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This is a very cool book. The recipes have left us all all feeling absolutely fantastic, and I was amazed by the yumminess degree. It’s pretty darn tasty for the athletic performance publication! I only put somewhere between 5-10 miles on my sneakers per day, but this has all been fabulous fuel. They have a few sample tested recipes up on their website, so you can give them a try and see if they’re a good fit for you. Love it when they do that! The recipes are all on the quick and easy conclusion of the spectrum. It’s greater than a cook book, though. They clarify the whys behind everything. Recommend.

Pictured below:
1) I made breakfast sandwiches with the Breakfast Tofu – p 65 and Shiitake Bakin’ – p 62 on English muffins with a little arugula, tomato and avocado. Everybody loved these and the kids each grabbed extra piece of the tofu. I tripled the shiitake bakin’ the second time I managed to get. Yum!
2) Slow-Cooker Coconut-Matcha Brown Rice – p 47. This one was a mixed bag for the four of us. A single loved it, one really liked it, one believed it to be okay, and my most youthful hit the yuck button. It’s very much on the Earthy side. In case that sounds appealing, you will probably like it.
3) Olive-Chickpea Waffles – p 178. We loved these savory waffles. Chickpea waffles with carefully chopped Kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes running through the batter. There’s no flour inside them at all. The texture’s a little off from regular waffles, nevertheless the flavor’s terrifcic. They’re garnished with tomatoes and avocados in the book’s picture. I added some Kalamata olives to echo what’s in the waffle and lemon slices and parsley because they go with the other flavors and they are just pretty.
4) Calorie Bomb Cookies – p 219. I actually made these to group away for breakfasts on the run, and determined to try one for lunch. At 491 calorie consumption each, they make a super filling meal. They are packed with nuts and seeds and everything good, and the bananas and little bit of dark chocolate really make it taste like a treat. The kids were smiling widely at the breakfast desk. My little one said she could tell they were healthy because of the texture, but she absolutely adored them!
5) Green Energy Bites – p 215. Nutty, Earthy, and just a little fairly sweet. Very nice.
6) Switchel: The Authentic Sports Drink – p 188. This is very refreshing. The ginger and apple cider vinegar taste is potent. They have you strain it, but if you’ve got some of those normal water bottles with a central infusing column, you might just leave it there. Good.
7) Garlicky Rosemary Potato Soup – p 114 with Cashew Cream – p 236. Oh my gosh! This is a phenomenal soup! It’s excellent, not healthfood excellent.
8) Pasta Marinara with Spicy Italian Veggie Balls - p 81 and 83. They compared this to pepperoni. I actually definitely don't taste that. But , it's tasty teigwaren and bean balls. Our husband's insisting on contacting them bean bags.: )
9) Cooked Deep-Dish Apple Pancake – p 48. Love. This particular tastes like full on apple cake. Texture’s a little weird.
10) Hearty Vegetable Hoagies – p 74 and Pesto – p 233. That’s a great hoagie! The kids loved it. I couldn’t fit all the veggies into the hallowed out baguette, so I think I’ll grab Italian bread next time.
11) Beet Bourguignon (Beet and Lentil Stew) – p 125. This particular is packed with produce, very filling, and has a nice fall flavor. The recipe demands 1 oz of dried mushrooms. They don’t make mention of it, but if you are new to dried mushrooms, you want to soak those in hot water while you prepare the other produce. The grit will tumble to the bottom of the soak water. Once you pull the mushrooms away, the grit will stay there, and not in your stew.

Some more I have flagged to test are: Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Stew with Hot and spicy Tahini – p 119, Caribbean Coconut Collards and Sweet Potatoes – p 122, Strawberry Pistachio Salad – p 131, Cashew Creamed Kale – p 163, Pakoras – p 165, Potato Stuffed Portobellos – p 169, Cooked Tempeh Nuggets – p 170, Farro Tabbouleh – p 182, Cranberry Citrus Electrolyte Drink – p 193, a whole bunch of different homemade proteins powders on p 197, Tropical Vacation Recovery Smoothie – p 206, V9 – p 209, and Mango Sticky Rice – p 252., Constantly say enough good things about Matt Frazier. Together with Stepfanie Romine, they have written a fantastic plant-based cookbook that's centered on the fitness diet. You don't need to be an athlete to savor these meals and the 100+ tested recipes aren't rehashes of the same old vegan mac pc and cheese (although the roasted red pepper version on p. 117 is fantastic! ).

Let's start in the midst of The Zero Meat Athlete Cookbook with a dozen dressings alongside with a blueprint for unlimited dressing design. Sauces and dressings are key to variety when eating a plant-based diet and their use isn't restricted to salads. They can instantly transform a variety of steamed, grilled, or baked vegetables into a satisfying and tasty meal. One thing that's apparent when shedding meat out of their diet is that it's mainly just a delivery system for sauce - people may eat boiled meat. Any time one spends as much time preparing vegetables as they do creating marinades for flesh, an entire world opens up to those who previously only seasoned greens with butter and salt.

I've been interviewed for podcasts by both Shiny and Rich Roll (who wrote the forward) that guys are amazing sportsmen. If one thinks that traditional athletic performance isn't very possible on an all-plant diet, they may be evidence that is an err in reason. They log thousands of miles and they are all " run on plants. " Chapter 4 is loaded with recovery meals and Part 7 has a variety of smoothies, energy bars, and rehydration drinks. The calorie bomb cookies at practically 6000 Calories/batch should be good for 60 miles. The recipes are centered on whole foods and they provide for oil free options if extra Calorie consumption aren't on your training roadmap. This isn't a diet book, neither is it centered on ideology. Shiny has been among the best bridge builders We have seen in the eat meat/don't eat meat sides. He has strong personal beliefs and yet he or she never guilts and shames. I applaud that method. He's a winner on all fronts.

If you're an athlete and considering about going plant-based, this guide has enough content to assure you won't wither away nor will performance lag. In case you are ready to branch out into some new areas of plant-based cooking, Stephanie adds some roadmaps for fun and variety with amazing tested recipes and meal plans.

It's definitely a great resource for everyone!, I love the blog and have a pair of Matt Frazier's training guides, so obtaining this cookbook was a given. So far, the omni fam and I all enjoy what I've made (granted, mostly dessert items, but that's how I actually ease them into enjoying plant-based goodness). In case you are looking for plant-based fuel for your fitness goals or maybe buying heathier menu, this is a good guide., Everything I've made from this cookbook has been easy to make and delicious. I wish it had nutritional info for the recipes, but that is my only issue. Is actually also a gorgeous cookbook with glossy pictures and a useful index., Love this cookbook. Has made the transition to WFPB much simpler for me. Despite the fact that not an athlete, I actually do find many of the recipes more appealing than some of the other WFPB cookbooks I have reviewed. Keep up the good work., Great tested recipes with balanced nutrition., Fantastic plant based recipes!, Fantastic variety of meals to fulfill all occasions & tastes. As a 116 kg (250 lb) energy lifter I found a lot of recipes to gas gruelling workouts & get some great gainz! Consuming a variety of herb foods is the key to optimum athletic good health

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