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I can say this got rid of my back pain but I they have helped and it took a large load off my mind from worrying that my whole spine would collapse or something. I suggest trying his method, give it your very best, and i believe you will be better than you were before. I'm not sure that Doctor Sarno is 100 pct right in his theories, but he or she knows enough to produce a variation in how you feel., I gave a 5-star rating because this book has several anatomy pictures that help clarify " the why" of sciatic nerve issues. Seeing all the many branches of the sciatic nerve working across the hip area and down the legs, a person readily can understand the reason for pain being experienced. The book reviews area of psychosomatic medicine, that pain in our bodies is mainly mind and brain powered by the thoughts created by our thought patterns. For detail about specific conditions of pain, read Doctor John Sarno's book, The Mindbody Prescription, Healing the Body, Healing the Pain., I actually wish everyone would read this book. Initially I actually was astonished at what Dr. Sarno was describing, but then I recognized myself and understood that the thing that was happening to myself was the identical to he or she described. That realization directed to the self-awareness that restored my health. I had formed to make the work to recognize myself, but that was little enough to do when the result was vanquishing my pain and getting my flexibility back. I am in awe of Dr. Sarno and his understanding of the mind-body connection.., The book pointed out a whole lot of things in my opinion and made a lot of sense. After spending twenty five years going to medical doctors, chiropractors, therapeutic massage, physical remedy and heeding all the advice of sitting up straight, keeping my abs strong, stretching, et cetera, Sarno cuts through all of that by getting to the source of all people's back pain. Anyone who has back pain treatments or any type of chronic pain needs to read this book. From the life changer!, Everyone should read this book! So much of our physical pain is brought on by stress.
My dad had two back surgeries and the surgeries made his again worse. I wish he or she could have check out this book
because the last ten years of his life he would have realized that his again pain was caused by stress not physical
problems., Read it and it worked for me. Won't for everyone, This problem of chronic again pain, can not be addressed enough. I cannot thank Doctor Sarno enough for providing science based evudence for esoteric wisdom., This book will tell you the secret of your pain and help you learn to get past it. This specific is the best investment in back pain you could possibly make. Save yourself a ton of money and get this book, but the money isn't even the real issue. It's your health, keep your health and buy this book. Read it as often as it takes to really know what he is saying. Some will understand after the first read, but if it requires you ten times - so what! It's worth it. Keep your money and stay away from the knife (surgery), that is just more pain that lasts a lifetime. Several stars and no more back pain!

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