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This guide is a outstanding report of Ed Eaton's service during the Vietnam Conflict, & his deplorable treatment by some US citizens upon his return.
This appalling & unacceptable reception was also experienced by Australia's Vietnam veterans, & it was not until 3rd. October 1987, that a ''Welcome Home Parade'' was held in Sydney to them.
Ed will not gloss over incidents which can illustrate him in a negative manner, nor can it glorify his actions in the conflict. This is a ''tell it all as it happened'' book, which makes it so interesting.
The aspect that I found to be most entertaining in this book, is the detailed information recorded during his service.
Give thanks to you Ed, for both your service to your country, & the effort expended in writing your personal narrative., Ed Eaton is a colleague of mine. We are both Mud Dogs and were in B co. 360. The big difference is that I left Nam in 1967 and Impotence arrived in Jan. 1968. We also had different jobs; I was the medic for 1st platoon and Ed was a platoon sergeant/sniper. His publication is amazing in a couple of ways. He or she has the singular skill of capturing the reader and keeping him/her fixed to the story. Typically the cardinal rule for a writer is to look after the reader. In other words don't leave situations hanging or surprising a reader with something out of the blue. Typically the man does not have any literary history or training, which makes his accomplishment even more noteworthy. We all think we are writers until we actually sit down and apply the time and discipline to do a great job. Since far as authenticity, it do not get more real than Mekong Mud Dogs.
Will (doc) Farris, Quite good. Not " well crafted, " but who statistics a grunt would be a writer anyway? Seems to be an sincere and frank account of one unremarkable soldier's experiences while serving in Vietnam, which is precisely what I was looking for. This resonated well with me personally., I enjoyed this publication. Ed keeps you intwined in his story. He or she writes explaining how hard it is to do your mission in very bad conditions such as weather heat and the topography. I highly recommend this book to be purchased., I was a Pointman in the Riverine Forces at the same time as Ed ('68-'69) however in a different regiment (4/47th). His book captured the true reality of combating in the Delta-especially the misery of the off-road, jungle, water and oppressive heat and humidity. He or she also brought back so many memories-heating C Rations over burning chunks of C4, doing " recon by blood" with the M-79s, the beer parties on the Benewah and Colleton, places like Dong Tam, My Tho, and Ben Tre. Realistic alternative Ed! Give thanks to you for your service and Welcome Home!, Impotence Eaton does a outstanding job in his writing of Mekong Mud Puppies by putting the reader right there. You not only get the tales of what he experienced but he lets you in on what it smelled, felt, and felt like. In a sense, you are there also. His experience commences as any... wondering what things will be like. Full of anxious feelings and thoughts about how exactly this tour will be. Typically the book then follows the eye opening realities of war. Lastly, he speaks of his the modern viewpoint on all of this. It's an easy read and will require long to get through. I have shared it with quite a few those who have also purchased the book, I had the awesome experience to serve with Impotence and I consider hime one of my best friends! Although the language is a little strong, you must consider that the time we offered there was a residing hell and our experiences gave way to emotions and language that we don't use today. Typically the book is very factual as I was there and can attest to Ed's accounting of the experiences as I offered along side of him or her in the hardest of times. Great guy and great book. It's a shame he never received his Medal of Respect. He sure deserves it!, Being a military man, I read a lot of war books. I found Ed's book to be one of the very most raw and unadulterated accounts of one mans journey into terrible.
I will admit that I am a bit bias, I am good friends with Ed's brother Gary. I received to meet Ed at Gary's house this past year and just like his brother, he is the real deal. Impotence is simply what he seems, a guy that you can sit on the tailgate and drink a few beers with and instantly feel comfortable with. When you read this publication, picture yourself sitting on the tailgate drinking a cold one while Impotence tells you his history.

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