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UP TO DATE 11/03/16: This identical name (50 MASTERPIECES YOU HAVE TO READ BEFORE A PERSON DIE) was previously utilized by both GOLDEN DEER TIMELESS CLASSICS and CENTAUR CLASSICS right up until Centaur wisely changed their name to an even more distinguished (and distinguishable) one: TYPICALLY THE CENTAUR COLLECTION OF 50 LITERARY MASTERPIECES. The two sets differ in significant ways as explained in this review for the particular GOLDEN DEER edition.

Nearly every work included in this huge Golden Deer collection (of 369, 767 Kindle location numbers) prices 5-stars individually, but whether or not this certain choice of them agrees together with the 50 you or I might have chosen is open to debate. For instance, as very much as I GREATLY enjoy reading Arthur Machen, objectively speaking I do not feel the story integrated here, THE GREAT LORD PAN (nor ANY associated with his fantastic stories, regarding that matter), rightly rates among the very limited number -- in this specific instance only 50 -- of truly great works of literature ever composed that one MUST read before one dies. Obviously any such selection away of the many hundreds (dare one say " thousands" ) of opportunities is very subjective, and I am sure that (unlike me) some readers could not possibly imagine Machen NOT being included.

Become that as it may, Golden Deer appropriated the particular title 50 MASTERPIECES A PERSON HAVE TO READ BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO DIE from Centaur in addition to retained 42 of their chosen works, but this replaced eight others (identified at the end associated with this review in the particular ADDENDUM). In addition, it oddly in addition to inconveniently arranged its selection of 50 books by simply authors' FIRST names. Whenever informed of this tuteur, Golden Deer swiftly re-issued it with a more logical and pleasing LAST name arrangement. Kudos to be able to the publisher for reacting so quickly. But viewers interested in this arranged should compare its contents towards the one from Centaur (now re-titled THE CENTAUR VARIETY OF 50 LITERARY MASTERPIECES) to find out which they favor. Happily, the Kindle Shop blurb for every lists their full contents (and, as I previously mentioned, I use indicated the differences in the ADDENDUM, below).

Despite the fact that every public domain work within just this collection may be easily obtained individually as a free in the Kindle Shop (and from other on the internet venues), a bundle like this specific does offer the ease of just one search and 1 download instead of 50 queries and 50 downloads. After that, all 50 can become easily and handily seen in one location on your Kindle (or other e-reader). But that assumes it has an active TOC. This offers no TOC, active or otherwise -- but on my Kindle Paperwhite, by simply pressing the HEAD TO " button, " an active list of all titles shows up. Hopefully, that will occur on your e-reader, as properly. (Otherwise, you should pass on this set. ) FYI: The Centaur edition HAS an active TOC.

Anyone that loves great literature in addition to who has owned a Kindle fire for almost any length of period probably has already downloaded most of these game titles, so this might not be a vital acquisition. It is usually still an appealing 1, however, especially since the particular works are handsomely set up and paragraphs are distinguished by traditional indention (my preference) rather than spacing. Those new to applying an e-reader will discover this an easy method to instantly download a virtual library of appealing literature. (Ditto for the particular Centaur edition. )

Become aware, however, that in the case of foreign-language works, you have to accept (sight unseen) these particular translations (good, bad, or indifferent). For example, many translations associated with Homer's ILIAD and ODYSSEY exist, some very very good and others quite miserable. This uses Samuel Butler's translation, very good apart from that he frequently (and annoyingly) uses Roman brands instead of Greek. Tolstoy's WAR AND PEACE also has had numerous translators. That one is an old, but very good, Tolstoy-endorsed one by simply Louise and Alymer Maude (which I happen to be able to prefer over others). Dante's DIVINE COMEDY is converted by Longfellow. These in addition to other translations (clearly determined on the title-page on most works) may not attractiveness to you as much as those of your own choosing -- though I perform feel sound choices have been made in most instances from among those public domain translations now available. (The above holds true for your Centaur collection. )

Italics (often used by a good author for emphasis) perform not always can be found in these types of works, a defect which many readers will remain blissfully ignorant of but those in-the-know will bemoan. By way of example, BATTLE AND PEACE omits almost all italics. PRIDE AND MISJUDGMENT uses italics, and TYPICALLY THE PHANTOM OF THE IE uses all caps rather than italics. Other books within this bundle may also make use of them, or omit these people, or use all caps instead. (This holds true for the Centaur release as well. )

Almost all things considered, it is a more than satisfactory collection in addition to whether free or inexpensive, it delivers all 50 works as promised. Nevertheless downloading this bundle is usually only step one; its benefit (and true enjoyment factor) is in actually reading through it -- ALL of it, actually (and ESPECIALLY) the ones new to you or that you might not otherwise possess chosen on your own. The prospect of DISCOVERY is the real profit of a large set like this, and that's the actual 50 MASTERPIECES YOU HAVE TO READ BEFORE A PERSON DIE especially desirable (despite -- in my viewpoint -- the undesirability associated with its off-putting, flippant, in addition to hyperbolic title). But I would still rate this 5-stars contingent upon the particular direct accessibility of its content on your particular digital reader; if no such supply exists, it would drop to 1-star.

ADDENDUM: Associated with 50 works in the particular two, previously same-titled models from Centaur and Golden Deer, 42 of them are typical to both. Of the particular remaining 8, the CENTAUR edition (since re-titled) includes these works that the particular Golden Deer edition does not: Stories by Hans Christian Andersen, THE CAPTIVATED ME APRIL (by Arnim), TYPICALLY THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, TRISTRAM SHANDY, ULYSSES, TYPICALLY THE RAINBOW (D. H. Lawrence), AGE OF INNOCENCE, in addition to GERMINAL. Conversely, the GOLDEN DEER edition omits the particular above 8 titles in addition to replaces them with these eight that the Centaur release does not have: TYPICALLY THE PHANTOM OF THE IE, GREAT GOD PAN (Machen), THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, THE LEGEND OF TIRED HOLLOW, FRANKENSTEIN, THE FINE ART OF WAR, and DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE.

After Centaur's name alter, two of its eight also changed; it fallen MRS. DALLOWAY and also to TYPICALLY THE LIGHTHOUSE to add TYPICALLY THE ENCHANTED APRIL and TYPICALLY THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (as indicated above). Disappointingly, neither set now includes anything by Virginia Woolf.

FYI: No less than two added Golden Deer volumes follow this one. Stay fit considering that you now HAVE IN ORDER TO live long enough to read 150 books rather than 50.

UPDATE: 10/15/17: Many bundles with titles identical to be able to or similar to this specific one have since recently been published by a amount of ebook publishers. Typically the content and formatting high quality vary, but all are slow downloads and memory usurpers. Choose wisely through among them -- or simply use their Kindle fire Store title lists to be able to download the specific personal books you wish to be able to read (when you intend to read them, rather than almost all at once) as public domain freebies., No way to be able to find separate books within just the single compilation. I would not buy this specific again nor recommend this., Fun book!! Some associated with the 50 I possess already read, but currently reading Anna Karinena. I am kind of on a mission to read all the classics i can. When they are on the Kindle, this is so easy, in addition to these collections of 50 treat masterpieces, push them from your fingertips.

I love this kind of a format in music alleged " greatest hits", and I love it with publications at the same time., Better than Vol 1, Loved it!, Outstanding value for such a comprehensive compilation of need to reads., There is no table of content to be able to access; consequently , you need to read the books in consecutive order. It is usually very frustrating especially when you previously read a few of the books. However, here's a simple suggestion to get close to this obstacle:

1. Amazon's website will note: " This book contains the next works arranged alphabetically by simply authors last names" simply click on " read more"
2. Duplicate and paste this list somewhere convenient such as on your Kindle, iPad, reading through device or simply print it out.
3. Within the book search the last title in the author on your own device, voila the book appears.

Besides the TOC absent, some of the publications chapter numbers are furthermore missing. I would most likely give the book four stars; however, I will forgive these glitches considering that the contents are so enjoyable plus the book is free., Each of the stories that were chosen are good books. Very disappointed that there is no table associated with contents so you could find them. I'm thinking if I can google title and somewhere presently there will be a stand of contents just for this release that I can print out and use. It is usually terrible to try to be able to find a certain name. I have found away that the books are alphabetically arranged from the authors last name so of which helps some. I published that out and will certainly keep it with my Kindle (until I lose it).

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