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You are able to work oneself into a frenzy and get the whole home organized. Maintaining it that way is what is very difficult. Lisa Woordruff builds upon what others have talked about and he or she helps you develop a plan that is functional and maintainable. She deals with all the difficult emotional issues that put us in the everlasting cycle of clutter and offers us the opportunity to hop off - keep the memory, lose the object. I found the very practical advice about how to begin and then maintain very helpful., Great tips about how to reduce the kids clothes and crafts and things from their years as a child and pare it down to something small toy can easily fit in a wardrobe. My kids continue to be babies but I will be providing a few tips for after they grow up and i also have piles of art jobs and their old favorite toys. Also great tips about how to organize your life by outsourcing your chores therefore you have time for things that you actually want to do.

I would recommend this to any mom!, We have read dozens of organizing books; Julie Morgenstern, David Allen's "Getting Things Done" and the tidying up book, and Mack Woodruff's "Mindset of Organization" fits right in with the top ones.

This book took on organizing at a personal level. This was a pleasure to learn and is a well balanced mix with personal stories and practical ideas.

Over time we go through stuff and our organizing needs change.
Her recognition of the phases of life and how they connect to how we manage our stuff and our lives is spot on. Most organizing books avoid even address this matter, but Lisa Woodruffs "Mindset of Organization" accepts it and accommodates it with strong ideas for the phase of life where we are accumulating stuff and the completely different stage where we are getting rid of stuff. She also takes into account how the needs of our people affect our actual lives., I was SO excited about this book! I skipped to the chapter on success because that is the phase of life I will be in right now. After following the girl on her blog and listening to all the girl podcasts multiple times, Mack Woodruff is like a good friend. She lifts my spirits with her infectious joy and energy, and reading her book is much like listening to her podcast. But the lady doesn't mince words; she's been through depression too, yet she survived and thrived and is now helping others. Thank you, Lisa, for your positive influence in my life and in many other people's lives. You are a blessing. Congratulations on your book and best wishes in your job and family! You're the awesomest! Robin in Mississippi, We downloaded this book the other day and have already completed it. Lisa's style makes it seem like the lady is a friend in your home coaching you along. My favorite part was learning more about the various stages of life and how that affects your organizing. How different generations process going through their processions is facinating and so true in my family. This book can help families to communicate better when it can time to decide what to keep or complete down., My wife purchased this book and it is the reason we will find things in our home again! It will not taking the time to read this book. If you change your mindset, your life and home can change, too! ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL READ!, After being attentive to the Organize 365 podcast for a couple weeks, We was thrilled to have a reference that sums up much of Lisa Woodruff's viewpoint. She explains how our life stages affect how and why we manage. I've read all the top organizing books, but Lisa's approach, especially her technique Sunday Basket, has given me the clarity We have needed to get my house and my life into a better state. When you've tried all the other methods, and practically nothing has stuck, check out there his book! You will learn the skills you need!, This specific book has quickly become one of my favorite publications about organizing the house. Although I don't see me personally as a " created organizer, " I do love having a system that saves me time and helps me remember to deal with things before it's too past due. This book's cover was the initial thing that grabbed my attention, because it appears so restful and inviting. The content is even better! Lisa Woodruff creates in such a friendly, approachable style, I feel as though I'm chatting with a friend (and taking notes) while reading the girl book. I've already come away with ideas I will be using (the Sunday Basket idea is simply one, and it's genius! ), and I will recommend this book to everyone I know who cares about keeping their homes and lives better organized. I am so grateful for this book!

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