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I REALLY LIKE this book. I've been implementing some of the morning rituals mentioned for a short time and extra a few since reading the original MM publication. These " habits" are the key to creating not only a successful network marketing business but also key in creating a successful life. The things i love most about this book are the stories, loved reading the way other high producing NWM entrepreneurs get their day started to create extraordinary lives. Thanks Pat and Hal., No More Excuses.

Hal Elrod has done it again, and this time he, Pat Petrini, and Honoree Corder have taken network marketing and developed morning schedule that has turned it almost impossible for a online marketer to be successful IN CASE they apply the principles and concepts here. In addition to that's only the first section. The second area is a no-nonsense guide to actually create results during the rest of every day.

This book is absolutely for individuals that are reaching at a high level in their network marketing business and wish to fine tune their skills and commence getting more results, all the way into people who are just starting out and are overwhelmed with where to begin. With simple actions like just paying attention to your daily schedule, this book can help anyone take their life and their brand to the next level.

As a side note, this book is so straight forward, concise, and clear, there really is no justifications left to be made for why a individuals business doesn't flourish. This specific book is not for the one who just wants to " think about" network marketing. To the person that's ready to excel in it., Personally, I think this book is an incredibly useful tool if you are in network marketing or not. There is certainly so much self-neglect in our modern society and I really view the ideas in this book as not only great for business but also as what should participate in everyone's self care schedule!

This book came alongside at the perfect time as I had just started exploring the sensation of could wanted to start my day differently. I would go to mattress dreading the next morning and awaken not seeking to believe the next morning had already came. I am really in to self reflection and feel currently doing deep work on myself through treatment, holistic counseling, and bodywork, and I think changing my morning routine is the next phase to take myself where I wish to go personally and professionally. I feel really looking forward to implementing a lot of the ideas in this book and seeing the influences in several parts of my life. Read this book!, The Magic Morning for Network Marketers: Grow Yourself FIRST to Grow Your Business Fast

I'm really enjoying this book! I actually got the Kindle version and it's terrific! It takes the foundation of Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning great Life S. A. V. E. R. S, and customizes that for Multi-level marketing professionals, in the same way that other variations of The Miracle Morning hours have been stylized for Real Estate and Revenue pros.

The Miracle Morning hours for Network Marketers includes access to some amazing interviews by Multi-level marketing legends such as Ray Higdon (who also wrote the Forward), Mark Hoverson, Jake Falcone, Ann Seig, and more!

Co-Authored by Pat Petrini, this is a fairly easy and energetic read, and another I expect to read and refer to over and over. I'm looking towards the audio release so I can listen in my car.

It is a great book, and vital for any serious Network Marketer!, I am not a network marketer, but I picked up this book because a buddy recommended it and wanted to know what I thought, so here I go...

Pat opens the book by stating he has been " getting high a LOT lately" just like a good opening line should, it grabbed my attention. He goes on to clarify that by implementing the practices of Hal Elrod's  The Magic Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Key Going to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) , his brain is daily overloaded with dopamine, endorphins, and other natural feel good chemicals from starting the day out on such a positive note.

Like a life long " night owl", I have always enjoyed the idea of being a morning person, but I've never been able to make the transition myself, but Pat's publication may just be the push I needed to finally allow it to be happen. Inside addition to providing a useful research and situation studies about how morning output contributes to an overall higher quality of life, Pat was able to answer almost all of my mental objections because your dog is apparently been where I am at one point too and worked through the very same thoughts. Knowing that he or she converted to an early chicken and hearing his tactics for making it happen was super helpful.

He provides practical tips to increase your Wake Up Inspiration Level, or " WUML" as he calls it, such as putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get out of your comfortable bed, brush your the teeth right away, and drink lots of water. Although I've read tips such as on several " Top life hack" type blog posts before, there is was something about Pat's writing style that got me fired up to really do it and not just log the information away in the trivia bucket of my brain.

His writing style is very conversational and passionate. I felt like I really could often hear his voice in my head as I breezed through the book. Although it's a fairly easy read, it's packed with good content and the flow of the chapters makes you want to keep going.

One of my favorite areas of the book was how Pat included two interviews with successful business people among each chapter so which i could get the picture of what the Magic Morning principles look like in a wide variety of circumstances for all types of people.

A endeavor, the idea is easy, but execution is the tough part. After reading about Pat's plan and getting a little dose of his infectious zeal for every single new day, I really feel like I have both the tools and the determination to become a morning person and squeeze the most I can from every day.

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