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This is certainly one of the best, if not the best, non-fiction books I use ever read. A combo of extremely careful research and thoughtful commentary, it makes the case for how (hardly reasonable) doubt has led to inaction by both the American open public and the government on issues important for open public health, security, and the environment. I can't recommend it more strongly., Anyone wanting to take a accountable view of evidence based scientific policy will appreciate this thorough look at recent cases in point. I particularly liked the refresher how science works in our civilization. It's time for the preposterous deniers in positions of responsibility to pay attention to the real medical experts among us., Typically the writing is not gripping. This book starts off just a little slowly, working through the disinformation histories encircling tobacco, acid rain the ozone holes and finally global warming. But this is a must read for everybody. THIS IS THE MANY IMPORTANT BOOK OR AWAY TIMES. Merchants of Uncertainty fills a contemporary market similar to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. but this time the details are far more nefarious and significantly reaching. This story will curl your hair. Or perhaps straighten if it is already ugly. Read this book., Typically the authors document the method by which a little number of ideologically driven scientists and economists delayed action and confused the public conversation of the effects of tobacco, ozone depletion, and climatic change for many years. In the case of global warming, they might have delayed action until it finally is too late. The writers investigated the methods used as well as the motivation -- fear of excessive government regulation and faith (blind faith, in fact) in the power of free markets to solve all problems. They also file the failure of most main stream scientists to recognize the danger carried by these " skeptics" and the failure of most journalists to recognize that the " fairness doctrine" while appropriate for political discussions, is not suited to situations in which the community of scientific experts has reached a consensus. This book should be read by all concerned citizens who will be concerned about the future of civilization. I am not kidding!, This book could concisely explain, and provide intensive evidence for, exactly how laypeople are tricked about so many matters, namely smoking and global warming, but also many different other mainly environmental issues. I hope many, many other people take this as a lesson for future arguments through which industry and science take different sides., A prescient book -- Although it was written to describe how doubt about science has been sown since the 1970s, what it really explains is the way the Us public's trust in experience has been so eroded that we arrive at the current political situation. Reading this book has helped me understand how we got to forty-five., Excellent book. Shows the history of several interpersonal issues and how the game of politics has been played to profit the corporations at the expense of the open public. And now it is a movie, which I plan to see this weekend.

Saw the movie. It is very different from the book, yet makes the same and similar details in a different medium., This is an absolutely must-read book, if you need to determine who is lying to you about really important matters, and how they manage to get away with it. The authors are careful, thorough historians, and they writing in interesting and readable.

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