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May Russell and Holmes control a wedding without complications? Needless to say not!

I experienced a gamble with myself about several things, won some of 'em. This kind of as: who was considered an essential guest?

This is great fun. Highest advice., This is a brief, fast read despite the captivating writing skill of Laurie King. Many skillfully constructed sentences will stop a reader who values writing style even over content, although the content delivered here is similarly enjoyable. This story provides a twist on the idea of a shotgun wedding.

Here are a few example sentences that gave me pause:

Remarkable survival, one’s own and of one’s most significant attachment, has a way of adding its very own spin to the head. (Kindle locations 75-76)

(Holmes: We promise not to knock you unconscious again, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Me: I promise to follow you, if it’s something I’d
prepared on doing anyway. ). (Kindle locations 81-82)

We like the understated humor as King writes of the selection of a wedding dress:

Some even wish eggshell silk, since wearing it would instantly bring me into exposure to engine grease, fresh blood, or a pool of quicksand. (Kindle locations 420-421)

This was a amaze find for me. It revealed up in a blog post that I follow on Wordpress. I am sure I will read more from this author., Ultimately, Laurie King has answered something which has recently been haunting me after i read her novels of Martha Russell and Mr holmes and dr watson: Just how did they eventually get married to & when & where? This improbable event deserves description. Now I can stop wondering -- and looking for the answer & be aware of other parts of these remarkably well crafted and fascinating novels. It is simply long enough, and contains just enough surprises & comes to a very satisfactory conclusion. Laurie King writes remarkably well -- greater than the majority of the other would be Sherlockians. The girl develops all her characters -- Russell and Sherlock holmes and Mrs. Hudson, of course -- but all the other people with whom they interact as well. We need more novelists of any genre -- and especially of mysteries -- of the woman quality. Laurie King ALWAYS satisfies and then some.., For fans of the series this is an enjoyable little addition to the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series. It is definitely on the lighter, sillier ending of the spectrum- think more Pirate King than Justice Hall or the Language of Bees. It does concentrate on the romantic relationship between the two characters in a straight forward way We hadn't seen the author do yet, for all the novels about these two that she's penned. Therefore, it was nice to see still something new added to this great canon., I'd stopped reading the Mary Russell series some time back, but for some reason, the synopsis on them drew me in. I'm so glad I read this one - it was really good, and reminded me of why I enjoyed the series so much before. I wouldn't recommend this as the first in the series for a new reader, but if you read the first three or so, you can jump into this fine. The writing is great and exciting, and King is able to keep you in incertidumbre about how exactly everything will work out. Recommended., Laurie L. King does it again! Of all of the woman series on Mary Russell (wife of Sherlock Holmes) there has only recently been one book that was below over the top Excellent. Her short stories are the same. Martha more than keeps up with her older spouse, but she actually is the perfect wife for him (who knew there is a perfect wife for Holmes? ) This short story is the story of their marriage from the point of view not handled in the original telling.
Look at Laurie King's other writing as well. The Mary Russell books are what she will be remembered for, but the others are great too., I fell sleeping while waiting for delivery with this story at night time. I didn't get started out until 2am. Crazy, huh?

It was a fun story but it still left me wanting. I experienced like we missed the transformation of their connection from partners & co-workers to forever-lovers. The electricity and tension often experienced in a budding connection could have been sprinkled into the storyline and the marriage would have a little more real and fulfilling to the reader., I hope the lady outlives me, at minimum! Love this series, and this is among the best IMO. King's take care of the Sherlock Holmes story and characters is respectful rather than jarring--they stay in character always, which is easier, I am sure, because they not necessarily really the primary protagonists. Martha Russell came into existence a lttle bit over the top, in a super-heroish way, in a few of the later books. Here she earnings to her interesting but still very human self. Definitely recommended for any reader of the series, probably of interest for any Holmes fan, and possibly enjoyable for others.

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