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Typically the book came packaged nicely and arrived on time. Being a huge Hunger Online games fan, I was extremely excited to receive this book. I've been completely captivated with Hunger Games for several years, never skip any books or films of it. The author’s imagination is amazing which draw me into the story so completely that it's challenging to put the book down. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Overall, this is a really good book which are a great surprise for each Hunger Games fan!, Just before reading The Hunger Online games trilogy, I had more than a few people tell me the first two books were good, nevertheless the last one was lacking. I couldn't disagree more. The tale is harsh, gruesome, and bleak. It had to be. It's a first person account of an individual who has survived two Hunger Games and plays a major role in a revolution. Associated with course it's going to be brutal. Had the story drawn to a close with Katniss standing majestically with trumpets blaring and flags waving, it would have been completely unrealistic.

I also heard a few people express frustration in the final outcome of the Katniss/Peeta storyline. I've read people's reviews taking problem with how Katniss and Peeta are represented at the ending of Mockingjay, asking " Where's the passion? " Passion? Are they insane? First of all, the story is advised in first person by way of a character who is admittedly never comfortable being demonstrative and doesn't respond well to people who are. Presently there was never going to become a hearts/candy/flowers declaration occurring here. Peeta has a borderline obssessive love for Katniss throughout nearly all of the trilogy. The way I actually read the story, by the ending of the first Hunger Games, the girl returns the feeling. Although hesitant to think why the girl will the things she really does, or to state it aloud, she expresses it in a wide variety of ways throughout the remainder of the trilogy, there really is without doubt. Despite the fact that she is suffering major PTSD, she agrees to consider the stress of being the symbol of revolution and have a front line role to bring him or her back. Whatever the amount of trauma they both put up with, they still eventually turn back to each other. Gale was obviously a strong figure, but he had not long gone through what Katniss performed in the arena and would never have had the opportunity to understand that part of her. The time she spends clinging to him and avoiding Peeta is essentially an attempt to return to the person she was before the games (which was never going to happen). Peeta was your walking, living, breathing reminder of the trauma endured. I thought it telling that Peeta came back to Region 12. Just like Gale, he could have long gone anywhere when it was all over, yet he went where Katniss was. Really, Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch needed each other to become human again (or as human as they were ever going to be). Katniss reminded me of uncles I had who, when they returned from war, sat in a darkened room, staring at a wall day after day for over per year before they could handle being between the dwelling again.

I'll admit part of me would have liked President Snow's decline to be a little more than it was. Taking into consideration the amount of suffering he caused, part of me is bloodthirsty enough to have needed him to suffer a great deal more. There are also character types I would have liked to survive (Finnick, Cinna, and Prim to name a few), but their deaths helped to illustrate the randomness and unfairness of death in wartime.

There are areas of this story we'll never get to see because it is told from Katniss' point of view. All of us see only what the girl sees and know only what she thinks is going on. I, for starters, would be interested in knowing more about events of the storyplot from Peeta and/or Haymitch's point of view. Peeta's fight back from his memory hijacking would be an intriguing read.

Ultimately, I found this book engaging, infuriating, stressful, and funny all at the same time. To be able to have had Katniss serene and sweetly declaring life to be sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows could have been absurd. She is with a husband (partner? ) whom she loves and is also utterly devoted to. The girl has two children she likes, but is worried what they will think when they know the role their parents played in the past. She and Peeta want, but remain somewhat haunted which is completely reasonable for what the character types have become through., I read many reviews about bad packaging and missing pages, nevertheless the packaging was in phenomenal! The books were in the original packaging and it wasn't bent or anything like! Extremely pleased with how nice the labeling was!, I'm not going to enter the plot because, well, it's The Food cravings Games!!! If you don't know anything about this then where have you been?? This particular book is the best of the best. Addictive, entertaining, gripping, heartbreaking and absolutely everything in between. It's a must read for everybody and has and will be one of my favourites.

So onto the narrator, while Carolyn McCormick makes for a great narrator, her tones and inflections were great for other characters, she didn't create a good Katniss. She made Katniss sound too old, when she is just a teenager! I really believe that they should have cast someone a little younger sounding because Katniss found as too jaded. She performed make a great Effie though!!!

Despite this, I actually would still absolutely recommend the music to people. This series is one of a kind and no matter which way you read it you will instantly enjoy it!!!, My center school students greatly enjoyed The Hunger Games series... until Mockingjay. Both the first book and Getting Fire kept them involved. I used this recorded version of the publication along with hard duplicates. The reader is relatively soothing after a while, even when describing a story packed with action, but I did find this to become a useful tool when teaching the novel., Search the word "DISAPPOINTED" through all the reviews. Also a lot of positive reviews start out with, "I was dissatisfied with the ending at first but, later Choice I was wrong... " I'm sorry, but in this case, if it feels like the finishing sucks, it sucks.

But the first two textbooks were good right? SURE. So, from there you're probably left thinking, "Now we have a team of the very most proven, charismatic, skilled assassins escape, join a rebellion, and get ready to use their command and warfare skills to bring an ending to hundreds of years of horrible oppression! Within that is a tense love triangle and characters growing in important ways. Merely imagine how great this could have been! Exactly how could you go wrong with such a encouraging premise?! But it does go wrong. If you liked the first books, this probably *isn't the finishing you're searching for*. It shows Collins is skilled when dealing with a smaller story with a more focussed group of characters, but something as large in scope as a whole WAR is outside her safe place.

Within the end, the tale arc of Katnis Everdeen is not satisfying. Mockingjay spends time in the wrong places, has characters' tale arcs ending abruptly without payoff or meaning, and it is even rationally flawed. Even when attempting to make an anti-war point, it trips over its own feet. As an alternative it really paints a picture of a situation where war is necessary to bring peace, and instead than admit that fact, it tries to turn around the events of the ending to show "See, both sides shouldn't be fighting! " What? I actually wish this book might get an "undo", and we might get a do-over.

Will be this book Real or not Real? If only, not real. Sad. Hopefully the person who makes the Mockingjay MOVIE will say, "Thanks for the initial two books, we'll take it from here. inch

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