 issues of the fantasy comic series, Monstress. The series has an engaging plot, nuanced character types, exquisite artwork, and it is already a hit. There is graphic assault plus some nudity, so this series should probably be at least PG thirteen., Got it for my daughter as a past due Christmas present. It emerged very fast and in perfect condition. She only anxiously waited a day before reading and finishing it in under 2 hours. The lady told me she couldn't put it down, and that she lived how a artist and writer give attention to world building while not missing the main plot. She's already looking for chapter seven and anticipating volume second ., Monstress is a truly stunning piece of fine art, both from a literary and graphic perspective. Margaret Liu has created one of the very interesting and original new fantasy worlds in years, and Sana Takeda's lovely, complex, and sometimes disturbing artwork blend to produce a compelling piece of storytelling that is almost impossible to put down. I commenced reading this book because I was intrigued by contrast of the picture of a beautiful young woman, who I came to learn was the heroine Mana Halfwolf, standing under the word "Monstress. " I used to be extremely pleased to find that this contrast is developed among the primary designs of the story that blossoms into what may be one of the better mixture of epic graphic storytelling and horror I have read since Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I strongly recommend this series to any fan of mature graphic novels who is excited to become immersed in a new universe of mystery, wonder, danger, and glory., Monstress is everything I could possibly ask for in a comic series. It is rife with women characters, all of various complexities and backgrounds, and it is equal parts steampunk and equal parts epic illusion. A beautiful merging of the 2. Speaking of beautiful, Sana Takeda's artwork is a wonderful companion to Marjorie Liu's excellent writing. I have been promoting this to a friends as a series they should pick up. They may well not like it as much as me personally, yet I hope they enjoy it as much as I do (and I desire others who will be looking to purchase the TPB, will enjoy it as well)., Simply gorgeous. Yes, the representation is lovely, but the storyline is complex, grotesquely heartwrenching, and sucked me personally in immediately. Our main character is just outstanding. Exceptional in her backstory, in her rich motivations, in her lack of super niceness i find to be just dull, and in her very survival. She is just riveting beyond words. I adore this guide., Monstress is hands down the best work of fantasy I've read in a very very long time. Marojorie Liu's world-building and character development are rich and complex, while Sana Takeda's art complements each change of scene and feeling with stunning flowing outlines and a varied colour scheme of colors and shades. There are hints of Yoshitaka Amano's character work in the costumes and face masks, particularly, nevertheless the faces and landscapes belong wholly to Takeda. Alternately majestic and gritty, with scenes of gore and of tenderness, Monstress is a amazing graphic storytelling achievement. There's plenty of deep mythology and history for the fable to explore, and the characters continually surprise with new depths and technicalities. I eagerly await the second collection., Started off slightly slow, but man made it happen pick up quick. At first the mythology of this comic can feel overwhelming and perhaps a lttle bit confusing but the writer will do a very good job of explaining things. That being said if you like steampunk fine art, cats with 2 tails and magic YOU CAN REALLY LIKE THIS COMIC! Even if you do not the art and the combat panels are perfect!

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