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Just before I start, I simply want to say that I received a complimentary backup of this book. On the other hand, easily would not have got liked this book, I would have said so.

Recover out of the way, here are my feelings:

I started using Evernote seriously a few couple of months ago, and I found this book incredibly helpful.

This book is usually broken down into 3 sections:

1. How to use Evernote (even if you've in no way used it before)
2. Advanced Evernote strategies (I loved these)
3. Exactly how to use Evernote in order to organize your life

I was delighted to look at that the particular author likes using tags as much as I do. Now, this doesn't discount notebooks, but I have found them a bit tedious. I find tags faster when I'm seeking to find something. Nevertheless this also assumes of which you have a good marking system in place. That accompany trial and error.

In case I'd had this guide when I started applying Evernote, it would've preserved me days. I spent hours browsing the web trying to find someone who utilized Evernote in a way that made feeling to me.

That i knew of I wanted to use Evernote. I saw the value inside it. But I didn't know how exactly to obtain. And this problem retained me from using Evernote for years, until I decided to sit straight down and learn what it has been all about.

So what did I find best inside this book?

1. Applying tagging more effectively, plus planning my tags therefore that I could actually keep in mind them when it comes time to find what I'm looking for. (This is critical when your own Evernote " filing cabinet" grows).

2. Using the particular search function better by realizing what commands work for exactly what. I already knew pretty a few of these types of, but I came across a couple of more that I didn't know about, such as: Adding a * after having a search. This is especially efficient if I've forgotten in case a tag of my own had multiple words or perhaps not. For example, easily have a tag about " being yourself" I could type in " marking: being*" and I'd obtain any and all tags with the word getting in them.

3. Mailing emails to my Evernote account and have them switch up with specific tags and in a specific notebook. That i knew of I may send email to Evernote, but I had in no way bothered to read up on how to help save time by getting the particular tags done during the particular actual act of mailing the email.

4. Exactly how to scan real life documents into Evernote. I didn't know there has been an app that may do this, so this is a bonus. But now I know how you can not only scan documents with the phone, but how you can chuck them into Evernote.

five. IFTTT (If This, After that That). A better explanation is in the guide, but this basically enables you to automate duties. For example, I may set it up in order that each time I obtain an Amazon receipt in order to my email, it will get sent to Evernote. Or even whenever I star a great email, it gets directed to Evernote.

The above points are a flavor of what I found helpful in the Evernote section. In the last 3rd from the book, the creator goes into detail about how to use Evernote to organize your life. He or she shares 75 ideas about getting started with Evernote.

Here are a couple of of my favorite ideas:

1. Go Paperless. I'm a stickler for getting things organized. I like to have my receipts, bills and other paperwork in a folder. Nevertheless Evernote makes this even easier. It not only saves space, but this makes finding things quicker. If I need to find a specific receipt from last year, I may achieve this within a second with Evernote.

2. Check Notes. I sometimes consider notes within a real notebook computer. I now either consider a picture of the particular notes with my telephone, or scan them along with my phone. Then I send the notes in order to Evernote. Evernote automatically can make my notes searchable, which usually again saves armloads of period. I don't know if this was in the guide, but some part of this was... I think.

3. Process Checklists. This is usually merely a checklist for performing something, just like a pilot goes through a checklist before taking away. I personally use this for creating blog articles, books, creating programs, and technical stuff I tend to forget.

four. Organize Research. I really like this idea. Evernote has made this so much easier for me to organize exactly what I learn. I utilized to save bookmarks, information on my computer, plus things in real laptops. It was a clutter, and I never went back again and used anything. Things are different now though.

5. Save Book Illustrates. I'm an avid reader. But I never accustomed to take notes or spotlight passages in books. Now I do, especially when I read Kindle books. Whenever I'm done with a book, all Need to do is copy and substance my Kindle highlights into Evernote. I can after that access them within moments for when I require to reference something, or perhaps review what I figured out.

6. Create a Spiritual Guide. You can use Evernote to collect ideas messages, and I do this with quotes. When I look for a quote I like, I throw this into Evernote, and marking it as 'quotes' in addition another tag, such because 'happiness' or 'hardship'. After that easily want a quotation on happiness, I simply search for " marking: quotes tag: happiness".

Items stop there. I believe you receive my point. I found lots of value inside this book. I didn't find the first section as useful because I was already familiar along with Evernote, but the relax was great.

I constantly think a book is usually worth its salt in case I get one or perhaps two things from this that I can use. As well as in this book I got more than of which.

Now, don't worry in case my review comes away as overly technical. I'm simply sharing what I found useful. Remember, I have been at this for a few months. The beginning associated with the book helps beginners get started, so most likely led step-by-step towards the even more " advanced" stuff.

Despite the fact that I don't think it really is too advanced. Once a person observe how things work, plus once things click, you will wonder how you ever lived without Evernote.

(You'll have got to excuse me if this review wasn't well structured. I wrote down information and thoughts as I read the book, and this is what turned out. I hope you found this useful)., This is an additional Evernote book I find great for beginners/intermediates. In case you've been using EN for less than a 12 months, you'll probably get a great deal out of this guide.

The first two sections are " Basics" which usually focuses on stuff that any kind of basic Evernote Tutorial will certainly cover, followed by " Advanced" which felt a lot more like intermediate stuff to myself. The " Advanced" location is good for people who usually are wanting to use Evernote on a more normal basis, but feel slightly overwhelmed with all the particular stuff words and/or individuals wanting to drive more out there of Evernote. That mentioned, I did learn a couple of things from your Advanced section I didn't know, specifically that you could import folders and have all of them watched/imported regularly (a House windows Feature)

Next is a Getting Things Done summary and how to include Evernote into it. This particular isn't a step-by-step " make EN your GTD spot" like Secret System or even David Allen's own book on incorporating the two, but this has its own solid ideas plus has a fantastic pic for how you can follow the GTD workflow using Evernote.

The last area is 75 Ideas for Getting Began with Evernote. As a long-time EN user, this was actually the place I got the most value from this book. Presently there were several ideas this website I hadn't thought associated with that actually made me proceed " well that's excellent, THANK YOU! "

General, it was worth the particular . 99 I purchased the book, but be warned if you are a long time EN consumer, most of the guide will probably be an evaluation for you., I started using EVERNOTE about 6 months ago. Since after that it has proven in order to be a valuvale application that I are actually applying every day to capture notes on the run, organize files, and of these days, to outline current plus future novel projects. NEVERTHELESS, although I was aware about some of the awesome functions from the app, until I purchased this guide the other day I hadn’t taken the period to really " jump into" what it is usually really capable of. LEARN EVERNOTE tells you all a person need to know, plus then some.

I’ve go through most of S. J. Scott’s stuff and, LEARN EVERNOTE is what you will expect from his textbooks: a concise, well-written plus informative book that offers value to the reader while adding a degree of high quality in order to daily life. MASTER EVERNOTE is usually another book highly recommended that provides the ins and outs of one of the particular most powerful apps inside the market today.

LEARN EVERNOTE works well for several reasons. Whether you are a novice to the “paperless lifestyle” of have already been using EVERNOTE for a little bit, their is sufficient info in this article for everybody. Because I am a novice and continue to learning the ropes, I had more gain from it than some of the some other more advanced users. Dorrie Scott takes you through the various functions associated with the app, from generating simple notes to arranging notebooks to creating stacks. If you have numerous projects on the go [as many people do that needs several steps to total, EVERNOTE as we learn is simply the place to obtain everything organized. It is usually basically a central hub for all the “stuff” in your life to gather plus get organized. From easy ideas to PDF files, audio to photos, it could all be amassed into one central location for easy access wherever a person may be on the particular planet. It doesn’t obtain any better than of which. As a " notebook" addict I have already been writing things down for years, and with stacks of notebooks lying around the house, it is possible to " forget" where you published down that greta concept you had while about vacation at the beach final summer. By implementing the particular ideas found in this book and making EVERNOTE a daily habit, I have eradicated the addictive need in order to keep massive amounts associated with notes hidden everywhere.


I have already been implementing DAVID ALLENS’S GTD [Getting Things Done] system for the particular last 2 yrs and completely love his system for organizing everything in your own life to reduce tension and boost personal productivity. The best part o this book is how this shows us to incorporate the two utilizing the "MIND KEEP" platform. By doing this, you now have a total “paperless” system to collect, analyze, and make a change about anything that comes into your daily life. This is certainly the highlights of the particular book.

To wrap things up the author offers us 75 ways in order to use EVERNOTE for many o the daily steps in our lives. By simply creating habits to consider notes, make notebooks, add tags, or using the particular audio feature you may do everything from novel intending to organizing your following vacation in Fiji. In addition to all without having in order to usue a single item of paper, which saves time, space and cash.

Scott Allan

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