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I actually loved the hea history in this book, the sad that things like this happen in households, some worse than others, its just really good knowing that there is strength out there to step out of the bad situation, because so many stories have a tragic ending. Jerry writes from a place many fear to even contemplate exisiting. Congratulations loved it., If a book is suppose to make you feel something this book does it in spades. My heart hurt for Asher and Stella. This book made me pleased which i never lived in this situation. Alcoholism and abuse is a hardcore issue to write about especially while weaving it into a romance. The creator doesn't make his characters perfect and that's fine. These people are a work happening. While at times I actually wanted to set this book down I didn't and I'm happy which i did not., Thoughtful and well written history that could have already been better if all the difficulties were not solved in the course of a few pages. Expand on the heart warming the way the heart aching was prolonged., less than positive what it was but , it felt incomplete, Possessing grown up (in the early 60's) with my best friend (17yrs. old) next door, who's dad was obviously a tall, ex-football player and mean as bad thing! His petite mom could do nothing to protect her son or herself from his abuse. He was a cop and he or she got no one to turn too! So I saw first hand how Alcohol and Drugs can ruin your very soul! My pal and his mom finally could not take it any more and committed suicide, him by car and shortly their after, his mommy by pills. To this day I remember him and all of the good times we shared, he was my first crush, my first kiss and I wonder what else could have been. I actually tried to help when I could, but back in those times; outside assistance was almost non-existent even with the er visits and the neighbor's phone phone calls to the police, no one would intervene because he or she was cop!. I found the book to be so real and so true to life that at times I cried and had to set the book down. Mr. Cole has such just one way of expressing the realism and honesty in life. This is a very touching, moving and at times a very hard to read book. I just wish that my dear friend could have had his happy ever after. However, please take the time to read this true to life story, I know you will end up touched and saddened, but on the other hand you can help somebody who is going through something like this. " I read a supporting advanced reader copy of this book & am under your own accord leaving an honest and unbiased review" An passionate reader in Rock Pub, NY., I really hope I seldom offend anyone, but Whoa, this is a real sensitive subject and it was very well written with care and “Monster” is a great title for this book. With being trapped inside your house with a raging alcoholic parent is an extremely frightening, horrific experience for youngsters.

Asher Green and his younger sister Stella have lived with their “Monster” for 10 years. Asher was twelve at that time his daddy started to become a creature and now he was of sufficient age to move out there on his owe. The reason he refuses to leave is because his fifteen yr old sister could leave and didn’t want anything to eventually her. Man, I had to give Asher a lot of credit to stay to protect his sister at his own personal cost – and things were bad.

Of course, Stella has many emotional issues and fears that are very hard for her to get over. She’s scarcely surviving, and protect herself she would go within as things worsen. To top everything off in her life, her best ally moved away; actually her only friend and, her life-line. Asher had already been going to a team counseling session for people who were living with or had lived with an abusive person(s), but can never get his sibling to go.

Asher fulfilled Sam and Claire at the meeting for the first time and Asher gave his chair to the young lady. He talked briefly with her and she responded.
According to Mike it had been ages since Claire was comfortable enough to even look anyone in the eye or even look responsive. Sam was so grateful he questioned Asher if he got time to get a coffee with them as a thank you. Asher had to think about his sister home by yourself with the monster and had to decline, but made a date for another time.

Going to the meetings and also coffee the two men became very interested in the other and went on a wonderful date. But Asher’s daddy made everything difficult for Asher to acquire a gay and lesbian life and was threatened by his father. His / her father hated gay men and made it generously clear when Asher arrived home that night after his date when Mike dropped him off.

Mike really didn’t know how abusive Asher’s father could be and Asher stopped the relationship from proceeding any further in concern for Sam’s life. That upset Asher that he or she could no longer be with Sam, but he or she wouldn’t dare allow him to get involved in his life and deal with what he had to. Asher still had three years before Stella would be 20 and then they could transfer.

Jerry makes their world come to life for the reader. I actually held my breath several times over the likelihood of what would happen to Asher and Stella with their father and many times I bit my fingernails frustrated with Asher’s reasoning not to see Mike; not allowing Sam to make the decision.

As I said previously this subject matter may not be for everyone to read, particularly if you have triggers. With regard to me, the writing, the feelings involved and the abuse Jerry wrote about were in the most sensitive manner. A very difficult book to write, but I used to be very happy with it. I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of the book and I am voluntarily departing a respectable and unbiased review.

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