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Hunt writes a narrative of the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg. The particular book is well written and researched. I look forward to reading the next two volumes., The particular Gettysburg Campaign is one of the more written about conflicts in the American Civil War yet for all the books and articles written about it, you may still find things we have yet to learn. In Meade and Lee After Gettysburg, Jeffrey Wm Hunt explores the ending of the campaign from July 14th – This summer 31st, 1863, because the campaign was winding down, and some of the small battles which occurred. While most books on Gettysburg do speak about these small battles, Hunt’s work aims to give us an in-depth account of what happened in those places rather than trying to total them up in one chapter. Presently there are books about the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, but this one is brings a fine analysis to certain battles on how towards Virginia.

Jeffrey William Hunt is the Movie director of the Texas Armed service Forces Museum positioned in Camp Mabry in Austin. He or she is also an Adjunct Professor of History at Austin tx Community College. He has a degree in authorities and a Masters Degree in History from the University of Texas. In 2013, he was called an honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy by Governor Rick Perry. He or she is the author of The Last Battle of the Civil War: Palmetto Ranch, and has also written for Essential Civil Battle Curriculum, the Revised Guide of Texas, and the Gale Library of Everyday Life: American Civil Battle.

As I mentioned in the introduction, most books on the Gettysburg Marketing campaign cover the ending of the conflict with a simple chapter chronicling Lee’s escape into Virginia while only mentioning a few battles on the way. Hunt’s work looks to fix that. Throughout the work, Hunt starts to explain these final moves from Gettysburg to Culpeper Court House as a grand game of chess, that i thought was quite provoking on thinking of these several weeks. The mindset of George Meade presented here was fascinating. There are some authors who just give the impression that once Meade won the Fight of Gettysburg, having been completed with the task at hand, but Hunt says otherwise. Meade attempted to outthink his enemy, press towards certain parts of the map which would not appear usual. He wished to trap Lee and bring that victory which the high ranking officials in Washington so wanted to see. The narrative in the work demonstrates strategy playing out in the mind of Meade with great fascination. I also loved the narrative when it came to General Lee and his men, conquered, though trying to make their way across the Potomac, back into Virginia. From the Battle of Falling Waters in 1863, to the Culpeper Court House, these conflicts are analyzed to a good point, using the Official Data, regimental histories, and other primary sources to such a finite point, that the research within this book is amazing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone considering the Battle of Gettysburg. This is the book which should be read after reading any work about that seminal battle. The particular narrative is striking, the maps are well attracted and beautiful, and the research is top level. Jeffrey Wm Hunt should be praised for his work here and I are unable to wait to see what else he is focusing on.

Matthew Bartlett, Jeffrey Wm Hunt succeeds in detailing in detail how Lee and Meade’s armies struggled against each following the Battle of Gettysburg during “The Forgotten Final Period of the Gettysburg Marketing campaign, From Falling Waters to Culpepper Court House, This summer 14-31, 1863. ” Their prose in this first of three volumes flows in a way that allows readers to know what soldiers feel and are equipped for after a march and fight in battle. These three monographs will research the particular Army of North Virginia and the Military of the Potomac completed from mid-July through the winter encampments in Dec 1863. This first title touches on the struggle briefly, follows Lee’s men as they cross the Rappahannock River and the days that followed. This excellent scholarly work may be the first detailed exam of Lee’s army western of the Blue Shape Mountains and Meade’s military generally in Loudoun Valley. The author has done justice to the outstanding men who fought in the post battle of the Gettysburg Campaign.

Savas-Beatie has published a text message that studies the generalship of George Meade as an independent commander. Hunt shows the interested individuals that Meade reluctantly pressed his men across the Potomac and into Virginia in pursuit of Lee’s military. Mcdougal makes several factors throughout the tapestry anytime Meade makes errors which are attractive understanding the scope and sequence of this important pursuit of the Northern enemy’s makes. We learn that Meade became cautious like many earlier Union commanders. In Meade’s case, he found hard to learn much about Lee’s position western of the Blue Shape and became fearful of the offensive audacity of the opposing enemy and leader. A strength of this story is the author’s analysis and explanation of the strength’s and problems of Meade and Lee during the days chronicled.

The book is well researched and examines the Virginia campaign from both a strategic and technical perspective. Superb military background, analytic, comprehensive, discursive, questionable in the best sense, and always stimulating. Sixteen detailed maps obviously demonstrate the positions of both armies and are helpful as well as put in locations that will assist interested parties with troop movements. There are detailed captions on the 35 images contained in this 3 hundred and a dozen page important study. That is nice to find the encounters of that we are reading about. Contemporary resources were used throughout the narrative. Anyone already well versed in Civil Battle history will discover immensely rousing the authors' interpretations of Union and Confederate methods plus his excellent elucidations that must be grappled with by all subsequent historians of this issue.

This outstanding historian has written a magnum Opus that scholars and registrants of the Asian Theater will benefit from reading. This treatise is balanced and a unique day by day account of the fighting by the combatants in blue and grey. I came across Meade and Lee After Gettysburg to be an engrossing treatment and difficult to put down. This reviewer highly suggests this study and appears forward to the next two titles.

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