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this book was like a surprise from maya angelou to her readers: a little look-see into her personal world with her family, and was really interesting. this might be socially unacceptable, but i have never read " i know why the caged bird sings, " or any other maya angelou work for that issue.... but i think after reading this that i am going to undergo and purchase everything of hers i can because she is so beautiful: in writing, in loving, in forgiveness. i learned a lot, actually, about how to forgive, after reading this book, and aspire to love as strongly as she and her mom love. i would recommend this book to anyone that didn't grow up ornamented by SUPER love because a person can learn it., At three, a child understands an array of feelings; may get upset at major changes in their routine, and separates easily from dad and mom. Maya Angelou and her brother, Baily, Jr. were three and five years of age when their parents separated. It was painful. But they were cared for by their paternal grandmother in Illinois. She and Baily received a generous supply of love and encouragement from their grandmother.

Ms. Angelou’s social and emotional development had changed dramatically when she and her brother were reunited with their mother ten years later. Ms. Angelou had to loosen her armor and reconnect with her mom, whom she called “Lady. ”

Ms. Angelou’s mom was an unusual personality to say the least. She was tough-minded, plucky, owned various companies, had no filter, and admitted when they were young, she had no time for infants and toddlers. Slowly, mother-daughter relationship blossomed. Although her mom was no June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) or Clair Olivia Huxtable (Cosby Show), she was your type that would have your back when blindsided by undesirable events.

Everything considered, from the beginning, this was not your typical mother-daughter relationship. Yet, over the years evolved a healthy, loving, and important bond between Ms. Angelou and her mother.

I actually gave this book four stars., I've been a fan of Dr Angelou for as long as I can remember. Her books and poems are written in such a manner it feels as though you're seated at the knee of your own family matriarch, hearing a almost holy tale. His articles are no different. Understanding the midsection passage of her life is just accomplished through attaining insight into the relationship between life with the girl grandmother, in early child years, and life with the girl mother, as she increased older. Dr Angelou gives here, the complexities of the transition alongside the journey to locating a way to see her mom as Mom. This is a well-written autobiographical account of a part of life that reads much easier than it must have been to live., I love how Maya explains her relationship with her mother. I also love how the personality, and force, of Vivan Baxter has been drew.
Simply amazing.
The way Maya has written about 'the power of love' and 'how it heals' touched my heart. Beautiful ranges.

Would recommend this publication to anyone who has had a difficult relationship with their mom.

3 stars because parts of the book are a little slow.

All in all, a must-read if you enjoy understanding the complexities of relationships., I actually love Maya Angelou and her story of the girl mom and grandmother. She had suffered great challenges and through it all maintained a strength I can only admire since i have avoid think I would have been as strong. She became a great artist, I had been only familiar with her poetry prior to reading this book and finding out she did and danced as well. If you love reports of strength and poetry, please read this book, Of which which colors us are many things. My gave the reader incite into areas of her life so we can see the elements that colored her. Her life in Stamps, AK OG VE, her experience asa young unwed mother and the girl early struggles to can be found with a sick child are all layers that shaped her. As you read her story many may wonder how one can bounce back from some of her experiences. The particular answer is simple or not, but she needed to. Read to learn how she found the strength. It is a fascinating story., I love CYBER ANGELOU writings but this book is disjointed with lots of missing timeframes. You have to got read her previous publications to piece some of the timelines together. I actually realized she wrote this book late, late in every area of your life so her memory many have been somewhat fluffy on some events., To think of Maya only in literary terms is to deprive yourself of discovering the zest for living and the DNA and experience of her mother. This is a good book for people who cannot reconcile harm while growing up to the gifts a real but imperfect mother gives you.

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