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I'm giving this five celebrities, because I realize fascists on here giving it 1-star and trying to get this guide banned permanently on Amazon. No other site or bookstore is selling Tommy Robinson's books. Only fascists hate the truth and they want to censor Freedom of Speech when it doesn't fit their agenda. These haters don't have even acquired nor read the book. They cannot even give you actual proof of the actual state is " hateful speech. "

I actually acquired the book and know that I will love it, because Tommy Brown always tells the truth about the dangers of Islam. Islam and Sharia Law is not compatible to Western Laws and Western Civilization. Sharia Law is not compatible to the U. S. Metabolic rate. Seems reading and subsequent up on Tommy Brown for a couple of years now. I'm still reading Tommy's first guide, Enemy Of The Condition. It's sad, disturbing, and incredible what he got to go through.

All Tommy ever desired to do was to protect those who got no voices, like the 1, 400 child rasurado victims of Rotherham. Political figures, the mainstream media, and the police did practically nothing to help these victims. They allowed Muslims to get away with raping, killing, and terrorizing neighborhoods for years. Tommy's a hero and he should deserve a medal of honor. All his books deserve 5-stars.


I'm going to go through everything as best as I can, so you understand what exactly is in this book. I made some notes for myself and even created a list of pros and cons. Yet , this doesn't change my old, original 5 superstar review above.

PROS ~ I obtained the book early on, yesterday August 1st on Tuesday. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. Here's some pictures as proof. I read it in a matter of hours. I'll probably read it again, because it's exactly that amazing. This is by far the most well researched book ever written about the Koran. We don't normally read textbooks such as this; however, it's extremely detailed and historically accurate. I enjoy this book! We love everything about it.

There's so many things about this book that We could literally talk about it for hours. The guide is broken down into parts or sections. There's a total of 4-6 parts in this guide. Pages 4-101 is the Introduction. From there it's the Koran pages 104-332. Records pages 334-384. Recommended Textbooks 385-389. Then the Appendix and the Encrypted Koran Index.

The Koran is broken down into two sectors (Mohammed's Success & Mohammed's Failure). Mohammed was successful for making one of the most violent, misogynistic loss of life cults in the world. This part is the real Koran where Muslims slaughter Non-Muslims, Apostates, Christians, and Jews just to get a place into Heaven (or Paradise) which is still ongoing today. Nothing much has changed.

Mohammed did have some apparent peaceful verses, but it wasn't popular to commence with. He had no more than 150 fans in 13 years, but when he made Islam violent he had an army of 10, 500 in less than 12 years. This really is basic background, folks. Yet , this will not be taught to you nor your kids. This specific kind of information is NOT in public schools, colleges, and so on because everything is literally handled by the Left and their political agenda.

This guide gives you exact Koran verses and breaks it down for you in a way that you can understand, for everyone to understand. Anyone can read this book, but sadly most people won't read it particularly if they're liberals or Muslims, who have been brainwashed into believing that Islam is a " Religion of Peacefulness. " Islam has always been a " Religion of War" and has been at war with everyone (including other religions) for the last 1400 years.

Good luck trying to convince Liberals, even Christian Liberals to learn this book and Enemy of The State. I got into an argument with a Orlando, because her excuse not to check out this book is... she only reads the Bible and never the Koran. There you decide to go. You cannot force Liberals to learn this book, since they avoid want to listen to reason or facts. I'm sure if she was obviously a Muslim, she would have said exactly the same thing but in the reverse order.

DOWNSIDES – Reading the Koran was difficult sometimes, because a lot of the written text was pretty small. I use really bad eyesight, therefore i kind of wish they would've made the text message a little bit bigger. Of course, I understand when they did this we'd have a 600 page guide instead of 400 pages. The particular bold texts were fine by the way, including the crossed out text messages because I could still read them quite clearly. When reading the violent verses of the Koran, it felt like We was reading Hitler's Mein Kampf, the ramblings of a madman. That's generally what it is.

Mohammed was obviously a raging lunatic, pedophile, hypocrite, and bloody-thirsty dramón killer/rapist. Coming from a strict religious background (although not religious myself), Mohammed basically took parts of the Christian & Jewish Bibles and twisted them into a 'perverted' cult of his own creation. The particular Koran is the most disturbing and disgusting thing to read. I pressured myself to read it because knowledge is power and I want to share that knowledge to those who will pay attention.

Another issue I got with this book... We felt it's way too short. In fact, We wanted and learn more and wished the authors went further into the treatment of Islamic Women in Islam. Right now there are parts of the Koran where wife conquering qualifies by Mohammed. We just wanted a bit more explanation about it plus some history of the physical violence against women. Maybe Tommy Robinson and Peter McLoughlin will write another guide, entering more details about the misogyny and sexist views so prevalent in Islam and Sharia Law.

Today, far too many Muslim women are stoned to loss of life, beaten, forced into sexual slavery, struggling with Islamic FGM, and have such miserable lives (being treated less than animals) in the Middle East and overseas. It would be nice to have more information on that, including other Islamic Scriptures such as the Hadith. I'd like to see them write a guide combined with Dr. Bill Warner, who have written many different books describing Sharia Law, Muslim Women, Slavery, the Politics of Islam, and more.

Other than that, this is among the best written and probably one of the most important books in background. This concludes my review., I am glad to see Amazon supporting independence of the press and free speech and never censorship. I think it's important to see this interpretation of the Koran to understand what it occurring in the world today., Unlike nearly all the reviews here: I HAVE GO THROUGH THE BOOK! I consider this is one of the most important books of the ten years or perhaps the century. Partly because of what is in the book (It's excellent) and partly due to the audience it will attain via Tommy's fans.

I'm writing this review the day ahead of the Kindle release and 4 days after the book went on selling. Unlike all the 50+ reviews, both positive and negative written at this stage, I've read the book. We read the first (private) edition and contributed to it working with the writers, both of whom I've known for a number of years. I've read and reviewed Easy Various meats by Peter McLoughlin and Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson.

The creation of the book is a fantastic exploration of the conditions into how deceptive information about Islam has come to dominate western discourse. Completely researched and beautifully footnoted. The attention to details is spectacular. This work builds on that of a lot of the giants of the counter Jihad movement and they're all named in the bibliography. The language is accessible and available, it begs to be read without skipping details or useful information.

The way elites have steadily transformed the story on what Islam can be as portrayed to ordinary people who ought not to have to study historic texts is shocking. As the presentation of Islam has changed from a warlike cult into a peaceful faith, the practice of Islam has, if anything, transformed for the worse! The particular once secularising Turkey has regressed and even today heads more in the direction of Islam based strictly on the life and practices of Mohammed just as become clear in this version of the Koran.

The primary work is a resetting of the Pickthall translation of the Koran. This is a well respected translation and the translation is beyond reproach. The genius here is resetting it in CHANGE CHRONOLOGICAL order and showing obviously which early (usually peaceful) verses are cancelled by later (usually warlike) ones. I've never seen anything this clear.

The book such as this can't be produced by the well known publishing world: but we reside in a beautiful period where this kind of knowledge can now be disseminated bypassing the normal gatekeepers. As long as it isn't banned. However, if this guide is to be restricted as " hate speech" costly acknowledgement that one of the three primary text messages of the Islam is filled with hatred for non-Muslims., The truth will be like a hot blade through the lies of the mainstream media., Really informative. There's a reason why almost all terrorists are muslim! 2/3 of UK muslims wouldn't report on a fellow muslim who was joining ISIS, and later 3% of UK muslims believe in free speech. Be ready for lots of promises of " islamophobia" from people who don't like the " prophet" Mohammed being exposed for the violent, anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic, warlord and pedophile that he was., Great read! Buy it!, Excellent evaluation of the connection between a religion and terrorism., This specific book is surely an incredible prosperity of knowledge; I done it in 1 sitting down and I am now on my second read through. Overlook the Islamist's submitting negative reviews; the research is well documented with ample reference to expert reviewed articles and sources. Most of the quotations come directly from the Koran word for word; there is little room for interpretation as Islamic law says that the word of their prophet " are unable to be interpreted" and must be implemented in its entirety as written.

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