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I possess tried taking up body weight exercise for a long time and go through nearly all of the well-known textbooks about them, but I in no way appear to get previous week 1 or 2. “Convict Conditioning” convinced me that body weight exercise is the ideal solution, yet the writing was over the top and the progressions were simultaneously too slow (one month of wall pushups) and too extreme (I will never be in a position to do a one-handed handstand pushup). Al Kavadlo's textbooks are beautifully photographed plus appear to have good progressions, nonetheless they lack activities and routines that newbies like me need. Apart from, I want to buy one book on this specific topic, not three or four. “You are Your Own Gym" is a nicely-polished 'cookbook' of bodyweight exercises, plus is very popular however it was actually my least favorite of the party.

I had never heard of BJ Gaddour, yet he sure knows his / her stuff. Even though the writing could be a lttle bit more refined, this book is completely the best of the bunch. His approach, including the pairing of pushing plus pulling exercises, constitutes a great deal of sense to myself. The book is centered on 8 main body weight exercises with 5 “Levels” or progressions in each and every. I am starting upon level 1 of almost all 8 (see the Stand of Contents for specifics), and i believe they are good exercises for a relative newcomer like me.

The progressions appear logical and major exercise includes 3 subtle “Regressions” and “Progression” in order to make the exercises somewhat easier or harder. Their explanations how to position your body are excellent, most likely the best of any fitness book that We have ever read. They will may be a lttle bit too comprehensive for someone who is even more experienced with bodyweight workout routines, but I found these people very helpful. There are a couple chapters on other body weight exercises (including an whole chapter on burpees) that will I will probably reread inside a month or two, but I am proceeding to concentrate on the 7 main exercises for now. I might have loved the few pages on chilling down/stretching following your workouts, yet that’s not the goal of this book.

We like the formatting upon the Kindle version really a bit. Everything is usually linked, including the list., This guide is amazing! With regard to nearly all of my life We have been working away with weights, but We recently moved overseas (first to Korea, and then to China), and am was confronted with the fact that gyms over here don't have big dumbbells. I started doing body weight exercises, but I was just piecing together random videos that I took place to find on the web. We happened to come across BJ's Facebook page, which lead me to this specific book. I am so glad that will I found it, as it's fitness program FLAWLESSLY fits my life, plus it has been providing me great workouts. I am super excited!, I own Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras, You might be Your Own Gym simply by Mark Lauren, and Your own Body is Your Barbell by BJ Gaddour. This particular review refers to the Kindle versions of each and every book. I would recommend buying either the Contreras or Gaddour book; yet , I feel the Lauren book is usually not worth buying until you are collecting books about them. I would actually suggest buying both the Contreras and Gaddour books as they complement the other person well. Neither book is ideal, yet together they cover the topic very thoroughly.

This particular review covers the next elements:

Exercises: Number plus variety of exercises.

Programming: The particular sample routines given inside the book as well as basic templates for building your own plans.

Progressions: Making a particular exercise easier or even more difficult so a person associated with any level can usually benefit from the exercise as well as allowing progression in strength and ability.

Educational benefit: How well the publication teaches the reader in order to understand how the physique works and how the exercises work each component of the body.

User friendliness: How easy you should employ the Kindle book.


All three books offer a big variety of workout routines, however Contreras is the best here. My issue with the Lauren book is that it is not much even more than an encyclopedia associated with exercises and doesn't carry out a good job associated with explaining why you need to be doing any particular exercise. Also, he provides many of the workout routines goofy, unwieldy names that will sometimes don't help an individual determine what the move actually is. Gaddour only provides major compound movements plus skips the core plus isolation exercises. On the other hand, Contreras includes exercises for the biceps and triceps, core, glutes and also the neck. Gaddour plus Contreras both cover metabolic training and full-body workout routines. Gaddour gets extra credit score for an outstanding chapter committed to burpee variations, culminating in the Rolling Gun Squat (a backward, one-leg burpee). In my thoughts and opinions, this chapter will be worth the price of the publication (yes, I like burpees).


The Contreras publication is the best in terms of programming. He gives an individual workout templates and ideas so that exercises to employ. The explanations of each and every exercise in the publication can help you decide what workout routines to choose. He also provides sample “metabolic” (HIIT plus MRT) workouts. The Gaddour and Lauren books just give you set routines in order to follow with little flexibility. Nevertheless, the Gaddour book is usually better because he offers you with various designs of routines, such as for maximum fat reduction, highest strength, and so upon. The Lauren book provides little variety in the routines.


Gaddour is unquestionably the big winner here. In fact, I believe this can be the biggest strength associated with his book. He provides you eight basic types of exercises. With each and every exercise, he provides you with several levels of difficulty. Within each level he provides three “microregressions” and three “microprogressions” that permit you to tune the exercise as suitable for your skill level. Anybody who's ever engaged inside strength training knows just how helpful it is in order to progress in small increments. Contreras also gives illustrations of progressions and regression, but not using the detail found in the Gaddour book. Lauren is poorest here. To be reasonable, he does give concepts how to make an exercise more difficult, simply not as well as the other two.

Educational benefit:

The only area where the Contreras book is short of educational value compared in order to the others is concerning nutrition. Lauren and Gaddour both cover nutrition in order to some extent, whereas Contreras doesn't mention it. The particular Gaddour and Lauren textbooks both have chapters committed to exercise nutrition, the former written by the PhD from Pennsylvania Express University.

Contreras' muscle layouts are outstanding and these people really allow the readers to understand how the physique works and how muscle are being used. He breaks it down simply by primary and secondary muscle tissue worked. I used to be surprised in order to learn how many upper-body movements involve the trapezius, for example. Contreras also will do a good job explaining training variables such as intensity, density, and periodization. Lauren discusses these subject areas to a lesser degree.

User friendliness:

Lauren is usually last is this group. The book is set out poorly. Even though workout routines are organized by physique part, the Kindle publication does not provide links to the separate areas, as in the Gaddour plus Contreras books. Lauren provides an alphabetic index at the conclusion however especially with the odd brands he gives the workout routines, it's difficult to find exercises for specific physique parts. For example, if you need to get three exercises in order to work your thighs, an individual will have to go to the non-indexed Exercises section and flip by means of the pages until an individual be able to what you need. This is a main headache on a Kindle. Contreras and Gaddour both provide extensive hyperlinking in order to get to where an individual require in the publication. Contreras provides links arranged by body part plus specific exercises – he or she does the best career here.

Contreras strengths:

Muscle diagrams
Isolation exercises (especially glutes)
Customizable routines
Most user-friendly Kindle version

Contreras weaknesses:

No discussion of nutrition

Gaddour strengths:

Burpees chapter
Nutrition chapter

Gaddour weak points:

No specific primary exercises
No isolation exercises

Lauren strengths:

Chapter upon using household items in order to workout can be handy

Lauren weak points:

Poor Kindle formatting
No full-body or metabolic coaching exercises
No exploration of body technicians

If I had to suggest only one of these kinds of books, Contreras would win by way of a nose, with Gaddour an in depth second. This was a tough choice as they are both outstanding books, but going simply by the “teach a person to fish” concept We think Contreras does a better job of explaining points such that you may design your own workout plans rather than merely following exactly what someone else has displayed you. That said, We highly recommend buying both of these books as each complements one other really well. Combined, they're nearly perfect., Great method to the forgotten method of doing exercises. Easy to understand plus follow along using the drawings and explanations. Very complete and should be inside the hands of anybody who leads an lively lifestyle and desires to be leaner and meaner. Fantastic job, BJ. I have got recommended it to countless men and women already and was wowing the regulars (trainers included) at the gym with the variation plus difficulty of my " weight free" routines. Next step is to get started on putting that will gym membership charge towards something useful!, This is usually a really good publication for anyone that really wants to get involved condition in a more healthy way. I put with each other workouts from this book plus am in a position to do these people within thirty minutes and We feel really worked. We have been doing these kinds of workouts for the past month plus I am definitely discovering results. My abs plus other muscles are certainly getting tougher and very much more toned. I love this specific book!, Awesome book. Worth every penny, and really some associated with the best stuff that will Men's Health has published. Great descriptions and pictures of the workouts. What's really great will be the many variations of each exercise.

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