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Whilst reading The Match "Savior Siblings" and one Family's Battle to Heal Their Daughter, by Beth Whitehouse, I was really touched by the incredible story based on a genuine life event. Not only was it really emotionally heartwarming, but additionally a great life training about making tough decisions. This book talks about the Trebing family who had a daughter of 3 months, Katie Trebing, who was diagnosed at three months old with Diamond Blackfan anemia. Even as she received monthly blood transfusions she was gradually worsening. As time passed by the Trebing's found out that the sole solution to their daughter's illness was bone marrow implant. They all got examined to verify that at least one of them could possibly be a match for their little girl. After they got the results back and saw none of them were compatible, they did everything they could to raise money for the girl blood transfusions as the found a match. Then one day they heard a new process that was guaranteed to give them someone with the exact match of DNA for the bone marrow transplant to save Katie's life. They made the decision to have another baby-via in vitro fertilization- in order to save their little baby's life. After a lot of trials and errors Stacy managed to get pregnant with a baby boy who was a perfect match for Katie. They will named him Christopher, if he was one year old needles were inserted into the anesthetized baby's hips and his bone marrow transfused into Katie. Irrespective of the hard decision they had to make, all the times we were holding disappointed, being criticized by everybody in their community, they never gave up and were able to save their daughter's life and enjoy their new baby boy at the same time.
We think the author was trying to let us all see the two edges of the story. I truly admire them for making the choice they did, and not giving up in order to save their daughter's life. I will be not a mother yet but I know my parent would do everything to try to save my life. Even if people don't really concur with their decision, as parents they only look for what is best for their children. They thing most people focused on was the ethic side of things. They were in the middle of a lot of controversy because a lot of folks didn't concur with having another child just to save the life span of another. I can understand why this is such a controversial subject, but that is only individuals avoid always think alike.
No matter everything I think I would have done the same thing as them if I was in their situation. Individually if I was a parent I think I would do anything and everything whatever I had to go through, so long as my children are healthy and happy. In every area of your life we always have to make judgements that will be seen good through other peoples' eyes and some that don't agree with them. Zero matter what people think or say, I think they made a really great and smart choice. They not only got to save Katie's life and relieve her from having to have blood transfusions for the sleep of her life, however they also gained a beautiful little boy who will be loved equally no matter how he was conceived and under what circumstances., Incredibly well written book that takes you through the struggles and triumphs of the Trebling Family. Their daughter was born with Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a disease that is life threatening. Beth Whitehouse, the author, captures and pulls the reader into this emotional journey. She flawlessly blends the emotional aspects with the descriptive nature of the scientific process of genetic matching. We found myself constantly achieving for the book because I was captivated. Excellent book to discuss with others (book clubs, and so forth... ) as to how much you would go in order to save your child. I cherished reading this article book and wish there are many more well written books like this to come!, We could not put this book down once We started reading it! This is an amazing story, of a very normal family in a extremely trying situation. The judgements they faced as you go along were extremely difficult as they were fundamentally creating a new way to heal their child. I am not sure if I would've dealt with the situation exactly the same way--but I was so impressed with the confidence and tenacity this family had. The writer did a fantastic job explaining theory and giving the reader an inside view to many of the treatments/protocols that typically go on behind closed doors. We was blown away by the science of it all. I highly recommend this guide!, If you have ant desire to be touched by an overwhelming story and pay attention to about science and technology at the same time. you just have to read this book!, This book touched me personally in a very personal way as my first Grandaughter was born with the same form of anemia that Katie Trebing was born with and reading the girl story is like reading about our own and what is to come! The book was very well written but sometimes to much medical jargon to soak up. All in all, worth reading!!, A fascinating book. I can also see this as a book that individuals could have different thoughts about., The Match, by Beth Whitehouse, tells an extraordinary story very well. The particular author skillfully explains the scientific, emotional and the ethical judgements faced by the Trebing family when their daughter Katie, clinically determined to have a rare blood disease, takes a bone marrow implant from the brother created intentionally as a innate match.

I began this story filled with preconceived ideas and concerns about the ethics of savior brother conception, having read a related fictional account in My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult. I very quickly realized how little I actually knew about this complicated issue. The greatest surprises in reading The Match were how quickly I was capable to empathize with the aching judgements this family needed to make at every step in their journey, and how ably mcdougal helped me to grasp the complex and astonishing technology behind their story. Since a mother fortunate to never have to make these sorts of choices, We was moved to tears more times than We can remember. As a reader, I was immediately immersed in the story and felt very linked to the many wonderful people involved. As a science geek, I was shocked at the advances in genetic testing and treatments that drive the occasions in this story.

Just, this is one of the best non fiction books I have read in years. Beth Whitehouse is definitely an amazing article writer who strikes a fine balance between telling a very good story and educating the reader with the scientific facts and details. I am pleased to the Librarything Early Reviewer Program and Beacon Press for this very moving book.

The Trebing family is an inspiration, and Katie and Captain christopher are heroes. If only them all the best, and am very grateful and humbled to know their story.

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