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A necessary read for anyone thinking about New Testament studies, whether historical or theological. Ehrman offers up a short and snappy but incisive overview of textual criticism pertinent to the multitudinous changes and redactions put on the numerous biblical manuscripts over the centuries. Misquoting Jesus is incontrovertibly useful in focusing on how initial Jesus-centric events became oral traditions which were later written down by educated hellenistic evangelicals; these original writings then got perpetually subjected to hundreds of years of copying, translating and embellishing at the hands of scribes, both beginner and later professional, until the dawn of the printing press and eventually into the plethora of versions we have at our disposal today. To say that the cryptogramme we have on our bookshelves today are the inspired words of Our god is to miss totally. Ehrman takes us back again through history, through the seemingly endless filters of translations, to the most traditional words we can ascertain using the investigative requirements available. Very useful and rewarding read from one of eminent biblical scholars writing about the historical Jesus., Very satisfied, extremely interesting and useful, This is a interesting book that required considerable research and comprehension of diverse languages in written form besides great knowledge of the bible. Ehrman writes and analyzes not as one intent on challenging beliefs but his intention is to find original gospels and letters as they were actually written and from that, understanding the author's original intent. Of particular interest is how scribes, long before the printing press, appear to have made errors in their writings and sometimes their interpretations. For example Ehrman even identifies slight differences in a Greek letter that misinterpreted totally changes the intended word that has now been misprinted. It is reasonable to assume that within the first many hundreds of years that there were many errors, many innocent, made with written transcription. Other fascinating detail is the discovery that different replicates of the bible at different time periods show conflicts with the original known text that weren't even the original. Several of these different text messages differ dramatically in specific passages. One contention is that the story of Jesus challenging an supposed adultress' accusers by saying "let those who have not sinned cast the first stone", was not actually in the gospels but later added at some point during a later transcription. A quite bold assertion due to the fact that this episode is one of the most frequently quoted part of the bible. Ehrman's analysis includes studies of writing patterns, word use, sentence and paragraph structures along with comparison's to the earliest known text. Additionally , he contrasts the writing of the four apostles that write the gospels and finds versions of the some shows in Jesus' life that may be exaggeration or different perceptions but sometimes are in stark contrast. The latter chapters are quite fascinating particularly as the author studies conflicts between the Christian early organizations who have different opinions on when Jesus became work, the role of the pagans in the Alfredia church and he earlier divisions between the earlier Christians and the Jews. Also, the writer provides interesting facts about certain individual(s) that printed copies in the format that they self promoted, the other millennium philosopher-teacher Marcion is a prime example. A quite compelling book for extensive minded people who accept a proper presented argument. Compact book in just over 200 pages but one which is more entertaining for the serious reader., good read, A finely writing book backed by solid scholarship or grant. The man also came from a powerful Catholic history and has the creds so he is not some radical wing fanatic. It could rattle some hutches but that is well worth doing if this awakens one to a broader understanding of the Gospels that is not the orthodox. Very much worth a close read., Good book but could be condensed., Whoever said English is a smiple to communicate language

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