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As anyone reading this probably already knows, A. J. Lees is surely an eminent respected London, uk consultant in neurology who else has finally decided to risk the ridicule regarding his peers by exposing that not only offers he had a ongoing obsession with William Burroughs which has enabled him to maintain some kind of even keel through the prejudiced seas of the medical profession, but that this very obsession has been a source of inspiration plus guidance for him within his search for a more efficient treatment for Parkinson’s Condition. I know little concerning neurology or Parkinson’s, maybe fortunately, but it seems likely that this publication is essential reading for anyone impacted by, or perhaps with an interest within, this condition. My own cause for reading the publication was the link to William Burroughs.

As a Burroughs nerd I used to be astonished and impressed by this book. I also note that it has the approval regarding the William S. Burroughs Trust and an launch by James Grauerholz. To be able to my mind, Burroughs is more elusive, harder to get a sense regarding where he could be coming coming from, than the other “Beats”. Much of the composing on the Beats offers tended to concentrate on his / her relationship with them within the 1940s/1950s and chooses to gloss over or disregard the continued imagination of the particular next thirty years regarding his remarkable life. Lees was first subverted by the Burroughs mindworm being a medical student in the particular late 1960s, and this particular has clearly continued to eat away at his / her reality-perspective ever since, plus I feel that this allows him within this book to make a very genuine contribution to the better understanding of this unusual person. That stuff seriously I understand Burroughs a little better possessing read this. For illustration, I appreciated Lees accounts from the common ground that he sensed, as a medical student, in Burroughs’ writing of the isolating effect on the human psyche of intensive cadaver dissection, a thing that Burroughs might have experienced being a health care student himself in pre-war Vienna. In addition, Lees brings some sort regarding completion to Burroughs’ championing of Dr Dent plus the apomorphine treatment, which often as anyone familiar together with the Burroughs saga is aware, was, for him, the particular only significantly effective therapy for opiate dependency within his long life. It had always mystified me exactly why the medical profession seemed to have ignored this treatment, and it is many interesting to read Lees’ discussion of this plus how he realises that this drug was medically relevant to his very own work. I also liked the details he gives of Burroughs’ own apomorphine cure. By the ending of the book Lees has turned it to Columbia, following a trail blazed by Burroughs in 1953, to experience ayahuasca/yage for themselves. This last adventure is not that surprising as today such activities are usually well-established on the backpacker trail in South America, but what is truly exciting is Lees’ accounts of how he realised that this drug also offers great potential within the therapy of Parkinsons.

Lees furthermore writes at some duration, along with great frustration, at the hold that the particular drug companies have within the UK on analysis, the universities and the particular medical profession, and the particular difficulty in today’s ultra-cautious ethics-dominated world of having any original research away the ground that will not suit the preconceived opinions regarding the powers that end up being. Having worked for numerous years in the BRITISH within the parallel NHS profession of psychiatry (retired psychotherapist), sadly I can verify this seemingly mindless inertia. While it have been essential to protect the prone from the misguided plus the exploitative, at the particular same time it seems the attempt to handle and homogenise all restorative intervention has additionally had the particular subtext of attempting to suppress any spark regarding originality. For me, this book is a classic illustration of how the truly imaginative process works through channels of inspiration that are usually as yet uncharted, plus any organisation or society that seeks to build up plus blossom must allow room for these pathways that exist out of time plus space., A beautifully introduced little monograph in which often Andrew Lees gives us all insight into an previously generation where self-experimentation plus novel ideas could end up being trialled without fear regarding retribution or the dreaded ethics committee. A satisfaction to read, albeit a sad indictment of our current Big Pharma brought world of clinical analysis, where patients are obligate consumers of ever a lot more expensive medicines. Highly suggested!, A delightful new viewpoint on the influencer étonnant William Burroughs, this period with a young doctor motivated by seveal readings regarding Naked Lunch to move as WSB had just before him, searching for Yage (bannisteria caapi), and attempt to unlock its healing capabilities for the greater very good, not merely to do 'is 'ead in, like Expenses was trying to carry out. Very timely tome within view of a fresh generation of seekers presently gobbling down ( plus throwing up) ayahuasca...

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