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I actually almost rated this publication four stars. This publication is a little lazy, and many matters have been covered in a much better way in Dominic O'Brien's " Brillant Memory". But there are 3 things in this publication that are not in O'Brien's book.
One: The system for remembering names and faces is superior.
Two: The system for the alphabet is superior.
Three: Typically the number system is various and I think a little easier/quicker to learn. Typically the caveat on that is that I think the Person/Action/Object system lasts longer and s better for long lasting memory. I still recommend checking out Ron's way.

I go to college or university so anything that will help me cut down the amount of hrs I need to maintain a 4. 0 is a blessing. This publication mixed dough and for that alone it is well worth reading.

I can't recommend this book as the first one though. Inside order I recommend:
--Best Intro: Moon Walking With Einstein... Seriously, read this book before you do anything else.
--Then: Brilliant Storage
--Then: The way to improve your memory in just 1 month

I'm also a large fan of California Newport, but that's another story. Buy this publication, read it, absorb it, and have a good day =), Simple to read and easy to implement. Ron White provides people the tools to learn how to memorize anything at all from a deck of cards to bible verses. Techniques appear a little unpolished and using the same memory palace can make recall confusing (at minimum for me) and creating new ones can be difficult. That being said i highly recommend it., Effective! I am going back to school and use these techniques to retain a lot of new information. My son (a 5th grader) ever done it to remember his spelling words. He only needed to study them once and they were permanently locked it. If you're a parent then you know that a lot of kids study their words and know them well enough to complete the test and commence failing to remember shortly thereafter. Once my son had it, it was just in there, for good. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of how he suggests using his memory techniques for language learning. Being a polyglot I'm going to say don't bother with that aspect of the publication. It's going to leave you with a warped sense of the language, but for everything more, this guide is a go., I really enjoyed this book. The chapter a day layout helped me to develop a habit out there of learning and using these techniques daily. I actually have about seven other books on memory techniques that I've read. A lot of the ideas represented aren't new. It's the daily time invested that really made learning and using these techniques a helpful part of my daily life.
Gave it three superstars because of some problems and inconsistencies in some of the word lists that were jarring as you're trying to memorize something., Very good book! Functional and specified by a way that works up to higher and higher skill levels! This is certainly better of the two books on the subject. Nothing is easy. This all needs work. In case you're willing to spend the time and this is a great book., Excellent publication based on the principals of other memory books (The storage Book by Jerry Lucas and Harry Lorrayne). Well worth the money and time to read it and research. Gave me new ideas for " files" in the brain. Recommend this book 100%.
In the introduction it mentioned if you find any mistakes to leave them know and they would send a surprise or something. Well, I found two mistakes in the math section and I actually haven't heard from them.... Maybe they " forgot", This is an outstanding publication. It brings together the nuts and bolts of improving ones memory. I actually particularly enjoyed the format used to get your point across. Also your examples helped to make the methods clear. Inside addition, you provided many real life ways that memory improvement can add to our lives. The real life stories you told were great supporters of what we can achieve by improving our storage. And, adopting the practice exercises in your book provided us with a way to see real results. My memory is getting better and better with each challenge. Finally, by reading your memory publication I've gained a life time tool. Many thanks a lot. I'm well on my way., I am pleasantly surprised about this little book. We are doing things with my memory that I never could have ever attempted. My family and friends cannot quite believe it. These people keep asking how did you do that? They presume it is some kind of trick that I actually am performing. Not just are the exercises teaching me personally new ways to improve my memory, the are also exercising the areas that kind of gone to sleep and my brain is beginning to act the way in which it used to.

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