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Lottie Parker is grieving loosing her husband to malignancy. She has three teens at home she's seeking to raise alone. Lottie's relationship ready mother is sour, and she's combating alcohol addiction as well as teetering on the brink of a breakdown. Because if she didn't have enough on her plate, Lead Detective Lottie Parker's life just got much more complicated when a string of murders within just days checks her resolve as a detective. And what does that old abandoned, yet vexation, former children's home have to do with a woman strangled in a Catholic Church, a man found hanging from a tree in his own backyard, and the town's hot shots' plans to turn St Angela's into a resort hotel complete with eighteen hole golf course? Read on to find out! I'm very good at figuring out "whodunit" but this book had me guessing to the very end! I adored it. You can too., I actually got to an area in this book when I actually lost sleep staying up to keep reading. I actually was intrigued with the setting, though I had formed no idea Ireland was SO COLD! The historical schedule for some of the actions was fascinating and is backed up by actual events I have find out about in the press. A few of the " Irishisms" directed me to the internet to determine what things were, though most were obvious from the context. From the end, I was very surprised to find this was Patricia's first novel. It shows much polish and lots of talent., I typically consume a crime/suspense/police procedural in about two, maybe 3 days. This book took me over a week to drag myself through. The only reason I actually finished it was because I kept thinking that at some point the plot would tighten up and pick up pace but it never took place.

The characters and fb timeline layout commenced chaotic and remained so until the final page. You will find much too many key players to keep track of and usually when that occurs at first the author will skim a few off as the story progresses, either through death or they're removed of suspicion and no longer relevant.

Even though I actually typically appreciate a gritty, realistic leading lady I actually found Lottie's erratic thought patterns and full knowing of her self destructive behaviors abhorrent. One of the woman children in a pub with a drug pusher boyfriend? Ahh, I avoid feel like dealing with it. A son who consumes all his time shut up in his room? Who needs the disappointment of actually parenting. HMM. I'm sympathetic to the woman grief over losing the woman husband and being made a single mom immediately but she sure is milking that excuse for all its worth while popping addictive substances and living at work to avoid dealing with the woman home life. To top it all off, the main one man who shows the woman genuine and unconditional commitment and affection she constantly reels in so she can swat him away.

Sadly, this book was more hot mess than mystery and Lottie is more unstable woman than adorably imperfect and relatable.

The reason this novel gets the three superstars it does is because under all the chaos is a moving story and the writer is a decent writer. Sadly, those are about the sweetest things I can say., The main character was not unlikable, but not very smart. Why won't a lead detective ever actually THINK about exactly what is happening around her? Only one time during the whole guide does she stop to review a crime board and talk over the truth constructively with another detective (her subordinate who initiates it). WARNING, SPOILERS here: why doesn't she link character types that the reader can immediately - meaning the children that were victims transformed their names, but she never linked O'Brien to Brian? She states the last name of the main character's mother frequently enough that we immediately know who is her child when we hear his moniker used, yet the main personality doesn't figure it out? There is an evil Father Que incluye, but she never questions if Bishop Connor is the same man? Within the conclusion I think he isn't (I got seriously confused at the end), but the great detective doesn't even Consider it? She never talks about the age ranges the sufferers would be at adult life, or the age of the child of the initial target, to even make an effort to put two and two collectively. If things didn't tumble into this woman's lap, she'd never solve a crime. I don't like that. Characters like this make women look weak. I actually prefer a character that earns her way into her job, which is what the rest of us all do., I know I actually started reading this a little bit back. I can understand why. The subject materials is not a nice read. It is unfortunate that some of stuff like this has really took place, in Ireland, in the USA. It truly is disgusting and abhorrent that some errant priests i sent away for somewhat and then turned loose to do their damage in other places. We know this happen in Louisiana and many other places. It is unpleasant and beyond belief that it stuff like this was hidden by the Typically the Church itself. In knowing that I just ponder how can anyone be a catholic??? Oh I know there are some good priests who serve their congregation devoutly. But it is out there but still hidden. I think there is a movie on Amazon that explores what happened to some catholic girls who were lacking for many years the guilty one walked free. Makes me thankful i was raised in another religion., This book suffers greatly from bad editing. Typically the writer has good creativity and storytelling skills but the book could have already been substantially better with a good manager.

Some aspects of the narration are quite tedious... the drawn out "suspense" technique is waaaayyy overdone, as is the other tactic of giving the reader tidbits here and there.

Te storyline is actually trendy as well.... which means the whole priest pedophile blah blah blah., Although a good storyline. This had too many characters. Lottie is a great main character but her co workers less so. The conspiracy by The Board arrived as no surprise, but I suppose which was to throw us off the trail. A lot of bad guys and lots of clues. Several bad language that do not add to the associated with the good story, which was a sad nasty story. Not for the faint of heart!

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