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I will be amazed at the uninformed oblivion and misguided superiority of people who think that a few cultures are backward because they did not create writing. After reading “The Memory Code” it is usually even clearer how completely wrong they are. This book explains how non-literate cultures procedure and transmit practical knowledge. Whereas writing can simply do so in a new linear and mono-sensory approach, the techniques of non-literate civilizations capture the true interconnected, multi-layered and multi-sensory characteristics of knowledge. They do therefore by encoding practical knowledge in the landscape, dances, stories, metaphors, mythology, traditions, objects, genealogies, their own bodies etc. with one often triggering another within complex loops. In assessment writing impoverishes knowledge in addition to is rather primitive. The result is that every person during these cultures can hold more practical knowledge in their minds (about animals, plants, family outlines, laws, relationships, seasons, agriculture/hunting methods and so) as compared to most people in modern societies, and their knowledge is more flexible in addition to based on understanding. The writer fortunately does not quit there, but also explains these methods and how they can be used today. It made a new lot of sense to be able to me because many regarding the methods are comparable to (but go very much further and deeper than) the memory methods I actually taught my student-teachers. I will highly recommend this guide both being an antidote to be able to the naïve racist sights and as a practical book for improving typically the memory and understanding regarding knowledge., Brilliant., I adored The Memory Code. I actually loved the book. I actually loved the audiobook. Does that seem like a enthusiast girl?
I actually have recommended this guide to numerous people. It is usually the best book I've read this year. I actually read a lot
and seldom employ the term " best" for any book. It can brilliant and makes a new reader rethink what we all call " pre-history"
and gives tips to be able to improve memory (a matter on the minds regarding many people)., yes. Excellent. It is possible to be able to store and recall huge stores of data within memory with memory strategies. This is popular. But still these techniques are often taught as if typically the only value is to be able to become a more efficient... machine. Enhanced productivity is usually, unfortunately, the sign from the times. Yes it is usually valuable. Yet, Lynne Kelly reached this from typically the anthropological side, and by means of self-experimentation and immersion (rather than remotely assessing civilizations from her head), demostrates that these techniques can change how we are in our planet. This is usually so refreshing--she does the function on herself to understand the cultures from typically the inside. She demonstrates elaborate possible...

The way a new culture stores it's information about itself and and exactly what it offers learned in typically the world entirely shapes how it interacts in the world (and vice versa. The modern world catalogues and dissects reality" objectively" --something exterior itself, and from which often it stands apart. " Pre-history", that is, non-literate cultures, maintained their info through story, using strategies, in a way which fundamentally attaches
typically the person towards the phenomenal globe. Observing from the outside (incorrectly, as the author asserts) we all have generally dismissed dental cultures as superstitious infant's play.

I began to be able to wonder who are genuinely the Barbarians..., This guide identifies a breakthrough concept, which will deepen your current appreciation of pre-literate civilizations and how they protected knowledge and passed it with the generations. This guide also exposed me to be able to learning techniques which I actually had forgotten from my childhood.

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