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We didn't really care for Charity's character in the first Freak House three set and that was confirmed in this book. I simply didn't like her figure. Tbh, I'm a major CJ Archer fan, I've read many of her textbooks and am really liked the first Freak House three set. But Charity leaves myself cold. I disliked seeing Samual change so much from his usual wonderful self to a concerned, angry and sometime violent man who is desperately in love with Charitable organization. Not sure if Items read the other two books... I might go straight to the 3rd Freak House trilogy, it depends on how much this set of books figure in the 3rd trilogy. I did so enjoy Jane, the most youthful daughter of the mayor. She was charming and added some much needed levity and interest to the story plot.
Since much as I like CJ Archers books, I find her habit of finishing on a cliffhanger very annoying. So I'll only read her books when the series is completed because I don't like waiting around for months to learn the ending to a high cliff hanger. I realize this is a marketing strategy but frankly I'd rather get a bigger book which has the whole story in it and pay a bit more.
Upgrade: I decided to buy the other two textbooks in the series but I really struggled through them. Charity changed the woman mind about staying or leaving Freak House so many times and for such lame reasons, that I felt quite irritated with her. The entire romance between Charity and Samuel dragged on much too long as did the one between Sylvia and Tommy. The vacillations between the couples' thoughts, the impulsive acts, the angry outbursts and the way in which clues were revealed made the series seem uneven.
In any case, I obtained through it, satisfying my need to read the complete series so as. But this second three set is obviously not as good as the first one. Here's hoping the 3rd three set is better., C. M. Archer writes the most wonderful stories that encompass everything required for a great read! Puzzle, romance, the supernatural and truly well developed characters. This 2nd Freak Residence Trilogy, Book 1, targets the building relationship between Charity, an orphan that was raised on the streets of London with Jack and Tommy (from 1st Trilogy) and the attractive and charismatic Samuel. Samuel is living at Frankinham Estate
helping Jack's uncle in some aspect of his research which is all rather secretive. As Sams main vocation is that of a gifted natural created hypnotist, that is what Charitable organization seeks him to. The girl has suffered from debilitating nightmares for years after being held captive by a demon possessed sadist whom Jack could eliminate with his pyrokinetic
abilities. Apparently said demon did not die, he transferred to another body and contains been searching for Charity every since, while continuing to abduct and abuse other young girls. This is another in this series that you can't deposit once you start reading! Very enjoyable
experience without blood and gore or over the top explicit sex! Refreshing Go through!, I read the 1st Freak House Trilogy and We really like it but I could not get in to that one. We didn't like the Charitable organization. I like the sleep of the characters but didn't like her. We read practically half the book then skipped to the conclusion she didn't get any better. Going to skip Edge of Darkness, maybe if it goes on sale ill try it,, I enjoyed this book as much as We did the complete Freak Residence Trilogy 1; however , We felt the key characters, (Samuel and Charity) sounded and behaved more like Jack and Hannah the deeper I went into the story. Talking about which, We don't understand why Hannah, in the beginning of this book, was winking every three minutes and for everything if she NEVER did in all three of her textbooks. Simple changes like this can destroy a figure. At least to myself.
Now, proceeding back to Charity and Samuel... I can't wait to know what's going on with Samuel and see where their story is headed. Great story all in all!, This history is the first in this series. I need to get to know the caricatures in this series better and so i will continue on to read the next book in the series.
So book 2 I will find where the story Leeds., Excellent read, love all the demons, ghost etc, in the storyplot. Can't wait to read them. I desire charity and Samuel find love, Got the effect that each trilogy was a stand alone but that didn't seem to be the case. I simply couldn't get connected to the characters or engage with the plot., keeps the same tenor of the other Freak House books

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