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I decided not to review the 1st book until I read the second also. And I am past please. There is everything during these books. Romance, uncertainty, passion, humor, tears I could carry on. Now I can't wait for the 3rd book, who I hope the author has written already, in fact I hope she has already been sitting on the 3 and 4th book, sure We are greedy what can I say, that good! In case you have some triggers you may want to be careful there are some tough tough experience's for the l. Now remember this is a book about extraterrestrials and humans, there are differences, no ick factor, it is alien after all, gota expect some difference; ) So enjoy a fantastic new writer who can write Alien romantic erotica and do it well., So I was moved by this book, you can see how everyone evolved due to Lenny (the child ) and Lucia. The woman determination to not become bitter by the hate and prejudice of Melier people that has seemed to be passed down from generation to generation. To be able to love 2 individuals in different ways and unconditionally. And other than their culture even if it is not just like her own. I sensed this guide has a profound message in regards to acceptance, acceptance to ones beliefs and culture. Furthermore that love is a strong thing and can change how people view one another and can even alter their personalities somewhat. Just look at Soren and Lucia's relationship, how being with each other both caused those to change. Also Lucia's relationship with the brothers changed them as well. The best part is when Lucia will get fed up with queens indifference towards her, Lenny, and Soren and start in all out mental assault. You can read how Lucia will go all out to guard her family even when her life is on the line. Anyway the guide started a little sluggish but soon picked upwards. Like I said from my last review need to write about the siblings and their relationships., Truly pleasant... We are sooooo happy I did not pay attention to some of the reviews once i decided to get both of these books. I think some readers forget that if you are reading fiction to remember it is fiction and about aliens nonetheless... WOW already. With that said I seriously enjoyed learning the ways of each character and being caught off guard by the actions of some of them. I do nothing like telling the story in my review but Lucia (Loo-sha) and Soren/Val'Ja took my heart. I'm pleading for the brothers Gi'Ren and Val'Koy to have their books as well if only just to give me more... I love the Melieruns... awesome story of struggles between sides!!!!, SPOILERISH!!!

I loved the beginning of this guide where Lucia escapes these baddies and saves Soren, who had been a slave. Their particular relationship was so sweet and sort with an interest they didn't know what to do with. And after that their first sex scene switched into a major hot mess and I could not think about anything being sexy about that. And the messes kept cumming (rim shot please). Then that guide that started out about a sweet romance turned into an " erotic" guide with the cherry on top of this sloppy pie being she wound up smelling like really smelly fish which evidently is a turn on where the blue men are from. And I suggest a literal turn on with the gushing gallons of cum that people need to step over (Grandma).

What exactly did I do when I finished this book? I purchased guide two. I'm a glutton for cum, I suppose., I truly enjoyed this guide. It was everything I like in a guide, excitement, humor, love, puzzle, action, little erotic times. And strong female business lead. The storyplot was well put together the description of the planet and different things was great. Such a good series already I'm looking forward to more books in this series or more books from this writer in general., I was currently reading Poppy Rhys' - The Melier: Residence World (Women of Dor Nye Book 2) it is a great read, very entertaining with a mixture of humor, scii-fi, romance, sexy times & adventure. A very well-rounded read indeed!!! Love this series so far and was looking forward to book 3..., That was by chance that I stumbled across this second installment of the Melier. I enjoyed the initial book immensely, so was keeping an eye out there for the following in the series.

Definitely a series I will be reading an additional, 3 rd time, if not more! Great Sci-Fi read!, I really liked the first book and Poppy Rhys world-building and wit has only become better. If you dislike aliens that are literally different and not merely in different ways colored humanoids you probably is just not like this story. If you cannot bear the idea of group marriage, don't read the book. If you enjoy smart, sassy and brave women who can see the person inside an alien you will cheer for Lucia and her families. Right now there are power struggles, murder attempts, a blue purring baby and lots of love in this e-book. I enjoy the humor, apprehension and angst which eventually overcomes blind prejudice. Even very smart individuals have blind spots which permits them to commit horrific functions and use their natural prejudice to justify their actions. Lucia, Soren, and the adorable Le' Ren use love and endurance as well as some ass-kicking to make their universe a bit safer for everyone.

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