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This can be a box set of electronic books in relation to meditation and yoga exercise.

The books included are:
**Meditation in Action: Learning the Fine art of Inner Peace by John Yates
**The Daily Meditation Practice Lifestyle by Alecandra Baldec
**Zen is much like You by Juliana Baldec
**Best Yoga exercises for Beginners Book Arranged: Yoga Poses for Starters & Mental & Spiritual Healing with Yoga & Meditation by Alecandra Baldec & Juliana Baldec (Zen is Like You by Juliana Baldec is included in this book set a second time. )

Meditation in Action was probably the best book of all in this set and even it had it's defects. While the thought flow was fairly clear and wonderful detailed information was presented on different topics related to meditation, such as history, why we get it done, benefits, where to practice, etc, there was still some topics that were either not integrated or mentioned so briefly I didn't even notice. I might have loved more information on mudras or even the meditation using mandalas. I also performed not take care of the grammatical and editing errors. These were unnecessary and a proper editor should have caught them. It made reading difficult at times. At one point an important word in a sentence was left out and I still can't say for sure the tone the writer was setting for the paragraph because it depended on that certain important term.

The Daily Meditation Practice Lifestyle isn't formatted well. There are different baptistère and font sizes making it difficult and awkward to read. There are grammatical errors and the thought flow the author puts down on paper is uncomfortable to read often leaving me wondering what was actually said. I was left feeling like We was given a lot of words but no actual answers. Thoughts were unable completed, topics were glossed over. One chapter guaranteed a checklist, but it was more like an analysis and you had to search through the written text to actually figure out what the checklist was. We was not impressed with the chapters outlining different meditation techniques. The chapter on zen meditation skipped a lot of important factors and misrepresented others. I've studied under a zen monk and what was described was extremely watered down. This may not be a book I would get my advice from when it comes to some extremely ritualistic and specifically set up meditation practices. Check out a professional to actually learn what it is they do and why, as well as how effectively practice. I'd detest that you can pick up on any bad habits because of to following shoddy instructions such as these.

Just what I thought was strange is that the publication Zen is Like A person was in particular box set twice. I could see that it was because box set included 2 other box sets every of those box sets integrated Zen is Like A person, so this seemed like a poor editing choice when this compilation was put together. If this were a more powerful more powerful book it wouldn't be so bad, nevertheless the addition of Zen is much like A person really watered down the whole set, and include it twice made it even worse. It's just an A to Z fluff of things like " Meditation is like A because yoga is awakening" with a few other fluff ideas. It then goes on through the whole alphabet. This text message was so weak and uninspiring for me We couldn't even get through it the first time they added it, then just rolled my eyes and scolled on past it the 2nd time I discovered it. These are expected to be Meditation Plea Poems, affirmations, and quotes, but honestly they not necessarily powerful or meaningful. We love affirmations and We wouldn't use any of the ones contained in Zen is Like You.

The most effective Yoga for Beginners Publication Set was extremely difficult to read. There were different fonts, different typeface sizes, the book required on different formats including an entire section that looked like a powerpoint presentation. It was modified horribly. There exists some okay information in this publication, but nothing new i haven't found in any other beginner yoga publication. The font in the yoga tutorial section is so big you are constantly scrolling which makes it difficult to actually put any of exactly what is written into practice except if you rewrite out the main points yourself or remember it. When it gets into the actual poses they may be hard to read because it's text over an image made smaller. This is not a good format for an e book, not forgetting the text is dark over dark images often so it is a battle to even attempt to read it if I desired to follow along. A second image is included with the others that offers upward a stock image of the pose. There is no consistency in the images, and some of the images are fuzzy. Sometimes, instead of an actual image of any person doing the pose, an representation is provided. I was not impressed with the caliber of the instruction. For example on the cobra pose keep in mind that talk about how precisely you need to begin the stretch minimally then over time and practice build up to the pose the image shows. When you try to the actual full pose with out any practice (this is a beginner book after all) you could harm yourself. I question the yoga knowledge of the writer given the lack of guidance in this situation. Honestly, in the about the author section it doesn't mention anything about being a trained instructor, which means I suggest if most likely going to do any poses listed here and you don't have a background in yoga, you will find a trained instructor who can help you find the proper modifications to do until you can work your way into a full position. It's important to know that there are many yoga positions beginners can't do without those modifications and practice.

General I do not recommend this box set. In order to seek out any of these books I recommend looking for Yates book on it's own and leave the mediocre presented in this box set alone. Yates book had some defects, but it was the best of this bunch, and there is some decent information provided making it worth at least a read through for anyone who is looking for more information about meditation other than only a simple how to publication.

I received a digital copy of this e book box set in exchange to have an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own., I believe this publication is absolutely great for beginners for many reasons; it helps with explaining the long-term benefits of meditation, where to practice plus it offers you great insight if you have not already known the meaning of meditation. Very detailed publication and straight forward. This is very easy to read and understand and will allow you as a person to become more productive and of a more positive light. The majority of of all it is very beneficial in a way that it will help you with your meditation routine and ways to get better at carrying it out.

Basically you gain a wider knowledge on meditation poses, breathing techniques, how to find your inner peace and it also explain the benefits of doing meditation a regular basis which will help you to learn how to fall into ongoing meditation states. There is no question if you should read this publication as it will benefit you in more ways than ever before. Great Yoga tips to enjoy and learn from. I love all things yoga and as a result have been considering learning more about meditation. i have obtained some meditation classes at my local yoga facilities but the best way to learn is always to begin with an e book in my humble opinion. I might want to take an official yoga meditation training course some day but since We am a mom of little kids the best that I can do is sneak it in to my schedule during their nap time. I love to read about things that interest me so We thought, why don't you enjoy order some yoga meditation instructional training books to get a much better idea of the presents and methods. The advantage of this is that it starts off from the very basic for a beginner stage which is very helpful for me. It goes over time, setting, mind set,, atmosphere, different visualizations, and so on. I appreciate that there are different perspectives as there are different creators in the boxed set. You will find a lot of information in there but it will surely take a while to put into action everything but I do think it is a terrific starting point for me to find out more about it. I recommend this to any one considering getting in to yoga exercise meditation or learning more about it.
This book is ideal for beginners. It presents meditation as something that someone can put into effect in their life in stages, not some unattainable zen state. Can't stress enough how beginner-geared this is! It makes me fired up, not intimidated, to find out how to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.
There exists content even for the busiest people who have no a lot of time to devote.
The yoga exercise poses are great and well-described. This meditation guide is set up quite different from other travelling books i previously read. This guide has far more detail information. It must be depend on the topic of the book as well.
I recently started to be very considering learning to meditate. We actually bought a book book at store and read a few pages but I do not have too much time when I go back home so it will be very difficult to finish that book. Typically the kindle version that We get this book allow myself to read at the office during my breaks and We do not need to carry the book version around town. There is a ton of content in this guide. For myself I would start with the A person Poses For Busy Individuals. It suggests following a 5 minute per day program. The techniques are extremely doable especially for a novice, like myself. There were 13 different positions that can help a variety of things. As for the meditation side with this guide, it is very detailed and a lot of time and commitment that we did not realize until reading this article. I know it can be a very good thing, but my life does not enable that kind of commitment. If you can dedicate time, then this publication is very beneficial. We received this book free in exchange for a fair and honest review.
This publication was received at a discounted price in exchange for honest review. These reviews are all mine and according to my own experiences.
Even though this book does not have page to page illustration, nevertheless , each of the pictures that are included are extremely helpful and clear.
This guide is perfect for anyone wanted to begin learning about meditation.

I received this book in exchange to have an honest and unbiased review. All opinions and claims are my own. When you found my review helpful, please let myself know!: ), Pros: Well crafted and very instructive

We recently ordered this Amazon kindle version of Meditation Manual for Beginners and experienced this is a well written and very well organized publication. It’s amazing the benefits your mind and body obtain from meditation and this book explains the benefits and different techniques. The topic is becoming more and more popular and I feel this book has its own suggestions that will help you relax and control stress.

Typically the book begins by informing the reader about the historical past and benefits of meditation, how it works, how to prepare to do it, and how to practice. This author does a great job of helping you understand how to meditate so can restore peaceful and free your mind to reduce the anxiety and stress in your life. Excellent daily meditation ritual that explains how to apply proper deep yoga on a daily foundation.

Using a strong give attention to how to are now living in the second, appreciate your surroundings, and be aware of your own stress causing events the book is something you could read a couple of times.
I would recommend this book for anyone considering learning how to meditate and is also a great publication for novices.

An added added bonus is the Best Yoga exercises for newbies Book Set that is also included. This section explains basic yoga exercise poses for beginners and how to develop a daily yoga exercise ritual.
There is a strong give attention to trying to are now living in the moment, appreciate and notice your surroundings, and be aware of your own stress causing events. This is an educational read that I would read again.

I was given the possibility to accomplish this out at a discount or free in exchange for my truthful review. I hope my review helps you out as I enjoyed reading about how precisely to use yoga and yoga to improve my health and think you will too!

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