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Book Review --- Mastering Eskrima Disarms, by Mark V. Wiley. Tambuli Media (Createspace). Early spring House, PA. 2013. 240 pp., Paper, . ninety five

If you are serious in Filipino fighting techinques, and particularly the use of sticks in the Philippine martial arts, then this is a book you should be aware of. Wiley’s goal in this publication was to provide a guide to Filipino martial arts disarms for teachers and others who desire an in-depth knowledge of the subject. As the majority of readers of this evaluation will know, inside the bulk of Filipino martial arts styles, training begins together with a stick or pair of sticks. Inside a battle, a person with a stick has a large advantage over a individual who is unarmed and offers no stick. Therefore one common tactic used inside a fight with sticks is to try and take the stick away from the opponent. In fact , in practically any fight using guns, if the person using the weapon can be disarmed then their threat may be reduced. Therefore inside Filipino fighting techinques, a fantastic deal of time is spent not just on training to strike and block with a stick or even other weapon, but likewise how to disarm one’s opponent.
This book focuses on such disables and disarming techniques.
The book is basically split up into three parts.
In the first part, Wiley covers what makes a great disarms work and where and exactly how common failures happen when someone attempts to disarm an opponent. This individual discusses how one may recognize good and bad disarming techniques that usually are found within various Philippine martial arts styles, plus the components of a great disarm. He also categorizes the disarms normally found in Filipino fighting techinques designs by dividing them directly into four categories. He telephone calls these categories modes.
Mode The first is a simple strike to the opponent, often to the hand that holds the weapon, without having using preliminary blocks.
Mode Two usually are techniques that involve a party with an bare hand that is applied simultaneously with a hit.
Mode Three techniques involve blocking a weapon strike with a weapon, then redirecting the opponent’s energy, and countering.
Mode Several are techniques where a martial artist blocks his opponent’s weapon with his own, while simultaneously using his empty hand to trap his opponent’s weapon hand.
In the second part, Wiley demonstrates several techniques inside each mode. These usually are well explained through terms and a group of dark and white photographs.
In the 3rd part of the publication, Wiley has collected exciting photo sequences of several well-known Filipino martial arts masters demonstrating the disables they teach in their particular style. As much of these kinds of prominent teachers are now departed, this is, indeed, a significant and valuable resource regarding people interested in the many varieties of Philippine martial arts styles. Several would argue that this alone is worth the price tag on the book.
The book is 239 pages, well-illustrated, and a valuable addition to the library of anyone that truly wishes to comprehend the Filipino martial arts thorough.
Note: Even though, according to the launch, this book was initially set to be posted by Unique Publications, a respected and prominent fighting techinques publisher, that company went bankrupt before the publication could be released. Wiley went on to ascertain Tambuli Media, his own company, to publish books in locations that interest him. Tambuli Media often uses Createspace, a print-on-demand publisher, to create the physical copies of its books, and therefore We have seen this publication listed as being posted by both Tambuli Media and Createspace., I was so glad that We have came across this colossal encyclopedic work, simply by Dr. Wiley. We usually are spoiled to have such a resource within our era and time. I really could in no way get to individuals that will Doctor Wiley trained together with and documented, in details. So often fighting techinques textbooks are very poor in conveying thought and illustration. Dr. Wiley does a great exemplary job at demonstrating foundation and structure. Coming from his own insights and transmissions we can notice his passion just for this artwork.
The soft flow of each drill and the sea of various style examples really help to understand that Eskrima is not some variety of LARP-ing nor sport. This individual brings it to gentle as a life talent. Addressing the stick as a weapon. Variably a knife or machete. Which usually is directly applicable inside our modern settings.
So often Eskrima is viewed as 2 people whacking each other with sticks. Doctor. Wiley restores the arts fineness and beauty. To show the resourcefulness it functions 107 pages of various disarms found in FMA of his own records.
Thank an individual Dr Wiley for your own continued efforts and in depth archiving of the FMA traditions., IN general Mark Wiley's books are superb and the material covered is usually excellent, on the other hand what earns only two stars for this evaluation would be that the photos are also small, contrast is really poor. Since it had been published only a couple of years ago it ought to be evident to both the publisher and author that a lot larger and better quality photos are essential. Many of the photos can be figured out by an knowledgeable escrima practitioner with a magnifying glass and adding with eye strain. Fresh escrima students would possess more difficulty. Hopefully any future editions will be fully addressed by the author so this can be an outstanding contribution to escrima and earn a 5 star review which the material presented would certainly deserve.. A few other usefull recommendations are presented by additional reviewers which could also help to make a future edition also better., Well worth the money. The book addresses key principles and " modes" /types of disables that are general for just about any style then is stuffed with photos of various practitioners of specific designs each showing a couple of examples. In the kindle version, you can zoom directly into the photos as a group and scroll about. Most examples are stay on stick, but there are examples of espada y daga and knife disables and one example of Prof. Remy Presas doing a two stick disarm. A few may find that their particular favorites are missing and i also can think of a category or two that will I would have integrated, but there is great systematic thought put directly into the organization of modes., I have never been interested much in disables because I found these people too complicated to job and there's thousands of various ones to master just before they might actually job. That said, I acquired this book in order that We might have a better comprehension of them and this delivered! Mark Wiley performed a fantastic job of simplifying the complexity of disarms and though We have doubts of whether or not I really could in fact pull of a real-time disarm, I believe will be certainly no better written education and learning on the topic out there there. Thank you Mr. Wiley for taking the time to write such an informative book., Amazing and eclectic work. This publication is a true value for any practitioner of FMA. Excellent structure inside the different modes, range and gates. Awesome pics together with legendary FMA GMasters. Just genial., Nice book really informative, Very detailed. I enjoy this book!

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