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Very good description of life being a Sea " Ogre" in the " Church" of Scientology. Pretty concise and well thought out. Another good addition to your Scn-critical book series., Extremely informative suggesting the cult like church from someone who lived this. This will confirm anybody's suspicions concerning this subject., Interesting expose of 1 facet of the cult regarding Scientology., Different than other books on the topic., I also lived the staff Ocean Org life, but many years prior to Peter's years.

His / her tales of Budpest's OTL (Operation Transport Liaison, which usually today means a subwoofer continental Sea Org supervision bureau of the life time staffers of the Ocean Org of official Scientology), are hilarious, hectic in true cult staff bureaucrat desperation style!

People in Recruiting today ask occasionally if applicants are "team players", when ex Ocean Org members answer this HR question, they mentally scream in their heads: "Team player!! My our god! I was a cult member for crying out loud! "

Cult bureaucratic members of the Sea Org of Scientology are super workaholics, it's an attained super crazy life, for people who rise those ranks in the Scientology Sea Org fake navy religious order bureaucracy.

Peter's tales are hilarious and well written, typically the EU writers of ex Scientology life, are typically better written, and Peter's is!

He gets correct to the concealed from the public view idiocies and extreme events in addition to rules of the Scientology system that the toughest working lifetime staff have got to endure, to stay in that will game!

I was minted by Peter's creative strategies to the totalitarian predicaments he faced!

Big themes the thing is in all of Scientology today, the movement's concentrate on essentially bilking large contributions away from their richest supporters, Peter describes what typically the staff salespeople seeking those large donations have to do, and Peter provides large quotations of Hubbard's policies, Hubbard being Scientology's guru dead leader whose writings are the script the movement members' need to follow today to stay official members. Excommunication in addition to being cut off from all Scientologists happens whenever you criticize Hubbard or Scientology. Getting kicked out actually is a blessing, nevertheless it's scary until an individual understand you might be finally totally free!

It's a crazy globe, and from the insider views, Peter gives his colleague's personalities a lot of coverage, making typically the story very interesting. Typically the fellow characters in this book really kept typically the story rolling for myself, I lost sleep, this is written so properly.

Could book will become appreciated by other ex Scientologists who've lived typically the Sea Org bureaucratic craziness more, it is anyways an outstanding history of typically the Hungarian Scientology community regarding the years Peter addresses.

I would give this book to Hungarian officials, and I would invited Peter to the FECRIS conference in future years, to give a short display of life in Hungary's "OTL" (the Sea Org bureaucratic unit).

EU nations have been cautious regarding the Scientology Sea Org's encroachment into EU nations, due to the Scientology Sea Org bureaus becoming so totalitarian and above the law in their habits.

Peter's experiences and skilled articles are much appreciated in Scientology history writing simply by ex members!

The themes in the title of typically the book, well, this book adds proof to those themes, and gives fantastic coverage of current Scientology movement mentality.

I wish Peter had risen up higher in the Scientology Ocean Org mess, as his skill in capturing his Sea Org life in addition to writing skills I wish could be used to dissect the rest regarding the crazy Scientology globe above OTL Hungary!

Nevertheless he did his period, that's for sure, in Sea Org history!

Thankyou very much Peter for this excellent book!

Chuck Beatty
ex Ocean Org (1975-2003)
chuckbeatty77@aol. com, I had been amazed how gullible Peter, (and all other cult members, for that matter) could possibly be considering he is usually, obviously, a really intelligent individual. If this is not brainwashing, then I don't know very well what is. 10 many years of believing the unbelievable. In the end, typically the Cult did Peter a great service of kicking him or her out of the Ocean Org, otherwise he would probably still be trying to make amends for trumped up, ridiculous and incomprehensible charges.
Thank you for writing your own story, Peter, and congrats on finally being totally free., For a remarkably comprehensive overview of this latest book to shine a lighting on the cult regarding Scientology check out Jonny Jacobsen's review at Typically the Bunker: http://tonyortega.org/2014/09/02/jonny-jacobsen-reviews-the-new-scientology-memoir-by-hungarian-writer-peter-bonyai/,A shocking, very first hand behind-the-scenes record on one of the most infamious cults.

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