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I actually read the reviews and laughed somewhat because a few of the reviews I read seemed to be from people who knew this family in person. Since it was only 99 cents, I think it was book written by someone who threw it collectively and pawned it off on her neighbors, but it was really a great book. It is told in the initial person, in the voice of Maude. It's a respectable guide and written in plain words, like you would use for talk to your friend over a mug of coffee. It covers 1906 through the late 1960s. I came across the time span interesting to see Maude go from using horses for vehicles and using an outhouse to finally having her hubby work with an automobile plant in Detroit and having indoor plumbing and electricity. The books spans the lives of her children and grandchildren and is very relatable. I read it in just two days. For 99 cents, this is a great discount., And like life is... not perfect. Donna Mabry takes us over a quest through her Grandmother's life, bare and raw and heartwarming. She takes stories her Grandmother informed her and fleshes out each figure so the reader can feel the love, the pain, the longing and losses. I cried through the book which I actually could barely put down. When you like a guide that stirs your thoughts about a person who survives the hardships of life with strength and courage, you will love Donna 's Grandmother, Maude., I was enthralled with this book. I am so glad you shared this, Ms. Mabrey. Not really only is it a retelling of an interesting lifetime it also gives direct insights into the Great Depressive disorder, women's suffrage, WW2, and how it affected American society. I commend Microsoft. Mabrey for her storytelling skills and will be reading more of the girl works. ETA: I observed this story is getting criticism if you are 'depressing'... life was harder in a lot of ways for women back in those days and Maude didn't have as many options as we do now. Any time I was a child my grandparents shared stories with me about what life was like for them during the period this book was written, i. e. making 50 cents a day as a farm laborer, residing in a tent with three small children at nineteen years old, and it was a much tougher existence. Relating to her son who was obviously mentally ill, little support was offered back again then as well. I actually think Maude did the girl best with the playing cards she was dealt. She obviously was a loving grandmother to her granddaughter, the author., This book is written in a simple, straightforward way, in the same way you would imagine Maude their self writing. It basically reads as a series of journal entries and has little in the way of introspection. Still, there was something about the astonishing twists and turns and the naked truthfulness of Maude's voice that I actually found captivating. I could not place the book down, and I found myself thinking about it long after., A very convincing book... a page turner without a doubt, because you just want to see what happens next in the life of Maude. That is simply written, and the author, Maude's granddaughter does have to throw in a little bit of fiction to bind the story to it's conclusion. Even though there have been many tragedies, I felt like it was historically educational just reading about the fantastic Depressive disorder and how people resided and survived. Something that many people in 2017 cannot even imagine doing., It took several chapters for the story to grab my interest, but once it did it failed to let go. I was relocated and saddened by the girl story and found myself thinking about Maude and her life for a number of days and nights after finishing the guide, which highlighted the unhappy truth that life can indeed be quite unfounded... for some much more than others. The occasions and traditions of this time period, and even religion, failed her. Yet in addition they seemed to provide Maude with structure and a sense of community. General, it was a satisfying and fast read. I offered it 4 stars for the compelling storyline., This book made me think so much of my great grandmother and her girl, my grandmother, and how things were for them vs how they are for women today. The pioneers in the movement for all of us, I often say these women fought, resided lives they didn't choose, or died to allow ME the rights I actually cherish today. This guide bears that out in lovely detail. These women are the ones that make me see how important it is for ME PERSONALLY to participate the fight for the rights if those seeking them today. I actually hope I am the advocate for those people that would make these women proud., Oh I adored this book! There were many similarities to a grandmothers (my mom's mom) life story. Some of Maude's terms were almost exactly like something my grandma might have said. You just feel Maude's pain and her delights. Some characters were unfortunate and others hilarious. Very easy read (only got me two days to read this on Kindle). Amazing book and I highly recommend you read it.

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