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Night time With the Billionaire Boys Club: Billionaire Romance Collection Book 12 is by Cara Miller. My amazing benefits this is the best of the series yet. Have a very box of tissues readily available though as you will definitely need them. Feelings run full of this book.
Lisa Olsen finally made her move and tried to pay Kelsey ten million money to break up with Tyler. She had found out about Kelsey’s criminal record and that gave the girl the basis on which to face Kelsey. Kelsey wondered what Tyler would think about it; but the girl didn’t ask him. The lady wasn’t going to come between Tyler and his Mother. Kelsey had always known that her background would come back to haunt her even though it was supposedly expunged. She isn’t sure what she is going to do. Right now, she has to finish her classes and head out for spring break with Tyler.
First, the girl and Tyler went to San Francisco for a short break. It was wonderful to have time alone with Tyler and no worries. However, they were doing have Tyler’s bodyguard, Jade, to step in as a chaperone in their suite on their last night. Their own will to stay apart was fraying. After this wonderful trip things started to fall apart. The particular lawyers who recommended the girl for the bar drawn their recommendations, her job at Collins Nicol fell through, and now the girl had to go home to Port Townsend. What otherwise could go wrong? A lot!
This is obviously the best book of the series so much!, I'm totally hooked on this soap opera. We tried very difficult not to get into this series after book 1, but to no avail. The particular characters were just too interesting. My pet peeves overtook me in this novel, such that I'm writing this review before finishing.
1) Since the series progresses, the grammar and editing get worse. Things that endure out and lastly irk me personally so much that I'm enumerating them: a semester is half a year. so if there are three terms in the school year, then it is NOT a semester. It would be a quarter because each school term takes up 1/4 of the year. Next, misuse of the term " worse" when " worst" is the meaning.
2) The particular events in this novel were predictable. I'll accept that a 23-24 y/o may not understand the complexities of the legal business world, in this situation, Kelsey was just stupid. She is straight upwards threatened by a woman who has been known to take no criminals, and she wonders why bad things are taking place to her. DUH! A seriously stupid couple of weeks. Regarding someone who is so smart, she really was not using any section of her brain. Plus while I may not be at this point in the book yet, WHY HAS SHE NOT INFORMED TYLER about what Lisa did?! Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Which is the first thing I would have done b/c if anyone knows Lisa, it's Tyler, and Kelsey needed that ally.

Clearly not enjoying this novel as much as the previous ones as a result of stupidity at play here, but like an abuser, I can't place the novel down. I can only express my unhappiness and hope that the author gets some better beta readers and editors., This particular was a solid addition to the series. There was clearly a decent degree of story development that moved things forward. The " We love you. " " I love you more" dialogue roundabouts b/w Kelsey and Tyler continue to be annoying but also helped set up the next phase of the story in a way We didn't see coming. This was an enjoyable read for fans of this series., Loved this guide and the whole series. I couldn't put it down till I finished it., Awesome series!, This is my favorite soap opera in print. Stay tuned is all I can say and do. I really like how the story blends the characters scenes and dramas collectively., I am a major fan of this series., Read my review.

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