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Oh yea my gosh! Where will i even begin?!? This book was so good! Totally outstanding! Firstly, great story, not too much details, just enough to details to get the idea what the author desires you to definitely see, he maintains you wanting to keep turning the pages till the very end. Subsequently, the character's love interest wasn't an annoying partnership, some individuals like to linger on it over and over again when someone just wants the main character to do more main character work. Thirdly, if if you're considering to get the e-book of this book, you can get it for when it's darker, I won't judge you! But once you end this book, you'll want your own hard copy of this treasure and add it to your collection of heroic trips. And fourthly, the action. The action was AWESOME!! It felt like I was standing right next to Rick as he fought against the realm monsters!!! I can't freaking wait till the next book!!!, Enemies, holograms and bad fellas... the West is being terrorized by way of a man who can cause train derailments with his mind. A athlete, recently injured in a fateful car wreck must enter a online world to fight for the continuing future of civilization. Written for young grown ups and Playstation addicts, it is fast-paced but falls flat for those of us who expect our evil-doers to look less like luzard men and flying demons and much more like Robert Deniro with a 5 o'clock shadow and a cheap trench coating. I did so like the clear type of demarcation between good and evil. A uncommon commodity in post-modern fiction., For myself I'd probably give it 3. 5/5, but I think a teenager would like it more. Fast-moving, with a sympathetic hero and plenty of action. Were my nephews younger, maybe 12-16, I'd buy each of them a duplicate. (It seems to me likelier to appeal to boys in order to girls. )

My favorite passages are quieter instances when Ron struggles with anger and doubt. His fight to overcome them deepens the story.

One absence troubled me: The Matrix and Avatar never cross Rick's mind. They crossed mine more than once as I read. Maybe I'm showing my out-of-touch-ness; do kids still watch a film?, Excellent story. Fun characters. I feel like the book needed to be 2 times as long. I am aware that younger readers is the target audience but more information and back reports could have been great. Absolutely recommend the book., I can't wait for a next book. Mindwar is definitely an intriguing idea. Imagine traveling into a video game. Within the real world your a impact, unable to walk without assistance, yet in the game you can walk and run. Seems and looks real. If you die in the game, you permanently go into a coma in the real world. May be the benefit worth the risk? For many who decided to take the risk the journey begins, however your mind is a fragile thing, spend too much time in the game and your mind will break from reality resulting in a everlasting coma.

Mindwar is an powerful ride and I can't wait for the next two books of this trilogy. 5 Stars., Another Klavan page-turner with eloquent prose, directly forward diction, complex character types, a deep & twisted plot, and everything more most of us have come to know & expect out of an Andrew Klavan book. Klavan is hands down my favorite fiction author. If only more of his books would be made into movies, but Hollywood would probably blow it anyhow. Ah well. This book is particularly of interest to me as I'm a little of a gamer nerd, but then again so was the Homelander series since I'm a competitive martial artist. Klavan just knows how to enthrall an audience as good as anyone I've read. I also had the pleasure to meet him and is a genuine, state, thoughtful, bright, and standup guy... but if you've read any one of his books or writings you would get a sense of that. Cheers to Klavan and Mindwar!, The whole story is a little of a drag. Too much effort is spent explaining things that are of little interest, and not enough time is spent explaining the Sci-Fi side of things in the Realm. If you've read any other books in the Sci-Fi category you will find yourself questioning the reasoning of many of the character types throughout the book.

I did force myself to finish it though, so it can't be all bad. A good assumption but I will not likely carry on with the series., The trilogy is a worthy successor to Klavan's previous young people's fiction - the plot lines and characters develop and grow, surprises lurk around every corner, and though this is a but common saying the books really are page turners; from the young disillusioned mind's first entry into an unsightly mind, to the somewhat Potter-esque finish, a very fine work. I wish to see more from Klavan also to see these fine works rendered in visual media.

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