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I have enjoyed each one of Alan Scribner's judicial tricks, written by somebody who not only was a protection attorney, but an obviously dedicated scholar of the classics. In this latest, he has assembled an interesting puzzle and provides the reader a opportunity to get involved in its solution, although in any mystery that has a truly amaze ending (not a bunny from your hat), the denouement will contain a few revelations. In this case Judge Severus has to tangle with not only a legal matter, but a meaningful one as well. This particular is the best kind of book where not all is neatly tied upwards, however in the ending we are going to playing our own questions - would we have done the same?

Typically the only bone I have to pick with Scribner's books, which is one which has persisted throughout the series, is the total need for a professional editor - whomever the individual is who 'carefully' reviews the manuscripts is obviously not to the job. The writing can be very stilted and rather young-adult, and there are assaults on the language such as " nodded his head away in a negative gesture" (which introduces a really weird image of they've head taking flight, and is actually 'shaking' your head), clumsy descriptive repetitions and struggles with descriptive vocabulary, not to mention numerous syntactical and spelling errors. It's very hard to proof and edit one's own work (I'm a writer for hire) in the middle of writing, and Scribner really deserves better than the poor efforts of whomever has volunteered to 'edit' his work. They have an excellent, clear, straightforward style without the too hot nonsense of, say, Lindsay Davis, and. when he or she discusses judicial procedure his writing is clear and informative, explaining abstruse details easily. There is so much potential here.

You should, Mr Scribner, get a real editor - your books deserve a lot better!, Marcus gets a special task on his way away of town. A organized trip to Athens to visit family and steer clear of the plague sweeping Rome gets an added role from the junior emperor. His old teacher, a man falsely accused of kicking his expecting wife to death, is suspected of killing a man who was writing a book about it. Typically the authorities say it was obviously a natural death so Marcus doesn't expect trouble. Apart from the reports are a lie - natural will cause don't include a toenail in the head! Transforms out the old teacher's motive isn't the only one about. We also get a trip to one the games in Corinth and have fun with some temples of Aphrodite. Enjoy this series and this is no exception., The only mystery in this book is actually happened to the character and plot development found in previous books, as well every integrated flow of ideas and dialogue. Typically the author obviously has done research on the timeframe but has become so infatuate with it that every datum has been included. Much of the writing is too descriptive of the history and sights of ancient Athens and Corinth, at the expense of moving the plot forward. Typically the plot itself is so patched together that I won't bother with any future installments from this author., I don't know what happened to this author. He is self published so I assume he or she either changed editor or decided to go it alone without one..

This particular book is to date below the standard his previous works. The dialogue is very very poor (Mr Scribner: as an example re-read the conversation that took place when the judge's wife invited the girl childhood friend to dinner. If you still like it, ask a buddy to read the section. Also we REALLY GENUINELY have the fact that Greek women live separately from the men in the home. All of us got it first time. ).

I love the author's style, his reports, his historical knowledge, his characters. However this publication really does not cut it. I don't write negative reviews normally. However I hope this harsh review will be taken constructively. I will definitely buy his next book in the hope he rediscovers his mojo (and his editor! )., In case you have not already been introduced to the Determine, I urge you to begin snd work forward from the first. I have read them all with pleasure and delight. Determine Severus has brought us on several wonderful excursions to parts of the German peninsula which have extreme local politics. Now he or she takes us to A holiday in greece gracefully offering a peek at how the Empire was organized for peaceful looting by the Romans. This is a marvelous essay on the imagining of Empire clothed in the now expected superb tale of murder and duplicity. Thank you Marcus Scribner., As a professional historian and someone who loves a good mystery, I always anticipate the latest in Alan Scribner’s wonderful Severus series. Mission to Athens will not disappoint. It is set in Greece, a Roman possession, and that we learn, among other things, about from daily life, to a major sports competitors, from debates on the merits of Athenian democracy, to sacred temple prostitutes (the most prized lovemaking position was something called “lion on the mozzarella cheese grater”). All this plus a gripping murder mystery, with a surprising solution by Severus. An excellent read!, In this latest of the Judge Severus mystery series, Scribner sends his detective to Athens in order to solve a crime with links to historical fact. So once again the ancient world comes alive with Scribner's absorbing, entertaining fiction. Severus happens to be married to a Greek female, Artemisia, who accompanies him or her on the mission and even helps him away in solving the criminal offense. Artemisia and her family give the reader an inside look at Athenian politics and culture. It is fascinating to contacts insights from the book about the tensions between Athens and Rome in 160 CE. Scribner tells a good tale, one which kept me on tenterhooks until the finish. The greater I read of the adventures of Severus, the more I like him and the world he inhabits. Thanks for the latest!, This is part of a series but can be read alone. I enjoyed the series and will continue to read each new book. Looking forwards to some other books by Alan Scribner
not in this series.

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